0524 Mudman
PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1971
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

From The Sesame Street Dictionary.


Episode 1732

The Mudman delivers mud to Oscar the Grouch. As indicated by his hat, he's a member of Mudman's Union Local 1.

Episode appearances

  • Episode 0244 — Bob meets the Mudman.
  • Episode 0297 — When Oscar puts up "NO" signs all over his trash can, the Mudman sees a "No Salesmen" sign and refuses to sell Oscar his fresh supply of mud.
  • Episode 0329 — When Oscar doesn't need any mud, the Mudman tries to sell some mud to Tom, who only needs dirt and water. After the Mudman tells Tom that dirt and water mixed together is mud, Tom buys two quarts.
  • Episode 0397 — The Mudman uses his mudmobile to make deliveries.
  • Episode 0464 — The Mudman doesn't recognize Oscar with a beard.
  • Episode 0524 — The Mudman tries to deliver mud to Oscar, but he's padded his can with a quilt and doesn't hear the knock.
  • Episode 0588 — The Mudman delivers mud to Oscar in a tree.
  • Episode 1732 — The Mudman stops at Oscar's regular can for his regular delivery, only to find him gone. Oscar gets his attention and tells him to knock on every can until he finds Oscar, but the Mudman refuses. The only solution is for Oscar to inhabit his regular can. In this appearance, the puppet's appearance is redone and he's performed instead by Brian Muehl.

Book appearances

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