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When The Muppet Show first debuted in syndication, original promo spots were filmed to promote each show. These promos often featured Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear, though others occasionally appeared to promote the upcoming shows.

These spots were often improvised on the spot. Dave Goelz served as Fozzie's right hand during these spots and was dubbed "prop beagle," finding random objects Frank Oz would use during the shoot. For one unaired spot, Goelz found a spare Kermit puppet, which was manipulated by Fozzie.[1]

Seven promos from the first season were included in The Muppet Show: Season One.

Individual Promos

Season One

Picture Description
Season One (YouTube)

Kermit and Fozzie show a montage of clips from the show's first season featuring Sandy Duncan, Jim Nabors and Valerie Harper. Kermit asks viewers to watch for the comedy, the music and the internationally famous guest stars. "Actually, he's begging," Fozzie remarks.

Juliet Prowse promo.jpg
Episode 101: Juliet Prowse (YouTube)

Promo featuring footage from the pilot version of the episode.

Episode 104: Ruth Buzzi (YouTube)

Fozzie pats Kermit while he talks about the show. A clip of Ruth Buzzi from the set of "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" is shown.

Episode 107: Florence Henderson (YouTube)

Kermit and Fozzie appear on the Koozbane set. Fozzie wipes his eyes with a handkerchief explaining that he loves promos.

Episode 108: Paul Williams (DVD)

Fozzie pats Kermit's head and rubs his stomach while he talks about this week's show. After a clip of Paul Williams on the Talk Spot set is shown, Fozzie begins patting Kermit to the stage floor.

Episode 112: Peter Ustinov (DVD)

Kermit and Fozzie appear in the "At the Dance" ballroom, and after a clip of Peter Ustinov is shown, Fozzie starts tickling Kermit.

Episode 113: Bruce Forsyth (DVD)

Kermit mentions this week's guest star as Fozzie uses his hat as a puppet.

A longer promo features a clip from "Side by Side".

Episode 114: Sandy Duncan (DVD)

A clip from the "A Nice Girl Like Me" number is shown, and Kermit says to start the show off with a bang.

Episode 115: Candice Bergen (DVD)

Fozzie tickles Kermit while he talks about this week's show.

Episode 118: Phyllis Diller (DVD)

Kermit and Miss Piggy talk about this show at the Panel Discussions set.

In a longer promo a clip of "The Entertainer" is used.

Episode 120: Valerie Harper (DVD)

Waldorf announces this week's guest star as Statler scrunches his face.

Season Two

Picture Description
Episode 204: Rich Little (YouTube)

Fozzie pats down Kermit's tuxedo as Kermit announces this week's guest. A clip from the Hollywood musicals medley is shown.

Episode 206: Nancy Walker (YouTube)

Kermit announces this week's guest. A clip from They Can't Take That Away from Me is shown.

Episode 210: George Burns

Kermit introduces a clip of "It All Depends on You," while Fozzie mills around in the background in silhouette. He steps into the light and tells Kermit not to leave him in the dark.

Tms promo 221.jpg
Episode 221: Bob Hope

Kermit announces this week's guest and Fozzie excitedly begins calling out Bob's name. (YouTube)

Kermit introduces a clip of "Don't Fence Me In," while Fozzie is on the telephone saying "You don't say." When Kermit asks who it was, Fozzie replies "He didn't say." (YouTube)

Season Three

Picture Description
Made only for ITV and shown after the Danny Kaye episode on Christmas Day, Santa Frog tells the viewers that the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever and Morecambe and Wise are on next. (YouTube)
Episode 304: Gilda Radner (YouTube)

Kermit tries to talk about this week's show while being surrounded by the chickens before being told, "This is chicken feed". A clip from "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General" is shown.

Episode 309: Liberace (YouTube)

Fozzie is standing in front of Kermit onstage and mimes to Kermit's voice. A clip of Liberace dancing with Fletcher Bird is shown.

Season Four

Picture Description
Episode 401: John Denver (YouTube)

Kermit talks about the show while Fozzie examines Kermit's arms.

Episode 402: Crystal Gayle (YouTube)

Kermit's attempts to talk about the show are hampered by a Prairie Dog who imitates Kermit. A clip from "River Road" is shown.

Tms-Arlo Guthrie-promo.jpg
Episode 408: Arlo Guthrie (YouTube)

The Swedish Chef is dancing around Kermit in The Swedish Chef's kitchen. A clip of "Grocery Blues" is shown.

Episode 411: Lola Falana (YouTube)

Gonzo tries to tell Kermit something while he talks about this week's show. When Kermit finally asks Gonzo what he wants, Gonzo says that he's quitting. A clip from "He's the Greatest Dancer" is shown.

Episode 424: Diana Ross (YouTube)

Fozzie's jaw drops as Kermit announces Diana Ross as this weeks guest. A clip from "Last Time I Saw Him" is shown.

Season Five

Picture Description
Episode 501: Gene Kelly (YouTube)

The Muppets dance on the stage. A clip of Kermit and Gene Kelly dancing is shown.

Episode 502: Loretta Swit (YouTube)

Kermit talks about the show while Fozzie holds onto balloons.

Episode 506: Brooke Shields (YouTube)

Kermit introduces a clip of "Falling Song" (sans laughter track) while The White Rabbit hops by in the background. He finally stops and Kermit tells him he's late.

A shorter promo features the two, as the Rabbit hops wildly. Kermit joins, falling down the rabbit hole.

Episode 509: Debbie Harry (YouTube)

The Frog Scouts appear on-stage with Kermit. A clip from "Call Me" is shown.

Episode 512: Melissa Manchester

Kermit speaks in a hoarse whisper and says this week's guest star is a big surprise. The rest of the Muppets appear and shout her name.

In a longer promo Gonzo leads a cheer, but misspells Melissa's name. A clip of "Whenever I Call You Friend" is used.

Muppet Show Episode 516 promo.jpg
Episode 516: Gladys Knight (YouTube)

Kermit talks about this week's show while Fozzie licks a plate with honey on it. Fozzie asks Kermit if he wants some honey, to which he replies, "Uh, no thanks, sweetheart." A clip from "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" is shown.

Episode 520: Wally Boag

Kermit introduces a clip of Boag's "Highland Fling," while Fozzie wiggles his ears and dances around in the background.

Taped during the recording of The Muppets Go to the Movies, Kermit and Fozzie promote reruns of the show featuring "a whole galaxy of superstar guests" and "all our regular guys" including the Frog, the Bear and the Pig. Fozzie takes Kermit aside and asks if they could talk about that pig. A montage of clips featuring Ethel Merman, Pearl Bailey, Harry Belafonte, Julie Andrews, Dudley Moore, Diana Ross, Debbie Harry and Liberace is shown.

In a shorter promo, Fozzie asks Kermit if he wants to get some lunch. They both end up going in opposite directions, before Fozzie realizes his mistake and goes after Kermit. (YouTube)


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