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The Orchestra Pit in the fifth season.

The Orchestra Pit from Season One.

Third season orchestra

Second season orchestra

Rehearsing in the Orchestra Pit in The Muppets.

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From the orchestra pit of The Muppet Theatre, the Muppet Orchestra provided the music for The Muppet Show. They are usually seen during the opening and closing credits. Occasionally, they are featured in musical numbers as well.


Guest Musicians


Besides the opening and closing theme, the orchestra pit and its musicians were seen in the following numbers:


  • The musicians' order from the left to the right: Brass section (Trumpet Girl, Lips, other trumpet players), Floyd, Crazy Harry (season 1), Animal, Zoot, Rowlf. Janice either sat next to Lips or next to Zoot.
  • (It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie) features a more extended orchestra. Dr. Teeth, Animal, Floyd and Zoot sat on the left; Eugene the tuba player, a harp player, a violinist and Rowlf sat on the right. The conductor was an unnamed Whatnot as well. This is the first time Dr. Teeth takes place in the Muppet Theatre's orchestra pit. He was also seen conducting in The Muppets Take Manhattan.
  • During the first season, Zoot sat on the left of the orchestra pit; during the next seasons, he had his place next to Rowlf.
  • Two episodes feature an instrumental UK spot as performed by the orchestra in the pit: episode 504 and episode 524.
  • In two episodes, the Orchestra Pit was seen empty except for Rowlf on his piano. These are episode 123 and episode 204.
  • Episode 308 took place at a railroad station instead of the theater. Therefore, the band played the closing theme, as well as the opening theme, on the left side of the station. The closing theme sounded rather off-key, since they were playing a timetable. Additionally, Trumpet Girl did not appear, so a chicken took her place. Finally, a Whatnot train conductor was conducting the orchestra.
  • Occasionally, a 'continuity goof' occurred on The Muppet Show; musicians from the orchestra pit would be on stage at the same time; a wide shot of the audience would feature musicians in the pit that were not featured, or leave some musicians out; etc.