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Odd squad

One purple, one green, one full-figured.

The Mod Squad was a police drama which ran on ABC from 1968-1973. The series followed three rebellious youths who are offered a chance to form an undercover police unit rather then face incarceration.


  • Muppets Tonight episode 202 parodies the show as an early 1970s series "The Muppet Odd-Squad." Spoofing the way the show's promotional posters referred to the trio as "one white, one black, one blonde," the announcer describes this trio as one purple (Clifford as "Lint," spoofing Linc down to the big afro and shades), one green (Kermit) and one full-figured (Spamela Hamderson). The special guest star is Little Ricky Moranis as Little Ricky Cool and the sketch is full of references to the hippie movement and sixties and seventies slang.


  • Edward Asner played Harry Loring in "Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot!" (1970), Joe Walton in "Color of Laughter, Color of Tears" (1971), and Sgt. Lassiter in "The Connection" (1972)
  • Claire Danes played Julie Barnes in the 1999 film
  • David Ketchum played Jake Barry in "Never Give the Fuzz an Even Break" (1969)
  • Cleavon Little played Bolo in "The Connection" (1972)
  • Kim Milford played Johnny in "Kicks Incorporated" (1971)
  • Richard Pryor played Cat Griffin in "The Connection" (1972)
  • William Schallert played Father Bob Hughes in "Keep the Faith, Baby" (1969)
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