Fact file
Published 2012
Publisher Parragon Book Service Ltd
ISBN 978-1445452487

The Muppets: Lights, Camera, Action! Fact File is a book published in the United Kingdom as a tie-in to the UK's 2012 movie release of The Muppets.

The book is partly a repackaging of pages from the 2011 US book Frogs Are Funny, with extra pages designed in the same style -- stock photographs of the characters, with quotes printed in a variety of font faces, and decorated with arrows and dotted lines.

The Fact File also includes a miscellany of Muppet-related information, quizzes and puzzles. Each of the main characters has a profile description page, and the quizzes include flowcharts to determine "Which Muppet Are You?" and "What's Your Muppet Stage Act?"