Muppet Glee Club

Muppet Glee Club with Kermit

The Muppet Glee Club, which consists of frogs, chickens, and pigs, and is conducted by Kermit the Frog, made its only appearance in episode 101 of The Muppet Show.

The Glee Club gathers to sing the episode's closing number but has difficulty getting started. The first time Kermit cues them to begin, all eleven members stand silently watching his fancy stick waving. (After all, when it comes to stick waving, Kermit wrote the book.) Kermit reminds the assembled that they are a Glee Club (that is what their letterhead says), so he expects some singing to accompany the stick waving. Unfortunately, they haven't agreed on what to sing, so at their next cue, the members erupt in a cacophony of different tunes, one of which is identifiably "The Caisson Song," another one is "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".

Kermit finally makes the wild suggestion that they all sing the same song and asks if anyone has a favorite. Without hesitation, all agree on "Temptation." But when Kermit gives Miss Piggy the solo, he unleashes both her inner diva and sexpot. And when time comes for her solo, Piggy marches down the choral risers as she sings in a simultaneous attempt to seduce the audience and Kermit, ultimately pinning the latter to the floor before running him offstage.


In this scene, Miss Piggy is puppeteered entirely by Frank Oz, who also provides her spoken dialogue. Her singing, however, is provided by Richard Hunt, who also performs Piggy in a separate sketch in the same episode.

The two male pigs are performed by Dave Goelz and the four male frogs by Richard Hunt and John Lovelady. One pair of female chickens is performed by Eren Ozker. It is likely that the other, silent pair is performed by Jane Henson, who was credited in the pilot version of the episode for which the sketch was taped, but did not receive credit on the final episode.


  • The chickens appear here in dresses.
  • In the French dub, instead of having his dialogue dubbed into French, the pig who compliments Kermit on his stick waving just oinks continuously.
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