Episodes of The Muppet Show that featured completely different closings than usual:

Episodes that featured an opening shot of the orchestra with all of the credits rolling:

Episodes with a one-frame shot of the orchestra before the closing begins:

Episodes with an additional instrument solo, or a regular solo (mostly Rowlf's) being replaced with a different instrument in the closing:

Episodes where the credits rolled longer before the closing was shown:

Episodes that didn't feature a regular Statler and Waldorf scene during the closing:

Episodes in which the orchestra shot before the Statler/Waldorf comment is 1 second longer than usual:

Fifth Season Episodes without Lips' trumpet heard during the closing:

Episodes with a different version of the wide orchestra shot playing the final pieces:

Episodes with a different version of Zoot's final note:


  • Some of the "different" shots of the orchestra were replaced by a new orchestra shot on DVD (either from seasons 1 or 3) or would cut straight to the Zoot shots (or the Jim Henson Television logo) during reruns.
  • All of the "different" shots of the final note, except the one from episode 123, were replaced by a new Zoot ending (either the 1980s shot, the Sax and Violence shot, a new shot, or simply the Jim Henson logo) when shown in syndication or on DVD. Somehow some of the "different" shots don't really match with the alternate closings and often made them confusing. However, the different sounds of the final note remained the same.


Episode 123: Kaye Ballard

Episode 308: Loretta Lynn

Episode 514: Mac Davis


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