The Loud Family, along with the Quiet Family, is featured in a Sesame Street sketch with Gordon. He has everyone in both families bunch up together and asks the viewer to determine which individual person goes with which family. 

Mother Loud (Kathryn Mullen), the matriarch of this boisterous family, expresses doubt to Mother Quiet that the viewers will be able to tell one from the other. She is surprised when the answer is revealed and attributes it to family resemblance (specifically the eyes). She has a daughter named Melissa (Brian Muehl), who likes to shout out words like 'periwinkle' and 'parachute', and a son named Louie (Jim Henson), both of whom talk just as loudly as she does. However, when members of the Quiet Family suddenly have an outburst and begin talking loud themselves, the Loud Family decides to be quiet instead, leaving Gordon confused.

Mother Loud is a Green Anything Muppet, Louie a Fat Blue one, and Melissa a Hot Pink one.