DEBUT 1994

The Magic Fish is a character from The Secret Life of Toys.

Penny and Simon use this toy fish as an oracle. The fish answers their questions with "No", "Yes" or "Maybe", depending on which color square they toss him on.

After they leave, the toys get their turn at asking the Magic Fish their questions. In order to have a question answered, the fish must be addressed as follows: "Goldfish, flounder, herring, sole!" His pet pieve is fish jokes. Part of the magic of being a Magic Fish is that once he is kidnapped, time will stop, and the kidnapper has to answer a question in order to break the spell.

The puppet would be re-used on Mopatop's Shop in various roles. In the episode "Nothing" it was a kissing fish, in the episode "Easy Pesay" it was a fish that whistles. Performed by Brian Herring.