The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date October 15, 1965
Guests Cliff Arquette, Johnny Tillotson, Molly Bee, Buck & Smitty and The Virginians
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Rowlf looks to earn some extra cash by becoming a taxi driver. As he practices driving in his prop cab, Jimmy tests his knowledge of various situations he might encounter. He leaves the stage, promising to give Rowlf some practical taxi experience. While he's gone, Rowlf confesses his strategy to the audience - tie his taxi to the bumper of a car ahead and let them do the driving.

Jimmy returns dressed as an elderly woman, requesting the "poochie" take her to the Y.M.C.A. Rowlf asks her not to talk to the driver, until she mentions the poodle she has living with her at her Brooklyn mansion. Jimmy commends Rowlf's abilities thus far and Rowlf requests another passenger.

Jimmy returns yet again, this time as his cousin Calvin. Despite Rowlf's cab being presently at 41st and Broadway, Calvin wants a ride to 42nd and Broadway. Rowlf details his "shortcut," which takes them through Buffalo and Pittsburgh before reaching the destination; Calvin shuts this route done, knowing that it goes three blocks out of the way. He declares he is getting out of Rowlf's cab and not giving him a tip. Rowlf gives Calvin a nasty tip in return, forcing Jimmy to break character and chide Rowlf's behavior.

Rowlf begs for one last chance and Jimmy allows it, this time riding as himself. Rowlf spews a series of pleasantries toward his noble customer. Jimmy compliments Rowlf and believes he'll make a fine cab driver, though Rowlf admits he doesn't have a license. The two launch into a verse of "Detour."

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