The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date May 6, 1965
Guests Boots Randolph and Elton Britt
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Rowlf appears in an elaborate space outfit, singing "Fly Me to the Moon" and planning on blasting off there. Jimmy Dean interrupts his countdown, doubtful Rowlf will be able to get there or even survive (despite bringing some dehydrated water tablets). Rowlf is still determined and has Jimmy top him off with his special fuel blend. Jimmy pumps into his space suit, causing Rowlf to expand and blow out his bellybutton once again (and go into orbit on its own).

Rowlf prepares for take off as he counts down; Jimmy gets caught off guard by the flash spot set so close as smoke fills the screen. Rowlf thinks he's reached the moon and mistakes Jimmy for a moon monster, but beats himself up when he learns he never left the studio. Jimmy, cracking up from the flash spot still, abandons the punchline and proceeds to sing with Rowlf.

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