The Letter of the Day Games are a series of Sesame Street game shows which have occasionally appeared in Season 36 and later.

Unlike most Sesame Street game shows, this one has a voice-only announcer (not a Muppet host, but played by Matt Vogel). He promises Cookie Monster "lots of cookies" for finding three things beginning with the letter of the day. As on Beat the Time, Cookie has to beat the clock (a one-minute limit, in this case).

His finds typically follow this pattern:

  1. A food whose name begins with the letter, such as watermelon in the W sketch.
  2. A non-food object whose name begins with the letter, often taken from some protesting Anything Muppet. (In the W sketch, Cookie snatches a wig from an old woman he has tracked down.)
  3. Prairie Dawn, who usually feels irritable because Cookie Monster has dragged her away in an uncomfortable situation. (In the W sketch, Prairie appears with a towel around her body and suds in her hair; she complains that she was in the middle of a bath.)
The offscreen announcer usually rejects Cookie's third example, implying that the timer has reached zero. ("Sorry, but 'girl' doesn't begin with the letter W!") Cookie Monster, however, finds a way to win the cookies on an observation of Prairie's present condition: in the W sketch, Prairie's being "wet" counts as a valid word. The sketch always ends with a shower of cookies (CGI in the older sketches, or actual props later); this annoys Prairie Dawn even further as Cookie Monster tries to grab some.

Picture First Appearance Segment
Episode 4118 B

Cookie Monster finds a banana, balloons that lift him away, and a bathtub in which Prairie Dawn is washing with bubbles and a boat. Brother!

Episode 4083 D

Cookie Monster finds a doggie, daisies, and a drowsy Prairie Dawn.

Episode 4130 G

Cookie Monster finds a guitar, grapes, and Prairie Dawn (girl) carrying groceries. Golly!

Episode 4084 J

Cookie Monster finds jellybeans, a jackhammer, and jam on Prairie Dawn's toast.

Episode 4099 P

Cookie Monster finds a pizza, a painting, and a sleepy Prairie Dawn.

Episode 4133 V

Cookie Monster finds a vase with violets and Prairie Dawn's violin. How vile!

Episode 4104 W

Cookie Monster finds a watermelon, a wig from an opera singer, and a wet Prairie Dawn.

Episode 4098 Y

Cookie Monster finds a yoyo, a yam, and yawning Prairie Dawn.


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