Little Cats A, B, and C
DEBUT 1996

The Little Cats are the assistants to the Cat in the Hat in The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss. As introduced in the Dr. Seuss book The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, the little cats are diminutive dopplegangers for the cat himself, and act as his cheerful helpers. Each cat is successively smaller than his predecessor and is labeled alphabetically.

Little Cats A, B, and C are the most prominent of the group, though other alphabetized cats have been seen on occasion. The most notable of the rest is Little Cat Z, the smallest of all, who possesses a hipster quality, muttering "Zip zap" and the like. Little Cat Fleep made one special appearance in the second season.

Little Cat A was performed by Kathryn Mullen during the first season and by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph during the second season. Stephanie D'Abruzzo and John Kennedy portrayed Little Cats B and C, respectively, throughout the show's run, and other puppeteers (including Pam Arciero and Anthony Asbury) portrayed the other cats as needed.

In the first season, Little Cat B wore a bowtie like the other cats, but in the next season, she wore a ruffled collar.

The Little Cats also appeared in the Nick Jr. promo segment called "Ask the Cat" back in 1998.


  • An early idea by executive producer David Steven Cohen was that the Little Cats' singing voices would be provided by the Roches rather than the Muppet performers.[1]


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