The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date March 11, 1966
Guests Roberta Sherwood, Boots Randolph, Norm Crosby, Marvin Laird
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Rowlf plays solitaire and wins by taking the ace of diamonds from his mouth ("That was my ace in my hole.") Rowlf asks Jimmy to play cards with him, but Jimmy tells Rowlf that he is a sore loser at card game. After Rowlf promises to not be a sorry loser, the two start to play a real he-man game that gunslingers of the Wild Wild West played at the Alamo with John Wayne: Old Maid.

The two put on cowboy hats and play the game down to the last three cards with Jimmy having two cards and Rowlf having one. Rowlf tries to point at the sky to fool Jimmy while he look at his cards, but Jimmy catch him after three tries. When Rowlf picks a card, he throws a fit because he got the old maid and Jimmy calls him a sore loser. Rowlf makes Jimmy pick the old maid and then Jimmy throws a fit to show Rowlf how he acted. Rowlf promises to not be a sore loser and the two then sings "Put on a Happy Face."

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