The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date September 17, 1965
Guests Eddy Arnold, Gene Pitney, Buck Owens, Connie Smith, Linda Gayle
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Jimmy tells the audience about Rowlf's sudden aspirations of becoming a rock 'n roll star. Rowlf rises from behind the wall, armed with a guitar and wearing a wig ("Remember me, Molly Bee?"). He proceeds to play a wild riff on his guitar, when Jimmy silences him ("I'm only kiddin' there, Ringo!" he cries out to the crowd).

Rowlf promises that his rock record will feature the Nashville sound, as opposed to the traditional New York City sound ("Help! Police!"). He describes the cover of the album, where he will be surrounded by gorgeous women. The success of his album, he claims, will then lead to his own teenager-targeted program - a combination of Shindig and Hullabaloo entitled Shin-abaloo, with guests such as the Four Creeps (who pickpocket the audience) and a chorus line doing all the latest dances (which Rowlf demonstrates).

Rowlf prepares to cut his album and explains to Jimmy how he will get his signature sound - by sticking his tail in the electrical socket for his guitar. Smoke blows and Rowlf jolts as he demonstrates. Jimmy points out that Rowlf's act is doomed to fail, as teenagers these days are much more interested in groups like the Beatles over solo acts. Rowlf produces another wig and ropes Jimmy into his new group - the Mangy Mutts. Jimmy is adamant at first, until Rowlf points out how many records they'll sell. Jimmy slaps on the wig and the two sing "I'm Henery the Eighth, I Am."


  • This episode was taped at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.

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