Kiosk 1

The first kiosk

Kiosk 2

The kiosk most people remember

The Kiosk was Sesamstraat's most popular location. In each episode, the show ended there with a bedtime story about Dikkie Dik the orange cat, read by Rudy, Frank Gerda or one of the others.

During the 1980s, the kiosk was also the center for all manner of games or shows held by the residents.

In the beginning of the series, the kiosk looked more like a carousel without horses. The kiosk was less colorful in comparison to the other houses on the street.

Arround 1982, the street was redesigned and a variety of colors were added. The kiosk was painted blue and bright colored squares were added to the top.

In 1984, the kiosk was changed more dramatically. It was raised on the pavement and a staircase was added. The squares were replaced by colorful lights, and more bright coloures where used in the street design. This incarnation of the kiosk remained more of less unchanged through 2000.

When the set was re-designed in 2005, the kiosk was left out. Instead, the beach became the place to read the bedtime stories.