The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date October 8, 1965
Guests Bobby Vinton, Jody Miller, Don Gibson, The Geezinslaw Brothers
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Rowlf appears with his head wrapped, moaning in pain over a toothache. Jimmy is quick to point out that Rowlf has no teeth, but recommends he see a dentist anyway. Rowlf attempts to exit, but Jimmy assures him that the dentist is nothing to fear and sets out to prove it. Rowlf tells the audience he does visit his dentist twice a year, just on the holidays the practice happens to be closed on.

Jimmy returns as "Dr. Dean" (though Rowlf greets him as the nurse) and provides Rowlf with some mint-flavored mouthwash (that he winds up swallowing). Jimmy takes a look in his mouth, but can't see a thing; "What do you expect me to do, turn on the light?" replies Rowlf. Jimmy takes another look and spots a new canine tooth coming in.

Jimmy takes out a tank of laughing gas and straps the mask on Rowlf ("Remember me, Flipper?"). Jimmy asks Rowlf to count backwards from 100 while the gas takes effect. He barely makes it to 90 before breaking out into a laughing fit over how much pain he feels. Suddenly, his toothache disappears and the two launch into "When You're Laughing."

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