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Music by Joe Raposo
Lyrics by Emily Kingsley
Date 1983
Publisher Jonico Music, Inc.,
Sesame Street, Inc.

"The Letter B" is a Sesame Street song from Episode 1845. Oscar the Grouch finds a letter B by his trash can and wonders aloud what it's doing there. He immediately wishes he hadn't asked, because Gilbert and Sullivan show up to answer his question in song.

Each verse to the song concerns different categories of B items. First, Olivia, dressed in a fancy gown and bonnet, demonstrates the various foods whose names start with that letter. Maria, in a baseball uniform, sings about sports and games, and Bob, as a zookeeper, lists off several B animals before being pounced on by Barkley. A much annoyed Oscar remarks "you have to be careful asking a question around here. Sometimes, you get a really silly answer."


  • Maria's verse is based on "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."
  • Olivia wears a Carmen Miranda outfit and a hat similar to the Chiquita Banana mascot. Her verse, discouraging storing bananas in the refrigerator, references Chiquita's jingle.

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