Written by Designed by Bruce McNally, Les Skinner and John Stevenson
Illustrator Graham Thompson (comics)
Published 1980
Publisher Random House
ISBN 0394843932

US reprint

The Muppet Show Annual (1979) is the third of eight Annuals produced in the UK.

The third Annual contains 60 pages of photographs, comics and games based on the third season of The Muppet Show. One of the comics in the book is Holiday Haunt.

It was released in the US in softcover as Muppet Madness.


  • Introduction by Kermit the Frog with edits by Sam the Eagle
  • Comic — The Muppet Spectacular: Kermirella
  • Test Your Skill: spot the differences in an illustration of the Muppets
  • Connect the Dots: Miss Piggy
  • Fozzie's Jokes
  • Dr. Bunsen's Test Tube Teasers: simple experiments you can try at home
  • Muppet Limericks
  • Gardening Hints with Animal
  • Swedish Chef's Menu
  • Pigs in Space photo with text crawl
  • Comic — The Muppets: Holiday Haunt
  • The Haunted Theatre Game: dice board game
  • "I Say!": assorted jokes
  • Two-page illustrated Electric Mayhem spread
  • Muppets Musicmaze
  • Beauregard's Brain Twisters: assorted puzzles
  • Cut-out Scooter paper puppet
  • Muppetville: coloring page
  • Kermit's Sunken Treasure Hunt: dice board game
  • Comic — Disco Frog: or Saturday Night Grease
  • Letters from Miss Piggy
  • Photo collage of Miss Piggy
  • Poem: Esmeralda the Hen and Swedish Chef
  • Poem: Sam the Eagle
  • Puzzle solutions
  • Photo: Statler and Waldorf with Mean Mama
  • Christmas photo spread


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