DEBUT 1990
Merrill Lunch Hungerdunger Accountants

Merrill Lunch Hungerdunger Accountants

The Merrill Lunch Hungerdunger McCormack All Accountant Marching Society appeared in The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson.

What do you do when you're planning a big production number for America's favorite accountant? Do you hire Whoopie Cushions? Or perhaps an all-pig Dixieland band? No, you seek out the best: The Merrill Lunch Hungerdunger McCormack All-Accountant Marching Society.

Founded by Rizzo the Rat as a tribute to presumed accountant Jim Henson (since he signs the Muppets' checks), the MLHMAAMS is a five-member troupe of multitaskers who march to the monotone beats of their adding machines and calculators. Their chant is meticulously transcribed as follows:

Three million fourteen one eight ninety-seven
Times the current prime rate standing at eleven
Surtax, sales tax, excise too
Net worth, Dow Jones, scooby dooby doo

They are also known to tap dance in front of a giant 1040 form.

The accountant puppets were previously used for the Muppet Meeting Films, and among the troupe is veteran office-worker Grump.


"Hungerdunger McCormack" is a reference to the 1930 Marx Brothers film Animal Crackers. In the film, Groucho dictates a letter to his lawyer, Hungerdunger, of the firm Hungerdunger, Hungerdunger, Hungerdunger, Hungerdunger and McCormack. Zeppo, taking dictation, leaves out a Hungerdunger. Groucho tells him that he's left out the most important one.

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