маппет шоу на улице сезам (roughly The Muppet Show on Sesame Street), was a touring exhibit, that visited at least six Russian museums in the 1990s.

The sixth city on the tour was a museum in Chelyabinsk, Lenin Prospect; the Muppet exhibit was displayed during their 75th anniversary as an institution. This stop was from July to August, 1998. A translated description of the show, when it reached this stop: "In it are represented about 20 puppets, display stands acquainting visitors with the work of Jim Henson, the author of the world-famous show, and a video studio, which allows any visitor to control the characters, watching their actions through television monitors, as it is done by professionals. You can immerse yourself in this fabulous world for 10 or 15 rubles — the cost of a ticket for a child and adult."

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