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An illustration from The Sesame Street Book of Fairy Tales adaptation.

The King's Nose is a Sesame Street story narrated by Maria. It first appeared in Episode 0537.

King Marvin the Magnificent (The Amazing Mumford) is agreed by everyone in the kingdom to be truly magnificent. One day, a young boy named Bruce (Ernie) decides to throw his pink rubber ball as far as he can. The ball goes through the palace window, hits the King on the nose, and sticks there.

Everyone copies the King by placing a pink rubber ball on his own nose... except Bruce, who comes into the palace to look for his own ball. Bruce says how silly everyone looks, including the King, who agrees when he sees himself in a mirror.

Once Bruce takes the ball off the King's nose, the others take the balls off of their own noses. The King thanks Bruce for pointing out how silly everyone looked, and he gives Bruce back his ball, plus an extra one. He gives the remaining balls to his daughter, Princess Emily (Cookie Monster), who eats them.

Other residents of the kingdom are played by Bert, Sherlock Hemlock, Guy Smiley, Grover, Kermit the Frog, and Herry Monster.

The insert was written by Jeff Moss.

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