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The Muppets: On with the Show! is a 2003 video game produced for Nintendo's handheld gaming system Game Boy Advance and Microsoft's Windows operating system, developed by Vicarious Visions and published by TDK Mediactive, with Activision co-publishing the Windows version.

The game includes a variety of mini-games, which could be played individually (in activity mode) or all mini-games could be played in a certain order. There are also two mini games that have to be unlocked in order to play.

A short backstage scene is usually shown before each game begins, and Statler and Waldorf give their comments after each game is over. On the pause screen, The Newsman gets hit with objects relevant to the current minigame.


Picture Game Description
Kermit's Banjo Bayou Serenade Kermit the Frog plays the banjo on a log in a swamp, as other frogs play back-up. However, Kermit must avoid floating Penguins, Chickens, Fozzie Bear swimming, and Miss Piggy swimming.
The Swedish Chef Cooking Hour The Swedish Chef prepares to cook as Rizzo the Rat and other rats attempt to steal the food. The Swedish Chef must hit the rats with his cooking utensils.
Muppet Labs Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker have a new invention, but Beaker accidentally puts some things on the conveyor belt that shouldn't go there, and must make sure that the wrong stuff doesn't get inside the machine. The Muppet Labs set is designed to look like the original set from the first two seasons of The Muppet Show.
Gonzo's Stunt Race Gonzo rides on a motorcycle up several ramps leading to a wall, and must dodge a number of items, including balloons and small boxes with targets.
Jurassic Pork A pig from the Jurassic period has gone through time and kidnapped Kermit, and now Miss Piggy must save Kermit by battling this pig, karate chopping items that get thrown at her (her karate chops send the items flying back at the pre-historic pig).
Electric Mayhem Band Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (with the exceptions of Zoot and Lips) perform a musical number. Players must hit the A and B button at the right moments so that Animal can play the proper notes.
Fozzie Bear Bonus level: Fozzie is on stage telling the worst jokes ever. The player must move Fozzie so that he avoids falling fruit and other debris.
Pigs in Space Bonus level: The Swinetrek flies through a meteor shower. The player must move this ship around the flying asteroids to avoid being hit.