The Jimmy Dean Show
Karate 0005
Air Date December 17, 1964
Guests Molly Bee, Boots Randolph, George Kirby
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Rowlf the Dog learn karate to ward off a bully.


"Bobby," a big bull dog, is picking on Rowlf, so he decides to learn karate. However he's unable to break a piece of wood and master Jimmy's "karate grunt." Jimmy insists that Rowlf is "flabby and weak" and that violence is not the solution, but Rowlf insists, challenging Jimmy to an arm wrestling match (which he loses) and showing off his judo techniques (which are bout as good as his karate).

Finally Rowlf shows his true dog side when he gives Jimmy the bite. Jimmy says he's finally found a way to beat "Bobby"— "bite him." Rowlf then reveals that "Bobby" is not a "him"; the bully is Bobbie (short for Barbara), a girl dog.

Jimmy tells Rowlf that he can't beat up a girl and should try to romance her instead. The skit closes with the two singing "She'll Never See Any Dog Like Me."

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