The King's Picnic is a Sesame Street story narrated by Maria and performed by the Anything Muppets. It first appeared in Episode 0419.

The story tells of a king (the same royal highness from "The King and the Fireman") who decides to have a picnic with his subjects (including Farley.) He tells everyone to "bring something to the picnic". Since he never specifies what he wants, everyone ends up bringing watermelon. Upset, the king then expresses his fondness for potato salad, prompting everyone to bring barrels and plates of potato salad. Since the picnic is a failure, the king's prime minister explains that one should plan a picnic carefully, and make sure that everyone brings something different. The king belts out orders to his subjects in a jazzy rhythm, and the picnic is a success.

The insert was written by Ray Sipherd. Performers include Frank Oz (as the King), Jim Henson (as the Prime Minister), Jerry Nelson and Richard Hunt.


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