The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date February 11, 1966
Guests The Andrews Sisters, Billy Grammer, Sgt. Barry Sadler
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

"Hello, young lovers, wherever you are," Rowlf says to the crowd while holding a giant Valentine's card. He reads off some humorous love poems, but sulks because he has yet to receive a Valentine from that special someone in Hollywood - John Wayne.

Jimmy makes sure to clarify that Rowlf means Lassie and lifts his spirits by presenting him with a special gift Lassie did send - a daisy. Rowlf picks off the pedals (with much difficulty) in "She loves me, she loves me not" fashion. He rejoices that the last pedal is of the "She loves me" variety, until he discovers a tiny pedal underneath and pounds the flower. Jimmy is certain that Rowlf and Lassie will one day be wed and imagines how the scenario would play out.

The scene dissolves to the gates of Mr. and Mrs. Rowlf's estate, as a tour guide host narrates. Jimmy pays the home a visit and is surprised to see Rowlf answer his knocks, dressed as a maid. Rowlf explains that he fulfills all the household roles (maid, butler, chauffeur, gardener, window washer and the cook), as he insists that he and his bride live on his money and not hers.

Despite the chores, Rowlf loves the married life. He details a Hollywood party they threw last night, with such guests as John Wayne and Ann Margret (who sends the waiter to dance with Rowlf, as he re-enacts). Even so, Rowlf is still very happy in his marriage and assures Jimmy that he'll always be welcome at his house (though he name drops John Wayne first). The two end the scene singing a brief snatch of "My Blue Heaven."

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