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Produced by: Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Release Date: August 7, 2007
Discs: 4
Region: 1

The Muppet Show: Season Two is a four-disc DVD set collecting all twenty-four episodes of the second season of The Muppet Show for the first time. Similar to the first season set, the DVDs are dubbed a "special edition" release, and select copies have a fuzzy cover.

Disc Features

DVD menu for Discs 1 and 3

DVD menu for Discs 2 and 4

Disc 1

Live-Video Menus featuring Kermit and Fozzie

Disc 2

Live-Video Menus featuring Animal and Rizzo

Disc 3

Live-Video Menus featuring Kermit and Fozzie

Disc 4

Live-Video Menus featuring Animal and Rizzo

Bonus Features:


  • From July to October 2006, ran a poll that allowed fans to vote on the cover art for the upcoming release. All three options featured Miss Piggy in various degrees of close-up.[1] The actual cover is a slightly reworked version of the third option, moving Piggy's face up so that her hair is not visible. The image ultimately used, originated in an exclusive photoshoot for a 1993 cover of German TV magazine TV Movie. In an appearance on Paula's Party, Kermit claims that this was supposed to be a group photo, but that Piggy stuck her snout in there at the last second.
  • A trailer for the upcoming release was included on the Dinosaurs: The Complete Third and Fourth Seasons DVD. No release date was given in the ad, which showed different cover art, and disc art which differed from the final product. The actual set features Miss Piggy on disc 1, Kermit on disc 2, Beaker on disc 3, and Animal on disc 4.
  • Though all of the episodes included are uncut (with the exception of the original ITC logo), episode 214 features a sketch originally not in that episode, "English Country Garden", which originally appeared in episode 218 (and therefore appears twice on the set). Episode 213 adds a dissolve between the end of Rudolph's dance number and "Something's Missing," when originally there was a fade to black.
  • A Region 2 DVD set was released in the UK on November 5, 2007, with the title "The Muppet Show: Series 2". Unlike the American release, the characters on the set featured Kermit on disc 1, Miss Piggy on disc 2, Animal on disc 3, and Statler and Waldorf on disc 4.
  • Due to different cost and purchase processes for music lyrics, the spoken dialogue is captioned but the song lyrics are not.
  • Starting with this release, there are chapters within each episode.
  • Episodes 213 and 214 feature the UK version of the closing credits. However, the original US version of the closing credits can still be found at the end of these episodes on volumes 1 and 8 of the Best of the Muppet Show DVD series.


International Releases


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