The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date January 21, 1966
Guests Pearl Bailey, Cliff Arquette, Buck Owens, Wilma Bridges
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Jimmy Dean tells the audience that before he went to sleep, he watched an old James Cagney prison film, making him dream of prison that night. In his dream, Rowlf, in striped prison uniform, is locked up and sentenced to 187 years. He laments, "Perry Mason finally lost a case, and it had to be mine." He's also unable to break open Jimmy's cake with a file in it.

Jimmy comes to visit him in prison, where Rowlf attempts to break out (while doing a James Cagney impression, though he claims it's Lawrence Welk). Rowlf informs Jimmy of how his long sentence came to be - he was initially caught for opening the wrong side of his Cracker Jack box, but his patrol wagon wound up sinking a U.S. Navy battleship (where the surviving troops swam to shore to form the jury).

After decoding a message from his jailhouse neighbor, Rowlf recruits Jimmy to help him break out. He whispers his detailed plan and calls for a blackout. When the lights return, Jimmy is thrown in the cell with Rowlf. Jimmy winds up having a wardrobe malfunction and breaks into laughter, while Rowlf tries to finish the bit singing "The Prisoner's Song."

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