The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date April 15, 1965
Guests Gene Pitney, George Jones, Molly Bee, Leo Durocher
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Rowlf appears during the opening number, declining to wear a chef's hat as the cast enjoys a barbecue.

Later, Rowlf appears with a bunch of balloons, informing the audience that he's going to be supervising Jimmy's kid cousin Calvin on his first trip to New York City. Rowlf assumes Calvin is a child, until Calvin waltzes in, a full size adult (played by Dean). Rowlf recommends the interloper instead visit The Beverly Hillbillies, but the man clarifies that he's Jimmy's kid cousin. "I was expecting a baby," Rowlf replies ("Well, congratulations!" responds the dim-witted Calvin).

Jimmy's cousin introduces himself as Calvin M. Dean (the M standing for "Middle Name"). He then recognizes Rowlf, as he watches the show every week on the radio (which is where he keeps his television set). When Calvin realizes he's on camera being broadcasted all over the country, he takes the a moment to say "hi" to everyone watching ("This is our answer to Gomer Pyle," Rowlf remarks). Rowlf suggests to Calvin that he lose the overalls for city livin', then points out the family resemblance between Calvin and Jimmy, except for Calvin's missing teeth; Calvin is quick to point out Rowlf's complete lack of teeth.

Calvin then describes when Jimmy visited their hometown of Sarsaparilla City, where he was treated as a "small fish" (as his arrival was greeted by the crowd yelling, "That's our Dean!"). Rowlf asks how Calvin got to the city; he followed the bus, literally. While in the city, he hopes to see the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and especially the Brooklyn Bridge. Rowlf gets an idea and offers to sell him the bridge. Calvin pulls out all the money he has - eighty-seven cents (including a Confederate nickel) and Rowlf gives him the deed of sale (signed by "Herbert J. Brooklyn"). However, Rowlf decides to backtrack when Calvin mentions telling Jimmy about his great purchase and tries to buy the bridge back - only now Calvin charges him six dollars for it.

Rowlf thinks Calvin will do just fine in the city, but Calvin muses for his life in the country. Rowlf proposes they sing a song together like he regularly does with Jimmy, though Calvin confesses he sings rather flatly. "At least this one admits it," quips Rowlf before the two launch into singing "Don't Fence Me In."


  • Dean would reprise the character of cousin Calvin briefly in his sketch with Rowlf in Episode 305.

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