"The Misadventures of Grover and Toto" was a recurring segment on Galli Galli Sim Sim starring Grover and Toto in 2009. Through their fun and entertaining ways, the duo travels around India and other countries as they learned about different cultures.[1]

Previous travelling segments ("Global Grover", "Postcard from Grover") don't show him in the locations, and only have him narrate. This segment owes more to the American segment "Murray Has a Little Lamb".


Picture Adventure First Appearance Description
Water Park   Grover and Toto go to a Water Park to fill up Toto's canteen with water.
Soccer   Grover and Toto learn how to play soccer at school.
Earthquake   Grover and Toto learn how to take care of themselves in case of an Earthquake at school.
Breakfast   Grover and Toto try to figure out what to eat for breakfast by asking hotel guests what food they eat in the morning.
Bookstore   Grover and Toto look for their favorite book, "Mitthu and the Mango," at a bookstore.
Music Video   Grover and Toto helped to directed a music video.
Hospital   Grover takes Toto to the hospital for Toto's check up, but Toto keeps hiding from Grover. After dressing up as a doctor and helping out patients, Grover finds Toto and they go off to see the doctor. Grover finds out that he has an appointment for a booster shot.
Kite   Grover and Toto try to fly a kite in the sky.
Travel Agents   Grover and Toto are travel agents trying to find a nice place for a customer's vacation.


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