Roy demonstrates The Mating Dance to Earl at the bar.

The Mating Dance is a ritual done in the Dinosaurs universe in order for male dinosaurs to "woo and win" a mate. The practice, introduced in "The Mating Dance", is described by Roy as "the ultimate expression of a male's absolute commitment to a female." He adds "I myself do it three or four times a week!"

In the same episode, Earl Sinclair finds that he has forgotten how to do the Mating Dance altogether. He takes a trip to Mel Luster's Mating Dance Academy in order to relearn the dance and save his marriage. Its considered effective enough that Chang Chang the caveman is taken to Mel Luster's school in an attempt to teach him the dance. Later, the Mating Dance is shown to be effective in lulling Baby Sinclair to sleep.

The dance itself consists of a series of bobs, dips, weaves, and kicks, turns, and neck and chin motions.