PERFORMER Jason Alexander
DEBUT 1991

The Job Wizard is a mysterious and exalted individual who decides on the careers of young dinosaurs. Robbie Sinclair was excited about seeing him in the Dinosaurs episode "Career Opportunities," but was disappointed when the Job Wizard put him down as a tree pusher instead instead, based on his father's occupation (the alternative was his mother's job, housewife). Eventually, Earl came to the Job Wizard's office and demanded that he either give Robbie a different career or let dinosaurs choose for themselves.

Although at one point the Cave of Destiny featured smoke and lightning and other aspects of mystery and magic, these were removed due to budget cuts, and the Job Wizard himself appears as an average, if embittered, dinosaur bureaucrat. He never even wanted to be a job wizard, and harbored dreams of becoming a dancer (which were driven to fruition thanks to Earl, who had the same dream).

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