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Scenes cut from The Muppet Movie before release.

An alternate angle of Kermit during the third verse of "Rainbow Connection" was used in a preview in the original airing of The Muppets Go Hollywood. In subsequent airings, it was replaced with the take used in the final film.
TMM deleted saw
Sopwith balcony
The Muppet Movie Deleted Scene
A running gag in the original screenplay featured Statler and Waldorf occasionally popping up throughout the film to comment on the events as they transpired. Scenes included the pair riding a camel past the Muppets in the desert during "Movin' Right Along." A photograph from this scene is featured in the booklet for the 2013 CD release of the soundtrack.
TMM deleted dochopper
A 1979 review of the film described a scene in which Doc Hopper, while eating pancakes, accidentally sprays a bottle of maple syrup over his clothes as the car zigzags, and angered by Max's bad driving, hits him with a pillow which bursts with feathers, making him resemble a giant chicken. Gonzo becomes distracted by the 'chicken', causing his truck to hit the Studebaker. Although the scene was removed, Doc Hopper can be seen waving by his stranded car in the background as Gonzo peeks over the windshield, as well as when the truck's revealed to be upside down on top of the Studebaker.
Mad Man Mooney tells the Muppets the price on the sticker is the price they pay, "never more and never less." This line is said offscreen in the final cut of the film, but the original theatrical trailer features a shot of him saying it on camera.
Originally, the song "Never Before, Never Again" was meant to be sung by Johnny Mathis during the fantasy montage, but after he recorded it, Jim Henson decided it would be funnier if Miss Piggy sang it herself.[1]
Shots of Kermit and Miss Piggy on a romantic Hawaiian honeymoon were filmed for the "Never Before, Never Again" montage, but were not included in the final film.
Statler and Waldorf Terrace Restaurant
Statler and Waldorf appear again at The Terrace Restaurant to comment on the events of the film. Photographs from the scene were featured in the storybook of the film, as well as the booklet for the 2013 CD release of the soundtrack.
The 1979 theatrical trailer includes more footage of the Muppets singing "Movin' Right Along" on the Electric Mayhem Bus beyond just the title lyric.
TMM deleted animal
Promotional pictures from the scene of the enlarged Animal in the Ghost Town, show Animal's giant hands coming through the roof. A brief shot of Animal (with his hands) appeared in the extended UK version.
TMM deleted sam
Following an invitation from Kermit to join the Muppets on their journey to Hollywood, an excited Sweetums sets out from Mad Man Mooney's used car lot to catch up with the motley crew. He almost catches them at the Bogen County Fair, suggesting he keeps missing the Muppets at various stops. A photo of Sweetums traversing against a sunset backdrop featured in the gatefold of The Muppet Movie vinyl record, but is absent from the film. Additionally, the June 12, 1978 draft included two Sweetums scenes not in the movie, where he operates a handcart on the railroad tracks[2] which was replaced with the scene at the fair, and a scene where he runs past the parking lot at Mount Rushmore.[3]
In an early draft of the screenplay, Robin the Frog would pop up unexpectedly during the movie, declaring his love for the events. These include appearing from Fozzie's glove compartment after they evade Doc Hopper using the soda billboard[4] and later when Gonzo falls into the car after being shot from the sky.[5] Neither of these scenes are in the final cut, but Robin's inexplicable presence during "The Magic Store" suggests they may have been filmed.
Tmm kissinger cameo
An early draft of the script called for a cameo by Henry Kissinger which never came to fruition. Kissinger appears as an aspiring actor who tries to shoehorn his way into the film in the guises of a southern sheriff, a busboy, an extra in the screening room, and a head carved on Mount Rushmore.[6]
Tmm extended scenes

A 1987 home video release of this film in the United Kingdom lasted a few minutes longer than in America. Some of the extra scenes included a slightly longer comedy club performance from Fozzie including a longer dance number with Kermit, a short opening and closing speech from Doc Hopper on his French Fried Frogs Legs commercial, a longer conversation between Doc Hopper and Max before they encountered Kermit and Fozzie in the rainbow-painted Studebaker, Dr. Teeth gives a more in-depth reading from the script, and an extra verse of "I Hope That Something Better Comes Along." Also in this version of the film, a different instrumental track is used for Never Before, and the Muppets' conversations during the end credits can be heard more clearly over a quieter, and different closing theme. (The original closing theme consisted of an instrumental reprise of "Can You Picture That?", "Movin' Right Along", and "The Magic Store"; the American version only plays the first two songs twice.) These extra scenes were also available for the German dub Muppet Movie when it first aired on TV in the mid-1990s, but were later removed when the movie was released on VHS and DVD.


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