The King Banishes the Letter P is a Sesame Street story told by Luis. (First: Episode 0712) It's the story of King Peter the Persnickety, who, after getting hurt by a ping pong ball and his pet porcupine, makes a proclamation that all items beginning with P are to be banned from his kingdom. However, due to this proclamation, King Peter doesn't get to have his favorite meal, a peanut butter and pickle pizza, his daughter, Princess Penelope, is taken away, and he loses his palace as well. After he realizes what he's done, King Peter decides to allow P items into the kingdom once again.


Jim Henson as King Peter the Persnickety
Frank Oz as Princess Penelope and the Royal Cook
Richard Hunt as Green Red-Haired Townsperson
Jerry Nelson as Pumpkin Townsperson


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