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The Muppet Show in Ham's Deep is an elaborate diorama that appeared in the storefront of The Silver Snail, a comic book store in Toronto, Ontario in the summer of 2006. The display featured action figures of the cast of The Muppet Show reenacting the Battle for Helm's Deep from the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Featured performers include:

Bunsen Honeydew's severed head is also prominently featured in the photo gallery. Less obvious is Lew Zealand's use of a swordfish against the invading Penguins.

Several characters are represented here who did not appear in either of the released versions of the film.

  • Miss Piggy's inclusion in the battle is likely a reference to the original screenplay and shoot, which included Arwen arriving with the elves of Lorien to fight at Helm's Deep. (Arwen's scenes were later cut.)
  • Gandalf and Eomer never appeared on the walls of the Hornburg, but rather charged the flanks of Saruman's army.
  • The Newsman is dressed in Hobbit armor, but none of the hobbits were present at Helm's Deep.

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