DEBUT 1976

Piggy's metal lover.

A mechanical wind-up TV show host appears in The Muppet Show episode 104. Scooter brings the robot into The Muppet Theatre, apparently at the behest of his uncle.

The robot looks just like Kermit, with a wind-up key in his back -- but its personality is quite different. The robot is aggressive and mischievous, and he makes improper advances on Miss Piggy.

The threat to Kermit's hosting job is short-lived -- at the end of the episode, the wind-up host breaks down and Kermit puts it away.

Other Robotic Kermits

  • In The Miss Piggy Cover Girl Fantasy Calendar, Miss Piggy is featured in a spoof cover of Popular Mechanics building a mechanical Kermit with the headline, "Home Workshop Prize Winner: Frog-Building for Fun... But Mostly Fun." The article claims that your own, amazingly life-like tin polliwog can be built in eight hours for only fifty dollars. A list of materials is provided along with a detailed blueprint boasting a limited use of tools: blowtorch, soldering iron and rivet gun.
  • The Spring 1984 issue of Muppet Magazine featured an alternate, rougher robot version of Kermit with no "coverings." The photo features Miss Piggy standing beside the metal amphibian with a wrench and Kermit up-in-arms behind them, suggesting that Piggy had the robot built to satisfy her own affection. Within his innards, a small red heart could be seen amongst a myriad of other mechanical parts.
  • A sophisticated cybernetic frog from the future fends off Miss Piggy as The Kerminator.
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