The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date December 3, 1965
Guests Eileen Farrell, Chet Atkins, Don Gibson, Boots Randolph, Floyd Cramer, Buck & Smitty, Norm Crosb
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Playing Carnegie Hall with a full orchestra, however, was a big deal and required some sophistication. Wearing white tie, Rowlf the Dog joined Jimmy on stage, carrying his violin and offering up his rendition of Liszt’s "Hungarian Rhapsody" (actually played by the orchestra’s violin soloist). Rowlf’s enthusiastic fiddling to Jimmy’s frantic conducting reached a furious pace and ended in a dramatic upsweep, with Rowlf launching the bow into the air.[1]


  • This episode was taped at Carnegie Hall on November 18, 1965.[1]
  • A clip from this episode was used at the beginning of Jim Henson's Musical World at Carnegie Hall in 2012. Rowlf commented after the clip that the Hall loved him so much, it took three decades to invite him back.


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