Promotional image for the series' debut.


Stills of one of two promotional clips of the characters announcing their show's run on ProSieben.

The Muppets, without title translation, is the German dub of The Muppets. Dubbed in the spring of 2016,[1] the series debuted on German network ProSieben on December 3, 2016.

Two different promotional clips of Kermit and Miss Piggy aired regularly on the family of networks during the month of December 2016, announcing the series' run on ProSieben in English (performed by Steve Whitmire and Eric Jacobson, respectively).

The show featured two of the characters' original voice artists from Die Muppet Show, Christina Hoeltel as Scooter and Donald Arthur as Uncle Deadly (who died that September, a few months after recording).

As with the original US broadcasts, two half hour episodes were aired back to back.


English Name German Name German Voice Actor
Kermit Kermit der Frosch Stefan Kaminski
Miss Piggy Claus-Peter Damitz
Fozzie Bear Fozzie Bär Manuel Straube
Gonzo Bernd Simon
Scooter Christina Hoeltel
Rizzo the Rat Rizzo die Ratte Christian Weygand
Uncle Deadly Onkel Tödlich Donald Arthur
Animal Das Tier Hartmut Neugebauer
The Swedish Chef Der dänische Koch
Statler Thomas Reiner
Pepe Mike Carl
Sam the Eagle Sam der Adler Walter von Hauff
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Dr. Bunsenbrenner Frank-Otto Schenk
The Newsman Der Nachrichtensprecher
Dr. Teeth Dr. Goldzahn Thomas Amper
Howard Tubman Howard Schinkenschmitz
Janice Elisabeth von Koch
Floyd Pepper Ekkehardt Belle
Zoot Claus Brockmeyer
Lips Gerhard Jilka
Bobo Thomas Albus
Denise Marieke Oeffinger
Yolanda Carin C. Tietze
Chip Tim Schwarzmaier[2]
Sweetums Manfred Erdmann
Rowlf the Dog Rowlf der Hund Thomas Wenke
Big Mean Carl Carl Gerd Meyer
Alynda Sabine Bohlmann
Gloria Estefan (penguin) Penguino
Robin the Frog Robin der Frosch Patrick Roche
Debbie Anke Kortemeier
Droop Paul Sedlmeir
Foo-Foo Bettina Zech

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  2. Tim Schwarzmaier's CV

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