The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date March 4, 1966
Guests Al Martino, Don Gibson, Sharon Carnes, The Statesmen Quartet
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Rowlf jams to his jukebox, which he will be using in his new discotheque in the Bronx (located next to Dopplemeyer's Delicatessen). He waits for reservations by phone, but instead gets a call from President Johnson (who needs his jukebox for Luci's wedding). Before he can fully open, Rowlf needs a business partner; "some guy who's got a lot of cash and not much brains" - enter Jimmy. Rowlf tries to get him to sign a contract, but Jimmy doesn't enjoy the atmosphere or music found in discos. Rowlf tries persuading him with some music by the Four Caterpillars (actually the McCoy's "Hang On Sloopy").

Jimmy still isn't sure, but hopes Rowlf will have some "Dean records" in rotation (though Rowlf believes he's referring to Dean Martin). Rowlf isn't certain Jimmy's music can be danced to, demonstrating "the Subway," but agrees to comply with Jimmy. Instead of a discotheque, they'll open a "discoTexas" and play only country music. They shake hands on it and sing "Why Don't You Love Me."

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