The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date November 26, 1964
Guests Johnny Cash, Floyd Cramer, Molly Bee, Norm Crosby
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Rowlf tries to make plans for Thanksgiving dinner, having been rejected by several parties already (including Lassie, his Aunt Fannie and Cousin Seymour). He makes an attempt to reserve a table at the Salvation Army ("Not too near the tambourines"), until he discovers he's instead called the U.S. Army (who want him to enlist). Rowlf then allows Jimmy Dean to perform one of his newest songs, "Sam Hill."

Afterwards, Rowlf tries to guilt Jimmy into inviting him to his Thanksgiving. He shows all he has to eat is peanut butter sandwiches and launches into a lesson on their historical significance (from the Mayflower voyage to George Washington). Jimmy catches on and eventually invites Rowlf to join his family, as they sing "Home for the Holidays."

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