Written by Katharine Turner
Published 2011
Publisher Little Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN 978-0316183031

The Muppets: The Movie Junior Novel is a book based on the film The Muppets. This 144-page paperback novelization features an 8-page insert of movie photos.

The book includes many scenes and plot points that did not make it into the film as originally released in theaters:

  • Upon learning that the Muppets need to raise money to save the theatre, Gonzo agrees to help, only to realize that all his money was in the building he had just blown up.
  • A flashback to the wedding scene from The Muppets Take Manhattan, followed by a scene taking place a few weeks later, in which Kermit realizes that the minister in the movie was a real minister as opposed to an actor playing the part, to which Kermit and Miss Piggy have an argument, leading to their break-up.
  • After the Muppets leave Tex Richman's office, Walter addresses the Muppets outside Tex Richman's headquarters and gives a motivational speech in order to raise their hopes. Later, the Muppets attempt to put on a fake awards show to attract a big celebrity host for their telethon. However, they end up in jail and Walter has to rescue them. Meanwhile, after Gary reads Mary's note, he gets a phone call from Walter about what happened. This is followed by a conversation between the two outside the police station, in which they both decide to do what's best for each of them.
  • At one point a member of the audience, dressed as a superhero, volunteers to do an act in which he makes the audiences wallets disappear, by tricking them all into putting their wallets into a sack which he runs off with. Later, after the telephone lines stop working and only one dollar is needed to reach their goal, Kermit learns that nobody in the audience can donate due to their wallets being robbed (though Statler eventually does agree to give a dollar, see below).
  • After Walter does his whistling act, Statler thinks the act is worth the last dollar needed to save the theater, only for it to fly out the window.
  • Unlike in the movie, in the book the Muppets never get to keep the theater (though they do get to keep their names).
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