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Kermit reading TMM script

During development the script for The Muppet Movie went through many drafts. The following draft, dated June 12, 1978, was written by Jerry Juhl and Jack Burns.

While it is unknown how many more drafts there were between this script and the final shooting script, the film's structure and major scenes are all present in this draft. However there were also many changes made as development of the film continued. Most of the songs hadn't been written yet nor had any of the guest star cameos been cast, so many of the musical numbers and cameo scenes in this draft are essentially placeholders. This early draft included cameos for George Burns and Henry Kissinger. The final script cut a number of extraneous scenes (including a lot of extra Doc Hopper chase material), it made Max a more sympathetic character, and introduced Animal and Scooter earlier in the film. Another small but very significant change after this draft: they re-focused Kermit's basic motivation for going to Hollywood from becoming "rich and famous" to "making millions of people happy".

The following scans are of a script sent to Danny Horn (editor of MuppetZine) by Jerry Juhl. Horn later wrote a series of articles about this script for Tough Pigs in 2002 entitled "The Road to Hollywood".


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