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Comicstrip 0001

The premiere comic: September 21, 1981.


The final Sunday comic: May 25, 1986.

Muppets strip 1982 Courier Journal ad

January 1982 ad.

Cartoonist profiles ad

A six-page article on the strip was featured in Cartoonist Profiles magazine.

The Jim Henson's Muppets comic strip first premiered in over 500 daily newspapers[1] on September 21, 1981, just months after The Muppet Show ended its five year run. The strip was created by brothers Guy and Brad Gilchrist, who drew and wrote the strips.

The strip was distributed through King Features Syndicate and printed daily until May 31, 1986,[2] with the "farewell" strip published on the previous Sunday. As was typical for newspaper comic strips, the displayed title altered depending on the publication, sometimes called Jim Henson's Muppets (as used in Sunday strip panels), The Muppets, or The Muppets by Jim Henson.

Sunday strips were longer and created in color; however, some publications ran abridged versions of the longer Sunday strips. For example, the April 18, 1982, strip ran for seven panels in The Philadelphia Inquirer, while the Wisconsin State Journal only ran five panels of the strip. By contrast, The Philadelphia Inquirer only ran five panels of the June 13, 1982, strip, while The Modesto Bee ran all seven.

Additionally, some papers did not run strips on the originally intended date, but several days later. In these cases, the artist's date drawn into the original panel would typically be removed.

The strip is notable as being the first comic strip to be syndicated in multiple countries starting on the very first day of publication. Guy Gilchrist described working on a world-wide comic: "We had to work twice as far in advance as anyone else in our business at that time, because our strips had to be shipped via airmail and messenger (prior to the internet, of course) all around the world to be translated into every language of the 80 countries that read us each day. We had to be extremely aware of the global marketplace. We couldn't, for instance, write any 'puns' or English language wordplay. It couldn't be translated, you see."[3]

Muppet Magazine ran at least three exclusive color strips in the Summer 1983, Fall 1983, and Winter 1984 issues.

Six, incomplete books were released collecting some of the later strips.


The strip changed focus considerably, after the first few months. The early strips treated the comic as an extension of the show, with "on-stage" and "backstage" scenes, all taking place in the Muppet Theater. The characters talk directly to the reader, as they would to the audience of the show -- the Rowlf the Dog strips on October 24 and November 7, 1981, feel like gags that could have been on television with no change at all.

There's a sequence from November 16 to November 26 about Gonzo discovering a team of dancing worms, which includes a scene between Kermit and Miss Piggy before her big musical number, then a strip that shows the number, and ending with a Kermit/Piggy scene after the number. The entire 10-strip sequence mimics the story structure of a Muppet Show episode.

The early strips also featured familiar sketches from the show, including Veterinarian's Hospital, Pigs in Space, and Bear on Patrol.

The art changed quite a bit as well. The strip originally had a more naturalistic style that was patterned directly off the puppets, and on the work of Michael Frith. As time went on, though, Guy became more confident drawing the characters and the strip became more stylized and simplified, capturing the essence of the characters in this new medium. Guy's version of Kermit can be recognized by small horizontal lines around his smile, which persisted in Guy's licensing work for Muppet Babies.

As the Gilchrists grew more confident, the concept of the strip moved away from the Muppet Theater and the vaudeville show, and started to focus on the Muppets' everyday lives. By February 10th and 11th, 1982, the Muppets are seen out on a hill in the middle of the night, looking up at the stars. By March 1982, the majority of strips use the settings and gags used in daily suburban comics like Blondie: in restaurants, in the park, and in the characters' homes, or interacting with service people and salesmen. Rowlf still appears as Dr. Bob, but he's Kermit's personal therapist, not participating in a sketch on stage. Over time, the theater-bound strips become the exception.


  • In 1983, Enesco released a line of coffee mugs featuring artwork from the comic strip.



Comicstrip 0001
September 21, 1981

In the premiere strip, Miss Piggy tells Scooter she won't stoop to the level of a newspaper comic. Realizing that she's now in print to the readers, Piggy panders to the American newspaper subscribers.

Comic 9-22
September 22, 1981

Scooter uses a feeding time farm call to lure Miss Piggy to the stage. Piggy breaks down the door in her karate outfit and stomps past Kermit and Scooter hiding in a trunk.

Sept23 1981
September 23, 1981

In a Dear Abby-esque letter column titled "Dear Miss Piggy," the eponymous columnist responds to a query about car noises, suggesting the driver turn up their radio.

September 24, 1981

Sam the Eagle address the reader concerning The Muppets' appearance in newspaper comics, but protests to the nudity suggested in the medium being called a strip.

Comic sept 25
September 25, 1981

Sweetums, Lew Zealand (with one of his fish), Beauregard, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Rowlf the Dog, and Rizzo line up at Kermit's desk to receive their pay checks.

Comic 9-26
September 26, 1981

Gonzo attends a cast party wearing an orthopedic cast on his leg.

Comic strip 1981-09-27 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1981-09-27
Muppets strip 1981-09-27 (abridged)
September 27, 1981 (Sunday)

In the first Sunday strip, Kermit returns from New York after a series of business lunches with comic strip moguls. Rowlf says "the Big Apple" is probably full of worms; Miss Piggy asks an exhausted Kermit if he brought her back a present.

Comicstrip 9-28
September 28, 1981

Kermit declares that he hates Mondays after realizing he spent the first three panels upside-down.

September 29, 1981

Kermit thinks Scooter's uncle J. P. Grosse has demanded that he do a comic strip. Scooter corrects him; the request comes from his wife who owns the newspaper chain.

September 30, 1981

A robed Miss Piggy wearing hair curlers promises to punch Scooter's lungs out when he informs her that, despite there being no show today, all of America can see her current state in the current comic strip.

Muppets strip 1981-10-01
October 1, 1981

Miss Piggy asks a fortune-telling Gonzo what kind of numbers he sees in her future career: a high salary? A Hollywood and Vine address? "No, DIAL-A-PRAYER."

Oct 2 1981
October 2, 1981

In a "Dear Miss Piggy" column letter, "Desperate in Des Moines" asks how to stay in a lasting relationship. Piggy suggests performing a half nelson wrestling move.

Comic 10-03
October 3, 1981

Sam the Eagle admonishes The Electric Mayhem's music. In response, Floyd Pepper tells Animal and Janice that they have a hit on their hands.

Muppets strip 1981-10-04
Muppets strip 1981-10-04 (abridged)
October 4, 1981 (Sunday)

Robin the Frog greets the morning sun, while Kermit waxes poetic about nature's beauty. Robin bets Miss Piggy doesn't look as good in the morning.

Comic 10-05
October 5, 1981

Kermit tells Miss Piggy he sometimes doesn't know what to do with her. As she bats her eyelashes at him, he cringes and wrinkles his script. Crossing his arms, he says he's not taking suggestions.

Oct 6 1981
October 6, 1981

Miss Piggy responds to a "Dear Miss Piggy" letter from "Header Over Heels" who has met a cute frog in show business. Piggy writes that if the romance lasts, she won't.

October 7, 1981

Scooter calls a newspaper comics editor on behalf of his aunt's newspaper chain. After promising that The Muppets strip will have all the same characters as the show, the editor hangs up the phone.

Comic 10-08
October 8, 1981

A mustachioed Whatnot drags an enormous bag behind him, cursing its heavy weight. Scooter explains to Rowlf that it's Miss Piggy's make-up man.

Comic 10-09
October 9, 1981

Thog sneezes, sending Kermit and Scooter flying through the Stage Door.

Muppet comic strip oct 10
October 10, 1981

Statler and Waldorf muse that it must be tough coming up with a really funny comic strip, but they (the Gilchrists, credited on the newspaper) wouldn't know. They're reading the Daily Grouch and the Herald Heckler.

Comic strip 1981-10-11 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1981-10-11
Muppets strip 1981-10-11 (abridged)
October 11, 1981 (Sunday)

Practicing a dance routine (in lieu of Gonzo's salute to foam insulation), Miss Piggy tosses Kermit around with ease and tells him that he's light on his feet.

Comic oct 12
October 12, 1981

Miss Piggy wears a wetsuit and scuba gear in contrast to the sexy outfits she's worn to capture the heart of a certain green Casanova.

Oct 13 1981
October 13, 1981

Kermit tells Fozzie he won't get his own comic strip until an ice cube burns. Fozzie takes it as a maybe.

Oct 14 1981
October 14, 1981

Kermit reiterates his conditions for Fozzie's own strip. Fozzie presents an ice cube on fire.

Comic 10-15
October 15, 1981

Fozzie celebrates getting his own comic strip, but forgets the joke he was going to tell.

Oct 16 1981
October 16, 1981

Wearing a muscle suit, Gonzo wrestles in the mud.

Comic 10-17
October 17, 1981

Gonzo tells Kermit that mud wrestling is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Comic strip 1981-10-18 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1981-10-18
Muppets strip 1981-10-18 (abridged)
October 18, 1981 (Sunday)

Statler and Waldorf spend six panels heckling from their box as a warm-up for the show.

Oct 19 1981
October 19, 1981

Sam the Eagle has a letter from psychic Jeane Dixon complaining about tomorrow's strip.

Comicstrip 10-20
October 20, 1981

Miss Piggy sweet talks herself in her dressing room mirror.

Oct 21 1981
October 21, 1981

Dr. Bob asks Nurse Janice for tweezers to pick the anchovies off his pizza.

Oct 22 1981
October 22, 1981

A pool of mud tells Gonzo he's going to take a dive in the fifth round of their wrestling match.

Comic 10-23
October 23, 1981

Beauregard and Dr. Bob haul Gonzo out on a stretcher; the mud won the wrestling match.

Oct 24 1981
October 24, 1981

Rowlf plays the piano from sheet music written in hieroglyphics.

Comic strip 1981-10-25 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1981-10-25
Muppets strip 1981-10-25 (abridged)
October 25, 1981 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy peruses her wardrobe closet, trying on eighteen outfits. "It's not easy being a goddess!"

Oct 26 1981
October 26, 1981

Kermit asks Beauregard to take out the garbage; Beau asks it out on a date to the movies.

Oct 27 1981
October 27, 1981

Miss Piggy lounges on her couch with a loaf of bread and a jug of wine.

Comic 10-28
October 28, 1981

Nurse Piggy congratulates Dr. Bob for performing successful brain bypass surgery on Fozzie.

Comic 10-29
October 29, 1981

Wearing a hat with an arrow through it, Fozzie rides a dime-operated, mechanical horse.

Oct 30 1981
October 30, 1981

Kermit announces that they've given Animal his own strip; Animal eats through the newspaper page.

Comic oct 31
October 31, 1981

Rowlf sits at the piano in Fozzie's Vaudeville act where he jokes that French fries were invented by an 18th century monk: he was the deep-fat friar.

Comic strip 1981-11-01 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1981-11-01
Muppets strip 1981-11-01 (abridged)
November 1, 1981 (Sunday)

Beaker freaks out in Muppet Labs when Bunsen asks him to connect the wires for a shrinking machine designed to save the whales: he hasn't recovered since they tried jump-starting the eels.

Nov 2 1981
November 2, 1981

Miss Piggy joins the Electric Mayhem in a Carmen Miranda number.

Nov 3 1981
November 3, 1981

Miss Piggy and her oversized Carmen Miranda hat have to be hauled off stage.

Nov 4 1981
November 4, 1981

Miss Piggy claims her Carmen Miranda fruit hat was stolen by thugs, but Kermit surmises she just ate it.

Nov 5 1981
November 5, 1981

At a cafe with Fozzie, Kermit says that his mother urged him to leave the swamp when he was just 16 and rented out his bedroom the next day.

Nov 6 1981
November 6, 1981

In the same cafe, Fozzie says that his folks made him sleep outside. That's why he likes the family he's made in showbiz: they make him sleep outside, too.

Nov 7 1981
November 7, 1981

Rowlf tickles the ivories and they giggle in response.

Comic strip 1981-11-08 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1981-11-08
Muppets strip 1981-11-08 (abridged)
November 8, 1981 (Sunday)

After Fozzie begs for another chance to prove his act, he tells a series of bowling jokes that perform well with Statler and Waldorf. Kermit is glad his persistence paid off while Statler and Waldorf enjoy bags of money for themselves being paid off.

Nov 9 1981
November 9, 1981

Back at the cafe, Kermit and Fozzie try to one-up each other over how poor they were as kids. Kermit says that they slept 18 frogs in one bed. Fozzie is surprised to hear they had a bed at all.

Nov 10 1981
November 10, 1981

Miss Piggy flirts with and tackles a dummy of Kermit.

Comic nov 11
November 11, 1981

A woman writes into "Dear Miss Piggy" describing her looks and asks if she has what it takes to be a big star. Piggy responds, "Dream on, dear, dream on..."

Comic 11-12
November 12, 1981

Statler and Waldorf take their theatre box to the park to heckle the wildlife.

Comic 11-13
November 13, 1981

Driving their theatre box like a car, Statler refers to a hitchhiking Miss Piggy as just another pork in the road.

Comic nov 14
November 14, 1981

Fozzie receives sympathy cards in lieu of champagne and roses on opening night.

Comic strip 1981-11-15 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1981-11-15
Muppets strip 1981-11-15 (abridged)
November 15, 1981 (Sunday)

Admitted as a patient at Veterinarian's Hospital, Fozzie is told that there's something wrong with his mouth: bad jokes come out of it. Dr. Bob performs a tonsillectomy resulting in Fozzie's mouth being sewn shut. Nurse Janice calls it a great day for medical science.

Nov 16 1981
November 16, 1981

Fozzie and Gonzo have spent all night looking for black holes. Kermit is excited to hear they've been searching the heavens for scientific phenomena. They clarify: they've been worm hunting.

Nov 17 1981
November 17, 1981

Gonzo reveals that the worms he's collected have formed a dancing act called The Wormettes.

Nov 18 1981
November 18, 1981

Scooter writes the introduction for the Wormettes' act: "We've just unearthed some great new talent."

Nov 19 1981
November 19, 1981

Kermit tells Miss Piggy that worms will serve as the chorus girls in her big number. Piggy: "...Aren't they all?"

Nov 20 1981
November 20, 1981

Miss Piggy takes the stage in a tuxedo and becomes furious to realize that her backup are literally earthworms.

Comic nov 21
November 21, 1981

Miss Piggy continues her worm frustration, but Kermit explains that she didn't have to find 12½ pairs of size .007 pink tap shoes.

Comic strip 1981-11-22 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1981-11-22
Muppets strip 1981-11-22 (abridged)
November 22, 1981 (Sunday)

Stressing over showbiz woes, Kermit exclaims that he wants his mommy. In a letter to his folks, he asks them to imagine working with international superstars, master comedians, and fearless stuntmen... they'd really love it. Kermit: "Come to think of it... I'd really love it!"

Nov 23 1981
November 23, 1981

Kermit runs Miss Piggy through a dance rehearsal with the Wormettes. She reminds them that she does all the fancy footwork.

Nov 24 1981
November 24, 1981

Fozzie performs "Singin' in the Rain" with the Wormettes.

Nov 25 1981
November 25, 1981

Robin the Frog laments being overlooked when a member of the Wormettes flirtatiously calls him "Big Boy."

Nov 26 1981
November 26, 1981

Gonzo panics when the Wormettes leave a note on their dressing room door that reads, "Gone Fishin'."

Nov 27 1981
November 27, 1981

Bear on Patrol asks Beauregard why he's just standing there; it's just where he stopped walking.

Comic nov 28
November 28, 1981

Kermit dreams of a saw cutting through a log. Beauregard sleeps with a teddy bear dreaming of the flat end of a saw cutting through a log. Bunsen dreams of an elaborate machine accompanied by a long mathematical equation.

Comic strip 1981-11-29 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1981-11-29
Muppets strip 1981-11-29 (abridged)
November 29, 1981 (Sunday)

Sam the Eagle promises to rid America of rock n' roll. Dr. Teeth asks if he said something; Floyd Pepper responds that it was probably pointless, offensive noise.

Comic nov 30
November 30, 1981

Miss Piggy decides that she's cute when deciding how to seal a letter.

Dec 1 1981
December 1, 1981

In a "Dear Miss Piggy" advice column, Miss Piggy can't relate to an overweight wannabe star.

Dec 2 1981
December 2, 1981

Kermit is doing a crossword puzzle, he asks Rowlf for "a five-letter word for 'mentally unbalanced,' the fourth letter is a 'Z.'" They are both stumped until Gonzo walks by.

Dec 3 1981
December 3, 1981

Kermit remarks that Animal has "that certain something." Scooter says he thinks "it's called rabies."

Dec 4 1981
December 4, 1981

Gonzo tells Dr. Bob that all his stunts fail, that he feels like he has no talent, and he wants to get out of show business. Dr. Bob tells Nurse Piggy that it looks like a case of "temporary sanity."

Muppets strip 81-12-05
December 5, 1981

A group of gypsy moths harass Fozzie.

Comic strip 1981-12-06 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1981-12-06
December 6, 1981 (Sunday)

Kermit tells Miss Piggy something is wrong with Gonzo. Meanwhile Gonzo laments to the chickens that something is missing; something so seemingly insignificant and small, yet so monumental. He bemoans that he must search high and low, near and far, to find his corner of the sky. When asked what exactly is bothering the emotional Gonzo, Scooter says he lost a piece to his jigsaw puzzle.

Comic 12-07
December 7, 1981

In a "Dear Miss Piggy" column, Miss Piggy shares the best way to get gravy stains out of silk: the maid.

Dec 8 1981
December 8, 1981

Dr. Bob and Nurse Piggy perform an operation on Fozzie that has never been done before. Dr. Bob says as a practicing physician, a little practice never hurt anyone.

Comic 12-09
December 9, 1981

Link Hogthrob and the crew of the Swinetrek play "Go Fish."

Muppets strip 1981-12-10
December 10, 1981

Bo hangs Robin's swing.

Comic dec 11
December 11, 1981

Robin complains about his swing.

Comic dec 12
December 12, 1981

Fozzie notices something smells good and says, "somebody must be frying up sausages." Scooter panics saying "Oh, no! Miss Piggy must've fallen asleep under her sun lamp again!"

Comic strip 1981-12-13 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1981-12-13
Muppets strip 1981-12-13 (abridged)
December 13, 1981 (Sunday)

The Pigs in Space crew (Link Hogthrob, Dr. Julius Strangepork, and First Mate Piggy) explore the planet Koozbane. They encounter the Koozbanians (including the Koozebanian Phoob, and the male and female Koozebanian creatures from The Muppet Show) who remark, "There goes the neighborhood."

Muppets strip 81-12-14
December 14, 1981

Scooter is swarmed by bats and pterodactyls.

Muppets strip 81-12-15
December 15, 1981

In a "Pigs in Space" strip, First Mate Piggy gives Captain Link Hogthrob advice - never kiss an alien on the first date. Meanwhile an enamored female Koozbanian looks on.

Muppets strip 81-12-16
December 16, 1981

Captain Link Hogthrob lists the three things that it takes for a successful mission: a good crew, the best equipment, and a strong, fearless captain. First Mate Piggy says, "Two outta three ain't bad."

Muppets strip 81-12-17
December 17, 1981

Miss Piggy gives Kermit a kiss. When asked why she did that, Piggy explains she was returning the kiss she stole the other night (with interest).

Muppets strip 81-12-18
December 18, 1981

Rowlf tells Kermit that Bo is the best curtain man in the business because he's so wrapped up in his work (literally).

Muppets strip 81-12-19
December 19, 1981

Fozzie has a pipe dream.

Comic strip 1981-12-20 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1981-12-20 (full)
Muppets strip 81-12-20
December 20, 1981 (Sunday)

Dr. Bob and Nurse Piggy perform plastic surgery on an inflatable pool toy.

Muppets strip 81-12-21
December 21, 1981

Kermit, Fozzie, Bo and Gonzo (in a return to his plumber roots) are in the flooded basement of the theater. The waters are full of aggressive sharks, a giant octopus and surfing rats. Kermit asks Gonzo "why does everything you do turn out like this?" Gonzo says "just lucky, I guess!"

Muppets strip 81-12-22
December 22, 1981

Miss Piggy puts on her finest French perfume "Midnight Swine." Bo asks if somebody sat on a skunk, which earns him a clobbering from Piggy.

Muppets strip 81-12-23
December 23, 1981

Fozzie laments that some people taste the nectar of success, others enjoy the fruits of their labors, while he just gets leftovers.

Muppets strip 81-12-24
December 24, 1981

Kermit writes a letter to his folks. He says it's been pretty quiet... and then Animal comes in.

Muppets strip 81-12-25
December 25, 1981

A Christmas message from the Muppets - "We wish you Peace." Featuring Bo, Rowlf, Floyd, Janice, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Beaker, Fozzie, Robin, Dr. Teeth, Gonzo, Waldorf, Statler, Animal, Scooter, 3 rats, and 2 chickens. Statler and Waldorf are wearing top hats that say "Bah" and "Humbug."

Muppets strip 81-12-26
December 26, 1981

Bo admires the smell of detergent, the sunlight on the dust mops and remarks, "It's gonna be an okey-dokey day."

Comic strip 1981-12-27 Sunday color
Muppets strip 81-12-27
December 27, 1981 (Sunday)

Statler has a breakdown when the show is cancelled due to theater renovations. As he goes through withdrawal, Waldorf called Hecklers Anonymous for help.

Muppets strip 81-12-28
December 28, 1981

Fozzie, Gonzo, and Miss Piggy blow by Kermit who remarks, "A little windy out there, huh?!"

Muppets strip 81-12-29
December 29, 1981

Miss Piggy and Kermit are on a love seat together. Piggy says let nature take its course, so, naturally, Kermit leaves.

Muppets strip 81-12-30
December 30, 1981

Gonzo says, "I'll try anything once!" He shoots himself out of a cannon directly into a brick wall. Afterwards he says, "If it hurts, I'll do it again!"

Muppets strip 81-12-31
December 31, 1981

In a "Pigs in Space" strip, Dr. Julius Strangepork says the ship is adrift in deep space, alone in an endless void. Suddenly there's a knock on the door: a candy-gram!


Muppets strip 1982-01-01
January 1, 1982

Dr. Julius Strangepork and Captain Link Hogthrob attempt a two-point landing of The Swinetrek. They land upside-down and remember that it's a four-point ship.

Muppets strip 1982-01-02
January 2, 1982

A rat overhears Bo talking to his mop.

Comic strip 1982-01-03 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1982-01-03
January 3, 1982 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy pens a break-up letter to Kermit.

Muppets strip 1982-01-04
January 4, 1982

After being squirted in the face, Kermit comments on the Swedish Chef's breakfast by saying, "Hell hath no fury like a grumpy grapefruit!"

Muppets strip 1982-01-05
January 5, 1982

In a "Dear Miss Piggy" advice column, Miss Piggy receives a letter from a reader unsure how to show their appreciation for being invited to a Gala White House Lawn Party. Piggy says the best way to show appreciation is to send her the tickets.

Muppets strip 1982-01-06
January 6, 1982

Miss Piggy complains to Kermit about the postal service, noting that her invitation to the Gala White House Lawn Party that is being thrown by "Nancy & Ronny" must be lost in the mail. Kermit comments that her "invite to Lady Di's wedding's a wee bit late too."

Muppets strip 1982-01-07
January 7, 1982

Gonzo tries to console Miss Piggy, who is still upset about not getting an invite to "that big White House wingding," by saying, "If I'da known that, I wouldn't have thrown mine away."

Muppets strip 1982-01-08
January 8, 1982

Miss Piggy questions if she should listen to her good side that says not to throw herself at Kermit, or her other side that says it's okay. She leaps on Kermit as Fozzie looks on saying "The Devil made me do it!"

Muppets strip 1982-01-09
January 9, 1982

Miss Piggy and Kermit play tennis. Piggy remarks that it's her kind of game because "even when you have nothing, you still have 'love'."

Comic strip 1982-01-10 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1982-01-10
Muppets strip 1982-01-10 (abridged)
January 10, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit and Robin are taking a walk at night. Kermit remarks about the beautiful night, the twinkling stars, the music of the forest creatures, and the forest etched in tranquility. Robin thinks to himself "if he starts singing "Rocky Mountain High" I'm gonna throw up..."

Muppets strip 1982-01-11
January 11, 1982

In a Western scene, Kermit tells Fozzie that it's high noon and time for his lunch date with Miss Piggy.

Muppets strip 1982-01-12
January 12, 1982

In a Western scene, Kermit asks bartender Piggy "What's a cowpoke gotta do to get a root beer around here?" She whispers something in his ear, and he runs out of the saloon before hearing about the blue-plate special.

Muppets strip 1982-01-13
January 13, 1982

Kermit has an idea prompting him to remember to buy light bulbs.

Muppets strip 1982-01-14
January 14, 1982

Miss Piggy sleeps with a baseball bat because "a girl should be prepared for things that go 'bump' in the night...." She uses it to smash her alarm clock saying "...or things that go 'brring' in the morning."

Muppets strip 1982-01-15
January 15, 1982

Fozzie rides "El Motoro" a mechanical bull exclaiming "yippy kyo kyay!" and "Hi-ho Silver!" He's thrown off and says "this thing must be murder when it's plugged in!"

Muppets strip 1982-01-16
January 16, 1982

Miss Piggy tells Kermit she will pursue their love forever. As he runs from the room she clarified "...or three-thousand miles, whichever comes first."

Comic strip 1982-01-17 Sunday color
Comic strip 1982-01-17 Sunday color (abridged)
Muppets strip 1982-01-17
Muppets strip 1982-01-17 (abridged)
January 17, 1982 (Sunday)

Fozzie asks Kermit if Rodney Dangerfield started like that as he pushes off their fishing boat the "Calamity Jane." Kermit says his favorite thing about fishing is the anticipation, after the day passes, Fozzie says catching "wouldn't be bad either."

Muppets strip 1982-01-18
January 18, 1982

Kermit is strung up in slings and casts. He tells Miss Piggy he fell down the stairs, twisted his ankle, flipper, arm and hand. Piggy is mad at this "excuse" to call off their date.

Muppets strip 1982-01-19
January 19, 1982

In a "Dear Miss Piggy" column, Miss Piggy is asked what's the best way to use leftovers when cooking. She is confused as to what a leftover is.

Muppets strip 1982-01-20
January 20, 1982

Fozzie shows Kermit his new "boffo" gag that he stole from Steve Martin: an arrow through the head gag. Fozzie feels pain after Kermit shows him that "Steve" uses a trick arrow.

Muppets strip 1982-01-21
January 21, 1982

Miss Piggy is preparing for a Nashville number. Kermit comments on her big Dolly Parton-esque hair and wants to talk to her hairdresser: who pops out of Piggy's big do.

Muppets strip 1982-01-22
January 22, 1982

As Animal, Floyd and Zoot play, Statler and Waldorf call their rock 'n' roll music "trash."

Muppets strip 1982-01-23
January 23, 1982

Fozzie compliments a tasty dish made by Swedish Chef. The chef responds (and Kermit translates), "If you liked the dish water, wait'll you try my soup."

Comic strip 1982-01-24 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1982-01-24
Muppets strip 1982-01-24 (abridged)
January 24, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit asks Gonzo why all those chickens love him. Gonzo says it's his sophisticated man-about-town sex appeal, his devil-may-care, or his savoir faire. Rizzo says it's probably because Gonzo smells like a barnyard.

Muppets strip 1982-01-25
January 25, 1982

Kermit asks what more could Miss Piggy want - she has her own dressing room, a star on the door, and a private phone. He regrets the question as a lovestruck Piggy drags him away.

Muppets strip 1982-01-26
January 26, 1982

Rowlf asks Kermit why Miss Piggy is so happy. It's not a new play, or a recording contract, or a new movie... it's a new deli that delivers.

Muppets strip 1982-01-27
January 27, 1982

Fozzie and Kermit are fishing in the Calamity Jane. Kermit says it's beautiful when friends enjoy the simple things in life together, but an unsuccessful Fozzie is jealous of Kermit's haul of fish.

Muppets strip 1982-01-28
January 28, 1982

Gonzo is sad that Kermit says his chickens have to go. Miss Piggy consoles Gonzo by saying that a theater is not a fit place to keep chickens and she offers to help them get to a proper place. She then calls Colonel Sanders.

Muppets strip 1982-01-29
January 29, 1982

Fozzie tells Miss Piggy that Kermit just stepped out.

Muppets strip 1982-01-30
January 30, 1982

A bedridden Fozzie tells Kermit that he's too sick to do his monologue on the show tonight. Kermit says you know he's really sick when "he's too sick to shtick."

Comic strip 1982-01-31 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1982-01-31
Muppets strip 1982-01-31 (abridged)
January 31, 1982 (Sunday)

While approaching a restaurant with Miss Piggy, Kermit sees a sign for the day's special of "Legs du Froggies" and suggests maybe they just split a pizza instead. Inside, Piggy gives their waiter a gigantic order. He frantically writes it down, and as he collapses, she concludes with "and a diet cola." Mildred Huxtetter and a Muppet monster appear as patrons at the restaurant.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-01
February 1, 1982

Miss Piggy offers to be there for Kermit when he's lonely or depressed... and she can wait.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-02
February 2, 1982

Miss Piggy announces that she does not "co-star" with anyone, but gaffes when Kermit dismisses Robert Redford.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-03
February 3, 1982

After Kermit announces that he's depressed, Fozzie and the rats cheer him up with a routine aided by the props closet.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-04
February 4, 1982

Kermit asks Beauregard to do something about the rats in the storeroom who have broken into canned laughter.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-05
February 5, 1982

Robin returns from show and tell at school with Animal on a chain leash carrying a busted drum set.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-06
February 6, 1982

Miss Piggy asks her mirror who is the fairest one of all. She discovers the mirror was made in Hong Kong when it responds, "Sue Yat Sing."

Muppets strip 1982-02-07
Muppets strip 1982-02-07 (abridged)
February 7, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit postpones a news report about a tidal wave so Miss Piggy can wax about her recent trip to a boutique.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-08
February 8, 1982

Miss Piggy runs to escape from, not muggers, but the IRS.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-09
February 9, 1982

Kermit responds to Miss Piggy asking him out on a date with a long recitation of legalese. She falls asleep and he declares, "Works every time!"

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-10
February 10, 1982

Contemplating their friends gazing at the stars, Kermit and Rowlf surmise that there must be intelligent life on other planets because they had to put it somewhere.

February 11, 1982

Kermit asks the heavens for a sign of intelligent life out in the cosmos, and he's hit with a signpost that reads E=mc².

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-12
February 12, 1982

Miss Piggy asks a restaurant waiter for the chicken. He leaves, and a chicken returns to take her order.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-13
February 13, 1982

Kermit receives a huge box of chocolates for Valentine's Day which he'll never be able to eat all by himself. In response, Miss Piggy emerges from the box, offering her help.

Muppets strip 1982-02-14
Muppets strip 1982-02-14 (abridged)
February 14, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit weaves a fantastical tale about why the sky is blue. Robin says he thought the color came from light refracting off of particles in the air.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-15
February 15, 1982

Kermit announces Miss Piggy to the stage using an introduction she wrote.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-16
February 16, 1982

Kermit tells Miss Piggy she's beautiful when she's angry. Upon reflecting in the mirror, Piggy agrees.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-17
February 17, 1982

Kermit tells Miss Piggy that anywhere is special when he's with her.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-18
February 18, 1982

A reporter for the press wants to know the intricate details of Gonzo's mud wrestling. Gonzo tells him to take some dirt and add water.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-19
February 19, 1982

Miss Piggy hangs her laundry to dry on the stage during Fozzie's comedy act.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-20
February 20, 1982

Miss Piggy asks Fozzie and Robin to keep quiet on a film set while Kermit is tied up for a scene where the hero is captured. Fozzie reckons it's a good time to show him Robin's report card.

Comic strip 1982-02-21 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1982-02-21
Muppets strip 1982-02-21 (abridged)
February 21, 1982 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy coaxes Kermit into breaking a wishbone with her and uses her strength to pull him into her embrace.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-22
February 22, 1982

Dressed as a fortune teller, The Great Gonzo declares himself a handwriting expert and affirms that Kermit's handwritten note is indeed handwriting.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-23
February 23, 1982

A pizza chef is surprised to hear that a big star like Miss Piggy would eat pizza. Fozzie asks that it be gift-wrapped.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-24
February 24, 1982

Fozzie takes two panels to consider the most important thing in comedy... timing.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-25
February 25, 1982

Kermit and Fozzie are pelted in the face by the speedy delivery of their fast food.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-26
February 26, 1982

In a huff, Miss Piggy tells Kermit that his problem is thinking he's something special. She thinks to herself, "My problem is... you are."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-02-27
February 27, 1982

Miss Piggy reads a book called I'm Perfect You're Perfect, Gonzo reads I'm Weird You're Weird, and Fozzie reads I'm OK... I Think You're OK... Um, Maybe.

Comic strip 1982-02-28 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1982-02-28
Muppets strip 1982-02-28 (abridged)
FozziesTrunk small
February 28, 1982 (Sunday)

Fozzie paraphrases the Star Trek intro before cleaning up his room. He places a number of items — including some old props, Spike Jones records, an autographed photo of Milton Berle, and some Charlie McCarthy bubblegum cards — into a junk chest before amorously crawling in with his collection.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-01
March 1, 1982

Kermit, Fozzie, and Miss Piggy report as "The Perky News Team." Kermit is the anchor-frog. Fozzie covers sports. And Piggy is just utterly stunning.

Muppets strip 1982-03-02
March 2, 1982

Fozzie, Kermit, and Miss Piggy report again as "The Perky News Team." Piggy hands Kermit an emergency update bulletin that he reads live on-air -- earthquake in Pango Pango, Tidal wave in Yoozambia, and Kermit to marry Miss Piggy. Kermit is exasperated as Piggy got him to read the "exclusive" on air.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-03
March 3, 1982

Fozzie and Kermit are back as the Perky News Team. Fozzie reports on the baseball game between the Pittstown Pumas and the Ditchville Superbas. Slugger "Homer" Goodwill flew out to left field three times... and boy, were his arms tired.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-04
March 4, 1982

Miss Piggy relaxes in the bath with a "good book." It's titled Moi's Life Story.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-05
March 5, 1982

Kermit complains that a cafe is charging $1.25 for "a lousy cup of coffee." Fozzie points out in the menu that it's $2.50 for "a good cup."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-06
March 6, 1982

A happy Fozzie floats by Kermit after getting his first fan letter.

Comic strip 1982-03-07 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1982-03-07
March 7, 1982 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy tries to get a "good night kissy kissy" from Kermit after their date. Kermit offers a handshake instead.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-08
March 8, 1982

Miss Piggy asks Kermit to say "you love me." He complies by saying "you love me." Piggy threatens to throw him off a cliff.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-09
March 9, 1982

Miss Piggy asks the shoe salesman what boots he has for under $10. He says "two baggies and a coupl'a rubber bands."

Muppets strip 1982-03-10
March 10, 1982

Fozzie tells his shrink Dr. Bob that he feels people don't notice him. Dr. Bob responds saying he didn't even see Fozzie come in.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-11
March 11, 1982

Fozzie tells Kermit he forgot what he was supposed to get at the market. Kermit asks if the string he tied around his finger helped. Fozzie then remembers that they need tea bags as he shows his hand with a tea bag tied to his finger.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-12
March 12, 1982

While driving, Kermit and Miss Piggy hit a dead end. Kermit says it looks like they can't go any farther. Piggy leaps on him and says, "Wanna bet?!"

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-13
March 13, 1982

At the fish market, Miss Piggy signs an autograph on a fish for the salesman's wife.

Muppets strip 1982-03-14
March 14, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit and Miss Piggy return from a celebrity pool party. They tell Fozzie all about the party (including how they had to refill the pool after Piggy's diving exhibition).

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-14
March 15, 1982

Miss Piggy tells Kermit she's so hungry she "could eat a horse." An offended horse at the next table says he's so hungry he "could eat a pig!"

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-16
March 16, 1982

Miss Piggy goes to Lover's Leap, looking at a picture of Kermit, she's saying she will jump because of her unrequited love. It's off the deep end for her; she just wants to make sure a trampoline is in place so she can bounce back from all this.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-17
March 17, 1982

Rowlf and Kermit rush to Lover's Leap to stop Miss Piggy from jumping to her death. Meanwhile Animal gives her a drum roll.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-18
March 18, 1982

Kermit tells Miss Piggy to not jump off Lover's Leap. His arrival gives Piggy a new appetite for life and for love. Kermit asks if she'd settle for a pizza.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-19
March 19, 1982

Kermit visits The Great Gonzo Mystic. Gonzo looks into his crystal ball and sees a man of "incomparable talents, genius, good looks and animal magnetism." He then pivots and says, "but enough about me..."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-20
March 20, 1982

Miss Piggy uses her artistic skills to make a portrait of Kermit using eyebrow pencil and mascara.

Comic strip 1982-03-21 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1982-03-21
Muppets strip 1982-03-21 (abridged)
March 21, 1982 (Sunday)

Fozzie asks the ticket agent at Banana Airlines for a ticket to Bermuda. When the ticket prices for first class and coach are too high, Fozzie asks what he can get for $10.27. The solution is a giant catapult.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-22
March 22, 1982

Miss Piggy is satisfied that she roped Kermit into another dinner date against his will.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-23
March 23, 1982

In a "Dear Miss Piggy" column. Miss Piggy gives advice to someone getting cold feet before their wedding - wear socks.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-24
March 24, 1982

Shrink Dr. Bob practices his putting while Kermit says he thinks he's Jack Nicklaus.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-25
March 25, 1982

Robin walks by and makes Miss Piggy "long for those days of youth and innocence." Kermit walks by and makes her reconsider - "well, maybe just youth."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-26
March 26, 1982

Two hicks (Maw and Paw) watch Miss Piggy and Kermit through the window of a restaurant. It reminds them to slop the hogs.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-27
March 27, 1982

Kermit walks through the woods and reflects "They say the meek shall inherit the Earth. It's not that they want it... they're just too shy to say no."

Muppets strip 1982-03-28
Muppets strip 1982-03-28 (abridged)
March 28, 1982 (Sunday)

Rowlf, Fozzie, Kermit, and Miss Piggy play football. Rowlf gives Piggy a penalty for holding Kermit.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-29
March 29, 1982

Miss Piggy is tired of throwing herself at Kermit. Kermit is tired of catching her.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-30
March 30, 1982

The Great Gonzo Mystic performs a magic act. Statler and Waldorf volunteer, hoping it's a disappearing act that will get them out of seeing the rest of the show.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-03-31
March 31, 1982

Fozzie grins as he is surrounded by laughter. Kermit asks if he's practicing his ventriloquism act again.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-01
April 1, 1982

Miss Piggy is rehearsing her lion tamer act. When the lion takes control of the act, Kermit remarks the act needs work.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-02
April 2, 1982

Miss Piggy notices the lion from her lion tamer act is missing. Bo says he put the cat out for the night.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-03
April 3, 1982

While tossing a coin, Miss Piggy says she'll flip Kermit for lunch. He says he already has a date. She clarifies "lunch or I'll flip you!"

Muppets strip 1982-04-04
Muppets strip 1982-04-04 (abridged)
April 4, 1982 (Sunday)

Rowlf, Fozzie, and Kermit are playing poker when Miss Piggy enters. She says it feels as if a great weight has been taken off her shoulders. She then realizes she left her fur wrap on the bus.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-05
April 5, 1982

Miss Piggy attempts to renegotiate her contract. She wants a little more green - not more money, more Kermit.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-06
April 6, 1982

While eating cheesecake, Rowlf makes a joke about Miss Piggy's weight, and the rest of the comic is "censored due to excessive violence."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-07
April 7, 1982

While at the psychiatrist, Kermit asks his Dr. Bob if he's crazy. Dr. Bob says, "Of course you're crazy. You've gotta be nuts to pay my prices!"

Muppets strip 1982-04-08
April 8, 1982

Statler and Waldorf object to the show's half-price for senior citizens rate. Kermit asks why they feel that's unfair. The duo reply that they should be paid full-price like the rest of the audience.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-09
April 9, 1982

Scooter informs Miss Piggy that there's a gentleman to see her at the stage door. Piggy laments how much time she sacrifices to her adoring public. It turns out to be a pizza delivery man bringing her a large pizza, no anchovies.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-10
April 10, 1982

Miss Piggy drops her handkerchief. Kermit picks it up, blows his nose, and tosses it in the trash.

Comic strip 1982-04-11 Sunday color FULL
Comic strip 1982-04-11 Sunday color
Muppets strip 1982-04-11
Muppets strip 1982-04-11 (abridged)
April 11, 1982 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy appears as the Statue of Liberty in a patriotic pageant with a chorus of frogs and Kermit as Uncle Sam. As "The Star-Spangled Banner" starts, Sam the Eagle tells Bo backstage to remove his hat for the national anthem. Bo struggles to get it off. Rowlf comments, "It's a child-proof cap."

Muppets strip 1982-04-12
April 12, 1982

Miss Piggy tries to convince Kermit that male jewelry is all the rage. He objects to her suggestion of handcuffs.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-13
April 13, 1982

Kermit tells Dr. Bob that his other doctor says a lot of surgery is unnecessary. Dr. Bob says, "That's easy for him to say. His Mercedes is probably all paid off."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-14
April 14, 1982

Miss Piggy asks Janice (erroneously spelled "Janis") if she promises not to spread her juicy gossip. When Janice agrees, Piggy says, "They why should I tell you?"

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-15
April 15, 1982

Miss Piggy asks Kermit why he doesn't buy her diamonds.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-16
April 16, 1982

Miss Piggy sends Scooter to get her "golden bouffant with diamond tiara and full, radiant cascading tresses." Scooter goes to Pops to get "the pig wig."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-17
April 17, 1982

Kermit is coaching Gonzo on how to take a shower. Gonzo is looking for the emergency exits in the shower (the first thing he looks for when entering "a strange place").

Muppets strip 1982-04-18
Muppets strip 1982-04-18 (abridged)
April 18, 1982 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy wears a marvelous jump suit and she tries to pounce on Kermit; however, she overshoots "the green."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-19
April 19, 1982

Miss Piggy asks a salesman if the designer jeans come with any accessories. He replies with "a crowbar" to get her out of them.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-20
April 20, 1982

Miss Piggy reminds Kermit that she's here if he's ever depressed. She also reminds him that he can't stay happy forever.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-21
April 21, 1982

Dr. Bob treats eating spaghetti like surgery, asking Nurse Piggy for scalpel and tweezers, so that he can count his meal as a tax deductible business dinner.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-22
April 22, 1982

While looking into his crystal ball, the Great Gonzo Mystic sees pain and suffering in Fozzie's future. As Fozzie leaves in pain, Kermit asks what happened - Gonzo dropped his crystal ball on Fozzie's foot.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-23
April 23, 1982

While Scooter mans the ticket window, Statler and Waldorf arrive, and Statler is upset when he remembered their tickets.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-24
April 24, 1982

Miss Piggy is happy to tell Kermit she hasn't cheated on her new "water diet." When a waiter comes to offer her water, she says, "No, thanks. I can't touch the stuff."

Comic April 25
April 25, 1982 (Sunday)

The Great Gonzo Mystic has a hard time reading Miss Piggy's fortune in his crystal ball. It turns out to be Rowlf's bowling ball.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-26
April 26, 1982

While driving, Kermit tells Miss Piggy to pull into a gas station. She asks, "What kind - super, no lead, or regular?" After she crashes into the pumps, much to the fear of the gas station attendant, he says to get whatever's left.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-27
April 27, 1982

Fozzie is looking for a Hawaiian vacation. He asks the Banana Airlines clerk what he can get for $11.38. He's told "a grass skirt and a bottle of quick tan."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-28
April 28, 1982

Dr. Bob tells Miss Piggy that a bedridden Kermit is "too sick" to take her out to dinner. An ecstatic Kermit jumps for joy as they leave the room.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-29
April 29, 1982

Miss Piggy is singing opera (with Viking horns and spear). When Statler and Waldorf heckle her singing ability, she throws her spear at Waldorf.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-04-30
April 30, 1982

Fozzie informs Miss Piggy that "press personality" is here to see her. It turns out to be a man from the laundry service saying her ironing's done.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-01
May 1, 1982

Johnny Carson approaches Miss Piggy at the Stage Door and asks if she'd like to be on The Tonight Show.

Muppets strip 1982-05-02
May 2, 1982 (Sunday)

Fozzie gushes over Kermit's script for a sketch in which Gonzo and Animal play bushmen who try to cook Thog in a black kettle.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-03
May 3, 1982

Miss Piggy asks Kermit why he can't be like other men whose thoughts are driven by romance and passion.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-04
May 4, 1982

Fozzie announces the arrival of the new cleaning lady: an old woman whose plow has collected a number of items from backstage.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-05
May 5, 1982

Kermit tells Dr. Bob, shrink, that his life flashed before his eyes like a series of reruns.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-06
May 6, 1982

Beauregard tells Nurse Janice he intends to clean Dr. Bob's waiting room. Specifically, the cobwebs collecting on his elderly patients.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-07
May 7, 1982

Kermit will never forget the time Miss Piggy was locked out of the theatre in the rain wearing curlers in her hair. Piggy warns that he'd better forget if he wants to live.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-08
May 8, 1982

In her "Dear Miss Piggy" column, Miss Piggy responds to a writer who has fallen for a pilot.

Comic strip 1982-05-09 Sunday color
Comic strip 1982-05-09 Sunday color (alt)
The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-09
May 9, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit accompanies a nervous Robin who wants to ask Miss Piggy to borrow one of her dresses. It's not for a costume party but to use as a tent when he goes camping.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-10
May 10, 1982

Kermit wakes ready to face the day, but when he finds that outside is upside-down behind the shade, he goes back to bed.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-11
May 11, 1982

Miss Piggy uses a jackhammer to sign an autograph in the cement for a construction worker.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-12
May 12, 1982

Dr. Bob disagrees with Kermit's accusation that doctors like to make their patients uncomfortable right before he asks Nurse Janice to retrieve his stethoscope from the freezer.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-13
May 13, 1982

Dr. Bob uses a tongue depressor to inspect Fozzie's throat. When he finds nothing wrong, he instructs him to stick out his ten bucks and say goodbye.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-14
May 14, 1982

On stage for a scene set with a spooky backdrop, Kermit asks Miss Piggy for a scream that will put people's heads through the roof. She obliges, the volume sending Kermit through the roof.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-15
May 15, 1982

Miss Piggy ignores Kermit's accusation that she ate all his chocolate bon-bons until the final panel where her thought bubble explains that it's not polite to talk with your mouth full.

Comic strip 1982-05-16 Sunday color
The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-16
May 16, 1982 (Sunday)

Driving along at night in the rain, Miss Piggy notes that the car reaching 12,000 miles means its warranty is due to expire. When the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she explains how they'll have to stay out there together all night. Kermit frantically starts pushing the car.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-17
May 17, 1982

Kermit explains to Fozzie that after examining an issue in a mature, impartial manner, there's only one way to settle an argument with Miss Piggy: do it her way.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-18
May 18, 1982

Referencing the scene from Snow White, Miss Piggy asks her mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all. The mirror laughs and says that she cracks it up. Piggy responds by cracking the mirror with a hammer, confessing that she typically avoids puns.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-19
May 19, 1982

Pops tailors a suit for Fozzie that's fit for a comedian: oversized.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-20
May 20, 1982

Kermit tells Fozzie that a comedian's suit should have that "baggy pants" look. Fozzie asks Pops to have it cleaned and rumpled.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-21
May 21, 1982

Miss Piggy claims that she'd go to great lengths to prove her love for Kermit. Kermit says she can call him when she gets back.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-22
May 22, 1982

When Kermit and Miss Piggy find themselves in the middle of a bank robbery, she tells the robbers it won't be necessary to be tied up; just lock her and the frog up together in the vault.

Comic strip 1982-05-23 Sunday color
Comic strip 1982-05-23 Sunday color (abridged)
May 23, 1982 (Sunday)

Gonzo the mystic uses long distance telephone sales jargon to convince Miss Piggy that he can contact any of Piggy's living relatives for 25 cents. Gonzo attempts to call her mother and gets a busy signal. Piggy confirms that it's her.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-24
May 24, 1982

Miss Piggy takes Kermit to her favorite restaurant, Chez Chic. She explains that this is the kind of place where a sophisticated individual can try something new and different, then proceeds to order her usual from the waiter.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-25
May 25, 1982

Gonzo the mystic looks into his crystal ball and sees a giant eagle with huge talons and fiery eyes. He explains to Fozzie it means that she wants her egg back as she scoops up his "crystal ball."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-26
May 26, 1982

Fozzie plays an organ grinder while Thog collects money for their street performance.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-27
May 27, 1982

Sam the Eagle calls Floyd Pepper disgusting for not having washed his jeans since he bought them. Floyd claims he doesn't have to, he bought them pre-washed.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-28
May 28, 1982

Kermit and Rowlf dine at a restaurant where showbiz photos of the Muppets adorn the wall. Kermit is relieved to find a spot away from Miss Piggy's romantic advances, but her wall photo comes to life and hits him in the head with a spitball.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-29
May 29, 1982

Fozzie confides in Dr. Bob, shrink, that his paranoia makes him feel like people are talking about him behind his back. Dr. Bob confirms, that's the rumor going around.

Comic strip 1982-05-30 Sunday color
Comic strip 1982-05-30 Sunday color (abridged)
The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-30
May 30, 1982 (Sunday)

Fozzie warns Miss Piggy that she's about to jump off Lover's Leap without a parachute. Piggy threatens that she'll commit suicide if she can't have Kermit and jumps. Kermit briefly grieves before realizing that she landed on Beginner's Slope.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-05-31
May 31, 1982

Kermit tells the waiter that his meal tastes like dog food. It turns out he mixed up his order with Rowlf's.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-01
June 1, 1982

Miss Piggy pressures Kermit into going out.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-02
June 2, 1982

Statler says Fozzie is in a class by himself: kindergarten.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-03
June 3, 1982

Beauregard bumps into Kermit while watching where we was going (immediately in front of his feet).

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-04
June 4, 1982

Kermit literally puts himself in Miss Piggy's shoes.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-05
June 5, 1982

Fozzie tells a knock-knock joke about trains and sneezing.

Comic strip 1982-06-06 Sunday color
The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-06
June 6, 1982 (Sunday)

While shopping, a nearsighted woman bumps into Miss Piggy and mistakes her for Farrah Fawcett. This flatters and mollifies Piggy... until the woman runs into a post and thinks it's Robert Redford.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-07
June 7, 1982

Kermit didn't invite Miss Piggy to dinner with a lobster.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-08
June 8, 1982

Kermit wants to play catch on the baseball field, but Miss Piggy wants to catch him.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-09
June 9, 1982

The entire Muppet Theatre audience claims credit for throwing a tomato at Fozzie.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-10
June 10, 1982

Dr. Bob tells Miss Piggy to go on a liquid diet, so she orders a pizza run through a blender.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-11
June 11, 1982

Animal gets a haircut with a chainsaw.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-12
June 12, 1982

Fozzie and Gonzo struggle to read the Swedish Chef's menu.

Comic strip 1982-06-13 Sunday color
Comic strip 1982-06-13 Sunday color (alt)
The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-13
June 13, 1982 (Sunday)

Rowlf preps Fozzie for a boxing match fought with jokes and heckling.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-14
June 14, 1982

Miss Piggy backhands Kermit across the room for a favorable comment about Bo Derek.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-15
June 15, 1982

Foo-Foo asks Miss Piggy for her motivation to roll over.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-16
June 16, 1982

Dr. Bob tells Kermit he has complications with his gizzard.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-17
June 17, 1982

Kermit makes an existential ponderance; Rowlf says they are there to occupy blank space in the comics section.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-18
June 18, 1982

Robin returns dragging Miss Piggy's brassiere after Kermit sends him on a scavenger hunt to find a double-barreled slingshot.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-19
June 19, 1982

The Great Gonzo: Mystic looks into his crystal ball and finds a pimple on his nose.

Comic strip 1982-06-20 Sunday color
The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-20
June 20, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit and Robin fly a kite.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-21
June 21, 1982

Fozzie notes Kermit's bachelorhood when he pulls baked socks out of his oven.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-22
June 22, 1982

Miss Piggy knocks Kermit and Fozzie over on her way to watch soap operas.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-23
June 23, 1982

Dr. Bob downgrades Fozzie's diagnosis when he learns he's broke.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-24
June 24, 1982

Miss Piggy purposefully mistakes Kissing Rock for Lover's Leap.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-25
June 25, 1982

Gonzo passes the bathrooms for Women and Men, and enters a door marked Whatever.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-26
June 26, 1982

Gonzo finishes a crossword puzzle from 1963.

Comic strip 1982-06-27 Sunday color
The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-27
June 27, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit develops a headache from Miss Piggy's badgering.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-28
June 28, 1982

Kermit and Miss Piggy go to the movies but never make it past the snack counter.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-29
June 29, 1982

Robin writes in his journal about Kermit's misunderstanding of meteorology based on saying that a cyclone had hit his bedroom.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-06-30
June 30, 1982

Nurse Janice tells Kermit that Fozzie is contagious after Dr. Bob inspects his throat with a telescope from far away.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-01
July 1, 1982

Mystic Gonzo gives Miss Piggy a magic potion that he guarantees will get Kermit all over her - it turns her into a lily pad.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-02
July 2, 1982

Kermit asks Miss Piggy how her psychiatrist session with Dr. Bob went. She says he's always questioning her authority.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-03
July 3, 1982

At Fred's Threads, Fozzie is shopping for a new bathing suit. He asks the salesman what he suggests for someone with his physique. The salesman suggests a new physique.

Comic strip 1982-07-04 Sunday color
The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-04
July 4, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit imagines himself as Dagwood and Miss Piggy as Blondie from the comic Blondie in a dream sequence. He wakes up to say that's the last time he eats a "Dagwood" sandwich before bed.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-05
July 5, 1982

Miss Piggy says it might be easier if Kermit thought of her as "one of the boys" and asks what they would talk about then. Kermit says "for starters, how come you dress like a girl?"

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-06
July 6, 1982

Miss Piggy tells the salesman at the Ladies' Wear store that she would like to see something in a low-cut blouse. The sales man says "so would I."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-07
July 7, 1982

Kermit tells Dr. Bob his inhibitions are preventing him from dating Miss Piggy and causing him a lot of guilt. He doesn't want to lose his inhibitions, just the guilt.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-08
July 8, 1982

Miss Piggy is skeptical of Gonzo the Mystic's cheap crystal ball. He says it's the real thing... he just has to plug it in first.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-09
July 9, 1982

Miss Piggy tells Kermit she has an upset stomach because she hasn't eaten.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-10
July 10, 1982

Gonzo's act got terrible reviews. Kermit reassures him that he'll bounce back. Meanwhile Gonzo literally sticks his head in the sand.

Comic strip 1982-07-11 Sunday color
Comic strip 1982-07-11 Sunday color (abridged)
The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-11
July 11, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit and Fozzie suspect their golf outing will be odd when they see two clowns golfing. When Fozzie gets a golfball to the head, Kermit calls for a doctor and more than 15 come running from all corners of the golf course with clubs in hand (including Dr. Bob).

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-12
July 12, 1982

On a phone call with Miss Piggy, Dr. Bob says it's not often he performs an operation at a patient's home, then again it's not often someone needs designer jeans surgically removed.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-13
July 13, 1982

Dr. Bob tells Miss Piggy she has to watch her weight after he saw a guy hanging one of her pinups with spikes.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-14
July 14, 1982

Miss Piggy asks Dr. Bob if her weight problems are real or imaginary. After she falls through the floor, he says "real."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-15
July 15, 1982

Miss Piggy sees a 5-cent "your weight and fortune" scale. It calls her a lightweight and gives her compliments. As she leaves, the scale says, "Sure, I lied, but it keeps that blimp coming back."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-16
July 16, 1982

Miss Piggy returns to the 5-cent "your weight and fortune" scale. The scale says, "Over-weights pay overtime. Deposit another nickel." She breaks the machine.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-17
July 17, 1982

Miss Piggy longs to hear those three little words from Kermit - "It's dinner time."

Comic strip 1982-07-18 Sunday color
The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-18
July 18, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit walks through the woods and ponders his relationship with Miss Piggy.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-19
July 19, 1982

Kermit gives Miss Piggy the wrong directions to the parking garage, and they end up driving into an office.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-20
July 20, 1982

Scooter tells Miss Piggy Vidal Bassoon wants her to endorse their new skin cleanser called "Hogwash."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-21
July 21, 1982

Kermit and Miss Piggy go to a quaint cafe with a Gypsy violinist.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-22
July 22, 1982

Miss Piggy and Kermit relax under an apple tree. Piggy says it feels like they've been thrown back in time. Just then a snake offers her an apple.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-23
July 23, 1982

Kermit and Frog Scout Robin roast marshmallows over a campfire. Miss Piggy uses a branch to roast multiple marshmallows.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-24
July 24, 1982

Fozzie arrives with a pizza. Kermit says he should have eaten it at the pizza place while it was still hot. Fozzie says he doesn't mind because he always eats it a la mode.

Comic strip 1982-07-25 Sunday color
Comic strip 1982-07-25 Sunday color (abridged)
July 25, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit, Robin, and Miss Piggy are camping. Piggy brought everything but the matches.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-26
July 26, 1982

Kermit and Fozzie are fishing in the Calamity Jane. Fozzie catches "Mr. Cousteau."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-27
July 27, 1982

Kermit gets burned by Miss Piggy's fiery breath after asking how her chili is.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-28
July 28, 1982

Fozzie asks Rowlf if he wants to join the Miss Piggy Fan Club. Rowlf asks what he gets if he joins. Piggy says it's "more a question of what you'll get if you don't."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-29
July 29, 1982

Kermit asks Gonzo the Mystic if he's read Miss Piggy's palm yet. Gonzo's waiting for the movie.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-30
July 30, 1982

Fozzie complains to the Swedish Chef that his rabbit stew is nothing but carrots. A group of rabbits at the next table says, "That's just the way we like it."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-07-31
July 31, 1982

Waldorf gives his friend Sid a present for his 75th birthday. Statler says Sid looks great and will probably live to be 100. Waldorf hopes so because the gift has a 25-year warranty.

Comic strip 1982-08-01 Sunday color
The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-01
The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-01 (abridged)
August 1, 1982 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy keeps having her leg grabbed as The Great Gonzo (Mystic, Palms Read, Chickens Kissed) summons the spirit of the great Casanova.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-02
August 2, 1982

Miss Piggy tells Kermit to think of her as a friend (a "warm, passionate, hot-blooded, incredibly sexy friend.")

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-03
August 3, 1982

Bo tells Kermit that his mom sent him a new thermos that can hold both hot and cold beverage. It currently has chicken soup and iced tea in it.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-04
August 4, 1982

Bo plays the Palace Guard in a scene. He just has to stand there and look dumb. He's happy to play a part where he can just be himself.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-05
August 5, 1982

Dr. Bob tells Janice he didn't always want to be a doctor. He wanted to be a fireman, but they wouldn't let him near the hydrants.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-06
August 6, 1982

While on vacation in New York City, Kermit wants to see The Statue of Liberty but Fozzie doesn't want to look like a tourist.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-07
August 7, 1982

Kermit goes to the florist. He learns that "A rose by any other name" would cost the same.

Comic strip 1982-08-08 Sunday color
Comic strip 1982-08-08 Sunday color (alt)
The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-08
The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-08 (abridged)
August 8, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit tells Rizzo that they're overbudget, behind schedule, late on rent payments, and the basement is flooded (again). Kermit asks Fozzie what's the delay on getting the new set arranged. It's because Miss Piggy keeps ordering Bo and Scooter to rearrange the furniture.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-09
August 9, 1982

Miss Piggy tells Kermit she missed the tunnel entrance as their car is underwater and surrounded by fish.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-10
August 10, 1982

Kermit asks Fozzie what he ordered to eat. A Jack-in-the-box springs out from under the cloche - the Chef's surprise!

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-11
August 11, 1982

Dr. Bob asks Miss Piggy how her diet is going. Nurse Janice detects some sarcasm in the way Piggy angrily shouts, "I love it! I really love it!"

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-12
August 12, 1982

Statler and Waldorf realize they're in trouble when the hissing isn't their heckling, it's their hot air balloon.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-13
August 13, 1982

Gonzo pole vaults into the pay toilets. Kermit would have been more than happy to lend him a dime.

August 14, 1982

Kermit, Fozzie, and Robin are on a trip to Disneyland. Robin is determined to return with a souvenir as he rolls in a giant mouse trap.

Comic strip 1982-08-15 Sunday color
Comic strip 1982-08-15 Sunday color (alt)
The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-15
August 15, 1982 (Sunday)

Beaker, Scooter, and Zoot are outside Miss Piggy's dressing room. Scooter delivers flowers to Piggy. More flowers continue to arrive. Turns out the Daily Bugle printed her obituary by mistake.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-16
August 16, 1982

Kermit bought Miss Piggy a new beach towel at the sea museum. It says, "Save the whales."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-17
August 17, 1982

Miss Piggy orders the eggs Benedict. Assuming that's the waiter's name, Fozzie orders "Some cereal, Benedict."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-18
August 18, 1982

Fozzie shows Kermit his new "Boffo Gags" monologue. He says comedy is his life. Kermit suggests getting life insurance.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-19
August 19, 1982

While playing baseball, Miss Piggy gets mad at Kermit for calling her a heavy hitter.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-20
August 20, 1982

Fozzie shows Robin that with fly-fishing you can catch just about anything with the proper back swing as he hooks a hotdog from some picnickers behind them.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-21
August 21, 1982

Gonzo the Great Mystic looks in his crystal ball and sees an incredible economic depression with soaring inflation and sky-rocketing prices. Fozzie asks when it will end as Gonzo raises his rates from $2 to $4.

Comic strip 1982-08-22 Sunday color
Comic strip 1982-08-22 Sunday color (alt)
The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-22
August 22, 1982 (Sunday)

While Kermit and Foo-Foo watch, Miss Piggy installs a new state-of-the-art burglar alarm and security system to protect her valuables. It's on her refrigerator.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-23
August 23, 1982

Kermit asks Bo to put the bill for the new stepladder on with the other bills to pay. Bo uses the stepladder to put it on top of the giant stack of bills.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-24
August 24, 1982

Miss Piggy tries on a pair of designer jeans at the Ladies' Wear store. The salesman calls the That's Incredible! TV show to report the event.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-25
August 25, 1982

Kermit doesn't like Robin watching TV with such foul language. When Fozzie asks what Robin was watching, Kermit explains it was the John McEnroe-Vitas Gerulaitis tennis match.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-26
August 26, 1982

Kermit and Rowlf are impressed with how hard Fozzie is working at his writer's desk. Turns out he's just trying to perfect his autograph.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-27
August 27, 1982

A Whatnot autograph hound pursues a flattered Fozzie because she has mistaken him for Yogi Bear.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-28
August 28, 1982

Gonzo is unenthusiastic about his flying carpet for the Arabian Nights skit. Kermit says the budget is tight and there's nothing wrong with riding a remnant.

Comic strip 1982-08-29 Sunday color
Comic strip 1982-08-29 Sunday color (alt)
The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-29
The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-29 (abridged)
August 29, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit gets all dressed up and shows up at Miss Piggy's party to find he is the only guest.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-30
August 30, 1982

Kermit asks Miss Piggy what she wants to make for dinner. She says "reservations."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-08-31
August 31, 1982

A sleazy door-to-door solicitor asks Miss Piggy if she would like to contribute to the preservation of wildlife. When she says okay, he asks, "Your place or mine?"

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-01
September 1, 1982

Dr. Bob shows Nurse Janice photos of his patient before and after brain surgery. Janice asks about the bandages on his head. Dr. Bob says it's from when he saw his bill and he hit the ceiling.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-02
September 2, 1982

Dr. Bob tells Nurse Janice that Fozzie is ready for the anesthesiologist. A large ape with a club walks in.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-03
September 3, 1982

Fozzie asks Mystic Gonzo what are the chances of not getting booed tomorrow. Looking into his crystal ball, Gonzo says they're great (because the theater is closed tomorrow).

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-04
September 4, 1982

Kermit tells Fozzie he'll take some coffee as long as it isn't too strong. Fozzie spills some on Kermit's desk causing it to melt. Kermit passes on the coffee.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-05
September 5, 1982 (Sunday)

Fozzie tells Dr. Bob that he's been coming for psychiatry everyday for the past ten months and hasn't seen any improvements. Dr. Bob says there have been improvements to his bank balance.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-06
September 6, 1982

While sitting under a tree, Kermit asks Rowlf what he would like to come back as if he were reincarnated. Rowlf says, "Bo Derek's beach blanket."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-07
September 7, 1982

Fozzie brings Kermit a tied-up burglar saying the man broke into the canteen and made off with 50 quarts of anchovy soup. Kermit thanks the crook.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-08
September 8, 1982

While playing football, Kermit asks Bo to pass "the ol' pigskin." Bo throws him Miss Piggy.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-09
September 9, 1982

Fozzie asks Statler and Waldorf to stop booing and offer an honest appraisal of his jokes. They say they're hecklers, not antique dealers.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-10
September 10, 1982

Rowlf gives a monologue about comic strips, saying the best ones are the ones with memorable and relatable thoughts, such as "Whatza matter?? Haven't ya eaten enough today, fatso?!!"

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-11
September 11, 1982

Kermit and Fozzie are victims of a hit-and-run while crossing the street. Kermit asks Fozzie if he got the license plate. Fozzie literally has the car's plate.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-12
September 12, 1982 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy plays "He loves me... he loves me not" with a flower. When there are no petals left when she lands on "he loves me not," she scares the flower into sprouting another.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-13
September 13, 1982

Miss Piggy is offended that Kermit is serving her leftovers. Kermit says to think of them as "reruns."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-14
September 14, 1982

Dr. Bob examines Animal, using his stethoscope and adjusting Animal's arms until he hears something. While music comes from Animal's torso, Floyd tells Nurse Janice that "the dude ate my transistor radio."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-15
September 15, 1982

Dr. Bob gleefully tells Miss Piggy to "stick it in your ear" (in reference to applying the ointment to treat her ear infection).

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-16
September 16, 1982

Miss Piggy spends $48.50 on a cut, curl, set, and blow-dry at Vidal Basscon's House of Hair... for Foo-Foo.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-17
September 17, 1982

Kermit tells Miss Piggy they are getting close to the nude beach, as they encounter three turtles sunning themselves outside their shells.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-18
September 18, 1982

Miss Piggy is stepping out with Kermit while wearing a feathery dress. She's offended that Camilla is wearing the same outfit while stepping out with Gonzo.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-19a
The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-19b
September 19, 1982 (Sunday)

While on a walk through nature, Rowlf waxes philosophically and asks Kermit, "Do you believe in an all-powerful entity? You know, a guiding force, one who sees all, knows all, and watches over our every move?" Kermit, looking over Miss Piggy spying on them from a nearby tree, says, "Yes."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-20
September 20, 1982

Kermit tells Robin he can't leave the table until he gets rid of his peas. As Kermit walks away, Robin flings his peas at him.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-21
September 21, 1982

Miss Piggy gives Robin a gift as he starts first grade. She lugs out a giant box as big as Robin — her old lunch pail.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-22
September 22, 1982

Kermit doesn't mind helping Robin with his homework, he just hates correcting it when he's done.

September 23, 1982

Robin tells his friend Garrett that he can't come out to play until he finishes his homework. Garrett says it usually doesn't take Robin this long to finish his homework. Robin explains that his uncle usually doesn't insist on helping.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-24
September 24, 1982

Kermit tells Fozzie that he is learning sign language so he can communicate to Robin while he's blasting the stereo.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-25
September 25, 1982

Rowlf tells Nurse Janice about his new patient - the president of a bank, a chairman of the civic committee, and a father of eight. His advice, get some sleep.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-26a
The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-26b
September 26, 1982 (Sunday)

Robin tells Kermit about his homework. Kermit says a lot has changed since he was little, but the classic books survive. When asked what he's reading, Robin says The Condo That Jack Built. Portraits of Fozzie Bear, Jim Henson, and Frank Oz hang on Kermit's wall in the open panel of the expanded Sunday strip.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-27
September 27, 1982

Dr. Bob gets an emergency call to play golf.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-28
September 28, 1982

Kermit is excited to go golfing with Rowlf's famous golf friends — Watson, Nicklaus, and Palmer. Rowlf introduces Kermit to three yokels - Floyd Watson, Buford Nicklaus, and Ducky Palmer.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-29
September 29, 1982

Rowlf shows Kermit his new technique for keeping his head down while golfing — an anvil strapped to his head.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-09-30
September 30, 1982

Kermit asks the waiter at Le Snoot Cafe why there's a hair in his glass of water. The waiter replies they're trying to grow a toupee.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-01
October 1, 1982

Kermit asks Pops if he's seen Zoot's sax. Pops pulls it out, and using it as an ear trumpet, says, "Eh?"

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-02
October 2, 1982

Kermit mutters "ho-hum" and "hum-ho" while doing paperwork. Robin says his uncle's been working so hard he doesn't know if he's humming or ho-ing.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-03
October 3, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit and Miss Piggy talk about the idea of going out with other people.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-04
October 4, 1982

Fozzie is worried that Kermit doesn't like him. Miss Piggy reassures him, saying Kermit adores him... it's the rest of the world he has to worry about.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-05
October 5, 1982

Miss Piggy tells Fozzie that he worries too much about what others think, the important thing is to like yourself. When asked how to tell if he likes himself, Piggy responds, "Take yourself out to dinner and see if you hit it off."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-06
October 6, 1982

Fozzie goes to dinner alone to see if he likes himself. He explains to the waiter that "I am having dinner with me." The waiter asks if he'd like separate checks.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-07
October 7, 1982

Fozzie tells Kermit that he thinks he may like himself now, but he's just not ready to make a total commitment yet.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-08
October 8, 1982

Fozzie tells Rizzo that he is "a bear for the 80s" and that he knows exactly where he's going as he walks into the broom closet.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-09
October 9, 1982

Fozzie tells Kermit that he has good news and bad news. The good news is he passed his memory improvement course. He can't remember the bad news.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-10
October 10, 1982 (Sunday)

Dr. Bob dresses up as a party clown with balloons and props to go work in pediatrics.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-11
October 11, 1982

While sitting under a tree, Kermit tells Fozzie what he hates about autumn. As they are buried under suddenly falling leaves, Kermit says, "Sneaky leaves."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-12
October 12, 1982

Kermit says all he needs out of life is a roof over his head, clothes on his back, and food on the table. He's shocked to meet a man with just that—a roof on his head, clothing hanging on his back, and a table with a single apple—who is unsatisfied.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-13
October 13, 1982

Dr. Bob is treating Robin who sprained his flipper in a "Midget Football League" game. When asked what happened, it's explained Robin kicked the referee.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-14
October 14, 1982

Robin is accounting for all the money his classmates from school owe him. As he explains to Kermit, he started his own "student loan program."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-15
October 15, 1982

Fozzie questions why Swedish Chef's pot says "stand back." He's grabbed by a giant tentacle as Kermit explains the chef is cooking octopus.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-16
October 16, 1982

Fozzie is excited that the store offered a buy one, get one free deal. He bought one sock and got the other half of the pair for free.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-17
October 17, 1982 (Sunday)

A butterfly flies by Miss Piggy. Rizzo the Rat runs by chasing the butterfly. Gaffer the cat chases Rizzo. Foo-Foo the dog chases Gaffer. Kermit the Frog chases Foo-Foo. Piggy (she doesn't know what's up, but it looks like fun) joins in and chases Kermit.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-18
October 18, 1982

Kermit finds a piece of paper that has "Miss The Frog" written all over it. Miss Piggy explains she wanted to see what her name would like like when they get married.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-19
October 19, 1982

Miss Piggy browses the Health & Fitness section of a bookshelf. She looks at books by Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda and can't understand why someone would buy a book by someone who sweats.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-20
October 20, 1982

Miss Piggy shows Kermit her new activewear attire. Kermit asks if she's been doing aerobics, weight lifting, or jazzercise. Piggy says no, she just thought the outfit was cute.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-21
October 21, 1982

After working out, Kermit tells Miss Piggy she can cut a small piece of cake. She cuts a small piece and takes the rest of the cake.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-22
October 22, 1982

Miss Piggy goes jogging to chase her personal dream. She chases the "Good Guy Ice Cream" truck for a fudgsicle.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-23
October 23, 1982

Exhausted in the desert, Miss Piggy begs for water before correcting herself and asking for Perrier.

Comic Oct 24
The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-24
October 24, 1982 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy is hungry while out driving and pulls into a restaurant for some food. She orders a cheeseburger, fries, and a soda. The problem, as Kermit points out, is the restaurant doesn't have a drive-thru and Piggy just drove through the side of McEats.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-25
October 25, 1982

Miss Piggy tells Kermit the secret of her luscious figure. Taking care of her body is as routine as eating, sleeping or watching TV. In fact, her routine is eating, sleeping, and watching TV.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-26
October 26, 1982

Miss Piggy says the key to a gorgeous figure is eating "light" foods. She piles up her tray in the cafeteria with all sorts of "light" desserts and says another benefit is that you can carry twice as much.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-27
October 27, 1982

Miss Piggy ponders how many calories can be burned off during a "rigorous eating working."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-28
October 28, 1982

Dr. Bob tells Kermit that their new accountant won't let them be reimbursed for 3-martini lunches anymore. While sitting with three ladies at the table, Kermit asks, "How should I tell the 'Singing Martini Sisters' we're splitting the check?"

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-29
October 29, 1982

Fozzie tells Statler and Waldorf that when they insult his jokes, they're insulting him too. The hecklers are thrilled to be able to kill two birds with one stone.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-30
October 30, 1982

Robin tells Kermit he can't go out and play, he's too busy studying The Preppy Handbook.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-31a
The Muppets comic strip 1982-10-31b
October 31, 1982 (Sunday)

Fozzie helps Gonzo with his "Bonco's Fabulous New 'Mr. Air-Head' the At-Home Hot-Air Balloon Kit."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-01
November 1, 1982

Miss Piggy is convinced to buy a dress at the Ladies Wear store when the salesman tells her she doesn't need it and can't afford it.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-02
November 2, 1982

A Whatnot diner cook tells the Whatnot waitress to hurry and ask Fozzie how everything is just as he gets a big mouthful of food.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-03
November 3, 1982

Fozzie tells Dr. Bob he has a fear of being around intelligent and cultured people. Dr. Bob offers to leave the room.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-04
November 4, 1982

Dr. Bob tells Fozzie the only way to overcome his fears and insecurities is to take them on, one by one. Fozzie says they'd beat the living daylights out of him.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-05
November 5, 1982

Kermit tells Fozzie his secret to meals as a bachelor—ordering pizza from Mario's Pizza Palace.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-06
November 6, 1982

Fozzie listens to a record to cheer him up. The record player plays "The sun'll come out tomorrow... for everybody but you, Fozzie."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-07
November 7, 1982 (Sunday)

While at the bar, Kermit and Fozzie order root beers. Fozzie fears everyone can sense his childlike insecurities. Fozzie's drink arrives in a baby bottle.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-08
November 8, 1982

While Kermit is reading Variety, Robin comes in to introduce his uncle to his new best friend named Porky. Robin says, "It's gonna be me and Porky forever." Kermit, looking at a picture of Miss Piggy, can relate.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-09
November 9, 1982

Kermit pulls on the phone cord to reel in Robin who is on the phone with his friend Porky.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-10
November 10, 1982

Miss Piggy tells Kermit they should get a divorce. Kermit points out they're not even married. Piggy says they have to start somewhere.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-11
November 11, 1982

Fozzie is stumped when Kermit asks him how he's been.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-12
November 12, 1982

The Three Bears complain that their porridge is too hot, too cold, and yukky. Kermit tells Fozzie, "Hey, don't look at me, they're your crabby relatives."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-13
November 13, 1982

A Whatnot woman asks Fozzie if anyone has ever told him that he looks just like Fozzie Bear.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-14a
The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-14b
November 14, 1982 (Sunday)

While reading 'TV Tips' on the couch with Foo-Foo, Miss Piggy can't decide what to watch on TV (football, 60 Minutes, or some dumb TV movie). She treats her depression by downing a quart of ice cream. In one panel, Beetle Bailey appears on Piggy's television.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-15
November 15, 1982

Kermit tells Dr. Bob that he can't wait for the first snow. As they watch Robin and a friend play, Kermit talks about his excitement for the magic in the air. Bob talks about his excitement for being able to charge $80 per cast for skiing mishaps.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-16
November 16, 1982

Robin inquires as to why Kermit is staring out the window. He explains that he's watching for the first snowfall. Robin fears his uncle is losing his mind.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-17
November 17, 1982

Kermit continues to long for the first snowfall. He tells Kermit it's like waiting for a visit from an old friend... but once he arrives "we're gonna have a hard time getting rid of him."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-18
November 18, 1982

Kermit turns away from the window to tell Robin how important it is for him to see the first snowflake and he misses the first flake floating by.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-19
November 19, 1982

Kermit is happy the first snow is here. Robin is excited too. Kermit tells Robin that his fun is just beginning as he hands his nephew a snow shovel.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-20
November 20, 1982

Statler tells Waldorf that one day his body just started to go. Waldorf puts down his copy of the Grouchy News and points to Statler's gut, saying: "I think I know where it went."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-21
November 21, 1982 (Sunday)

Robin is playing a new "War Lord" video game. He tells his Uncle Kermit that the game has rockets, spaceships, demons, extraterrestrials, super-warp speed, and startling visual effects. It's so realistic that it blows up the television set.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-22
November 22, 1982

Dr. Bob asks Janice how she became a nurse. She says it was either nursing or working at an avocado ranch (but the thought of branding "all those helpless little avocados" grossed her out).

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-23
November 23, 1982

Nurse Janice tells Dr. Bob that his next patient keeps hearing bells. She then welcomes in "Mr. Quasimodo."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-24
November 24, 1982

Fozzie tells Dr. Bob that he tried to be funny to get attention. Dr. Bob says maybe he should've tried to get laughs instead.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-25
November 25, 1982

Fozzie boos and heckles himself while Statler and Waldorf look on. Fozzie remarks, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-26
November 26, 1982

Robin makes bad jokes about Kermit's cooking. Kermit drags him off saying it's the time he lets Robin spend the day with Fozzie. Robin continues to joke, saying, "take my uncle, please."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-27
November 27, 1982

Bo calls Miss Piggy's messy dressing room a "real pigsty."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-28
November 28, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit helps Fozzie edit his monologue. After a series of cuts, he's left with 3.5 seconds of material.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-29
November 29, 1982

Miss Piggy gets Kermit's permission to ask Bo to help put together Foo-Foo's doghouse. She assures him that it should not take long, "of course, the hot tub could be a bit tricky."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-11-30
November 30, 1982

Gonzo hikes up to "Parachute Point." He jumps off, shouting "Geronimo!" After crashing into the ground, he realizes that he should have taken off his backpack and put on his parachute first.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-01
December 1, 1982

Gonzo hikes up to "Parachute Point" again. He makes sure he has his parachute on this time. He jumps off again, shouting "Geronimo!" As he falls, he realizes his chute is upside-down.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-02
December 2, 1982

Gonzo hikes up to "Parachute Point" yet again. He makes sure he has his parachute on this time. He makes sure it is right-side up this time. When the rip cord breaks off in his hand, he decides that next time he should "stay home and ride the bus."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-03
December 3, 1982

Gonzo phones Kermit to tell him that he's going to be late for the cast party. In a room overgrown with houseplants, he states that he has to "vacuum the plants and weed the rug."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-04
December 4, 1982

Fozzie remarks that the place where he is dining has good food, good service, and good prices—it's his mom's.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-05
December 5, 1982 (Sunday)

Fozzie calls a help-line for depression. The recorded message tells him to cheer up, it could be worse, he could be listening to one of Fozzie Bear's monologues.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-06
December 6, 1982

When a chipper Gonzo says that he loves Monday, Kermit says, "He's even sicker than I thought."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-07
December 7, 1982

Miss Piggy orders some fresh-squeezed orange juice. The waiter squeezes the carton.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-08
December 8, 1982

While in a movie theater, Kermit tells Rowlf that there's "too much sex in the cinema." The rest of the auditorium is full of lovestruck Whatnots in tight embraces.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-09
December 9, 1982

Fozzie asks who turned off the heat. Kermit says they have to conserve energy. Miss Piggy sarcastically adds that they're preserving the polar ice cap.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-10
December 10, 1982

Kermit installs a new 10-gallon heated aquarium with airstone and filter. Robin uses it as a hot tub.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-11
December 11, 1982

Kermit calls the phone company to report that his phone bell is broken so he never knows when the phone is ringing. They say they'll call him back.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-12
December 12, 1982 (Sunday)

Kermit tells Miss Piggy to calm down, but she wants to make a good first impression for her new cleaning lady. So Piggy asks Fozzie to clean up, Robin to wash the floors, and Floyd to lock up Animal.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-13
December 13, 1982

Robin wants to know if there is a way to get older quicker. Kermit says there is one way—"have children."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-14
December 14, 1982

Kermit tells Robin about the disturbing seminar he went to about closet eaters. He opens his closet to find Fozzie snacking.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-15
December 15, 1982

Kermit gets a phonecall of grunting and growling. It's Robin's football coach.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-16
December 16, 1982

Fozzie asks whatever happened to those old movie monsters, such as Dracula, Frankenstein, and Wolf Man. Kermit says they got jobs with the phone company.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-17
December 17, 1982

While looking at an X-ray, Dr. Bob is told by Nurse Janice there's a woman who needs a molar pulled. He says he's a physician and a psychiatrist but not a dentist. She says it pays $50. He says, "Get me my pliers!"

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-18
December 18, 1982

Rowlf asks Kermit if he thinks there's an all-powerful being who controls our destinies. Kermit says yes, "the comics editor of this newspaper."

Comic Dec 19
The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-19
December 19, 1982 (Sunday)

Bo helps cover the ticket booth for Scooter. He's excited when he gets his first customers. He says those are the very first Muppet Show tickets he's ever sold. Statler and Waldorf say those are the very first Muppet Show tickets that anybody's ever sold.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-20
December 20, 1982

Miss Piggy is heartbroken when the Ladies' Wear salesman tells her during a big sale that it's closing time.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-21
December 21, 1982

Kermit lets Robin go and play since he cleaned his plate. Robin rushes outside and dumps "these dumb lima beans" out of his hat.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-22
December 22, 1982

Nurse Janice wonders what it must be like to be an awesome and respected physician. She tells Dr. Bob if she ever meets one, she'll ask him.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-23
December 23, 1982

Miss Piggy says there's no communication between her and Kermit. Rizzo suggests that she sit down and talk with Kermit about the problem. She says she can't, she's giving him the silent treatment.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-24
December 24, 1982

Fozzie brings Kermit a Christmas gift. The rats offer him coffee. Rowlf, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo come with gifts for Kermit. As his desk is loaded with presents, Kermit remarks, "What some guys'll do just to get their Christmas bonus."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-25
December 25, 1982

Robin tells Kermit that he's been working on writing their Christmas card all day, but he can only come up with one little word — peace. Kermit says it's perfect.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-26a
The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-26b
December 26, 1982 (Sunday)

A man asks Dr. Bob, "How do you get to the Muppet Theater?" He says, "Well, first you have to be a Muppet." The man auditions for Kermit, showing his magic skills, illusions, balancing, and juggling. Kermit gives him the job. As the man leaves, Fozzie asks who that was. Kermit says, "My new accountant."

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-27
December 27, 1982

Fozzie asks a big monster to pass the bread and butter.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-28
December 28, 1982

Bo's laundry is scattered all over the floor. Miss Piggy asks Bo to pick up his clothes, so he lifts his shirt.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-29
December 29, 1982

Kermit tells Fozzie to break a leg. Fozzie says if the crowd is anything like last night, they'll break it for him.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-30
December 30, 1982

Kermit feels like he's "losing ground" in their relationship as Miss Piggy pushes him toward the edge of a cliff.

The Muppets comic strip 1982-12-31
December 31, 1982

Floyd asks Kermit if Animal can have a bite of his sandwich. Animal eats the whole sandwich and Kermit's hand.


The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-01
January 1, 1983

A snake tells Fozzie he likes to curl up with a good book.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-02
January 2, 1983 (Sunday)

Dr. Bob practices his golf driving in his office. With a damaged wall, he remarks that he can't wait until spring.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-03
January 3, 1983

Sitting by a fire in a cozy mountain cabin, Kermit tells Fozzie that he loves their time away with no one around to bother them. Meanwhile, a gigantic monster approaches the cabin.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-04
January 4, 1983

Kermit asks Fozzie if it's too cold to fly a kite in the snow. Fozzie says the string is frozen stiff.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-05
January 5, 1983

Fozzie decides to play the video arcade game The Black Hole. Like a literal black hole, it proceeds to suck him in.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-06
January 6, 1983

Fozzie is struck by a falling star.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-07
January 7, 1983

Fozzie says Dr. Bob wants to fix him up with one of his cousins. Kermit asks if he's seen a picture of her. Fozzie says no one has a clear picture of her—giving her the mystique of Bigfoot.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-08
January 8, 1983

Miss Piggy tries to ask Kermit out, he pulls his head into his sweater. Piggy says she hates turtlenecks.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-09
January 9, 1983 (Sunday)

While dining out, Gonzo has a hard time getting a waiter's attention. But when he laments to Camilla that he just wants change so he can leave a tip, all the waiters come running.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-10
January 10, 1983

Miss Piggy says just once she'd like to hear Kermit say "Piggy, my darling—I'm head over heels in love with you." Kermit, who is tied up and hanging from the ceiling, asks "if I say it, will you cut me down?"

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-11
January 11, 1983

Kermit is having a bad day—listing all the horrible things that have gone wrong today. He asks what else could possibly go wrong just as an angry monster in a suit carrying a briefcase saying IRS rounds the corner.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-12
January 12, 1983

Fozzie opens the front door to a flood of water. He remarks "I guess the dry spell is over."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-13
January 13, 1983

Bo overhears Kermit telling Robin that "you are what you eat." Bo is confused because he doesn't look like a peanut butter sandwich.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-14
January 14, 1983

Two rats see "the garbage guys" coming. One rat asks where their truck is. As the two monsters dump the trash into their mouths, the other rat replies "what truck?"

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-15
January 15, 1983

Fozzie asks Gonzo "anybody mind if I sit here?" As he sits in the chair, he jumps up in pain. A porcupine sitting on the chair says "I do!"

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-16
January 16, 1983 (Sunday)

Robin shows his uncle Kermit the latest arcade game. Kermit offers up a couple quarters so Robin can play. Robin says the game only takes credit cards.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-17
January 17, 1983

Miss Piggy is a pig in her natural habitat—a shopping mall.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-18
January 18, 1983

Miss Piggy is in a phone booth. She's continually bothered by someone tapping on the door who turns out to be E.T., who phones home.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-19
January 19, 1983

Kermit gives a long-winded philosophical speech about who knows what the future holds. Miss Piggy says "look, if you don't want to go out tomorrow night, just say so."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-20
January 20, 1983

Fozzie orders a "bottomless" cup of coffee. He lifts the cup to see it literally has no bottom.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-21
January 21, 1983

A groggy Fozzie says he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. He slept on the bottom side.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-22
January 22, 1983

Gonzo tells Kermit that a new moped costs $400 but he only had $200. He then shows off his "logical" purchase of a motorized unicycle.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-23
January 23, 1983 (Sunday)

Kermit shows Miss Piggy his "spin and drop" method for paying his bills.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-24
January 24, 1983

Fozzie tells Kermit that the "two old buzzards in the balcony" are ruining his act. When Kermit asks if he means Statler and Waldorf, Fozzie points out two angry birds in the balcony next to them.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-25
January 25, 1983

Bo brings Miss Piggy breakfast in bed.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-26
January 26, 1983

The picture on Bo's TV is upside down. Bo thinks the TV is broken. Kermit "fixes" it by turning the TV right-side-up.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-27
January 27, 1983

The Swedish Chef makes Fozzie a chicken sandwich with a live unamused chicken between two slices of bread.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-28
January 28, 1983

Fozzie slips on a banana peel. The rats score his fall.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-29
January 29, 1983

Fozzie tries to mail a package to his mom. After getting the rates for first, second and third class mail, he settles for the low-rate "No Class."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-30a
The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-30b
January 30, 1983 (Sunday)

Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo and Rowlf are playing poker. They talk about scary movies they went to see. Kermit went to "The Werewolf." Gonzo went to "The Amityville Horror." Rowlf went to "The Mummy," "The Screaming Vampire," and "The Exorcist." Fozzie went to see the scariest thing last night—the dentist.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-01-31
January 31, 1983

Kermit says Timed magazine says this is the year for self-improvement. Miss Piggy asks what is she supposed to do while "the rest of you get straightened out."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-01
February 1, 1983

Miss Piggy asks Foo-Foo to play dead. Foo-Foo doesn't take requests.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-02
February 2, 1983

Nurse Janice asks Dr. Bob how his practice is going. Dr. Bob says his golf practice is not going well.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-03
February 3, 1983

Gonzo says he hates his new boomerang. Fozzie asks why doesn't he return it. Gonzo said he's tried as the boomerang comes flying back to him.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-04
February 4, 1983

Bo accidentally throws out Miss Piggy's diamond earrings. While attempting to get them out of trash, Piggy falls into the trashcan head first and gets stuck. Kermit bemoans never having a camera when you need one.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-05
February 5, 1983

While the phone is ringing, Kermit asks Bo to get the phone. Bo rips the phone off the wall and brings it to Kermit (but it stopped ringing).

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-06 Sunday
February 6, 1983 (Sunday)

Fozzie can't find his seat at the football game. He ends up on the field and is tackled by the players.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-07
February 7, 1983

Kermit asks Fozzie what he wants out of life. Aside from love, respect and fulfillment, Fozzie would also just settle for a good gag writer.

Muppets strip 1983-02-08
February 8, 1983

Kermit tells Fozzie that Robin just got his first Frog Scout badge for playing Pac-Man.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-09
February 9, 1983

Dr. Bob tells Mr. Coyer that his anesthesiologist is sick with the flu. While the patient asks to be put out for the operation, Dr. Bob asks the nurse for his nine iron.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-10
February 10, 1983

Bo changes a lightbulb by holding the bulb and having Kermit spin him on a spinning office chair.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-11
February 11, 1983

Bo watches the mail approach as the sun rises and sets. It is being delivered by a turtle.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-12
February 12, 1983

Kermit asks mystic Gonzo to make him a cup of coffee. Gonzo provides instant coffee and magically makes a cup appear.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-13 Sunday
The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-13a Sunday
February 13, 1983 (Sunday)

The health inspector comes to inspect the Muppet Theater. He notes all the rats in the building and asks how did they get here. Kermit says "they auditioned like everybody else."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-14
February 14, 1983

Miss Piggy reminds Kermit that today is Valentine's Day—a day to give your loved one a token of your affection. Kermit asks what she's giving him. She says "a half-hour to buy me a present!"

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-15
February 15, 1983

Miss Piggy receives a phone call of grunts and growling. It's a call for Animal.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-16
February 16, 1983

Robin gets the lead in the school play. Kermit says the stage is wonderful but comes with certain problems. Robin says he knows as a young, small pig fawns all over him.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-17
February 17, 1983

While at the bar with Kermit, Rowlf asks a woman if she wants to come back to his place for a nightcap. The woman already has one.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-18
February 18, 1983

Fozzie's act bombed. The audience threw so many vegetables at him. Kermit says "you didn't lose an audience, you gained a salad bar."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-19
February 19, 1983

Kermit asks Fozzie what made him decide cross-country skiing. Fozzie (wearing a pack saying "L.A. or bust") says it's cheaper than air fare.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-20 Sunday
February 20, 1983 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy is wrapping gifts from her post-holiday shopping spree. She accidentally wraps up Kermit.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-21
February 21, 1983

At a western saloon, Kermit orders a shot of milk and a chaser. He gets his shot of milk and is chased by Miss Piggy.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-22
February 22, 1983

Fozzie asks the audience to stop booing and "grow up." The audience is full of babies.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-23
February 23, 1983

While walking in the rain, Robin asks what the things on Kermit's feet are. Kermit says they're spats. Robin asks why they're called that as Kermit's footsteps go "spat, spat, spat" through the puddles.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-24
February 24, 1983

In a messy theater, Kermit tells Bo to "pick up this place." Bo attempts to literally lift the building.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-25
February 25, 1983

Floyd uses his guitar to smash a fly. Zoot says that last note was awesome.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-26
February 26, 1983

After making a decision, Kermit asks Miss Piggy "who wears the pants around here." Revealing Piggy in pants and Kermit in his normal naked state, he says "let me rephrase that."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-27 Sunday
The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-27a Sunday
February 27, 1983 (Sunday)

Dr. Bob is frozen in snow and ice with his golf clubs. After he defrosts and finishes his shot, he tells Kermit "when you're shooting a 60, you don't let a little thing like winter stop you."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-02-28
February 28, 1983

Miss Piggy wakes up and says it's time to get herself in gear. As she returns to bed, she tells Foo-Foo "reverse is a gear."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-01
March 1, 1983

Kermit tells Miss Piggy to correct him if he's wrong. She interrupts him to say he's wrong.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-02
March 2, 1983

While looking up at the stars, Kermit asks Fozzie if he thinks there's intelligent life on other planets. Meanwhile, while looking up at the stars and Earth, an alien asks another alien if they think there's intelligent life on other planets.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-03
March 3, 1983

Waldorf says they're in the "autumn of our years." Statler says their bodies have gone south for the winter.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-04
March 4, 1983

Robin asks Statler to tell him about the good old days. Statler says when you're as old as him you don't take a stroll down memory lane, you take the bus.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-05
March 5, 1983

Outside the subway, Fozzie crawls out of a storm drain and says "this isn't gonna be my day."

Comic Mar 6
The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-06 Sunday
March 6, 1983 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy describes her hectic day of clothes shopping just to reach her credit limit for the bunch. Kermit describes his day by choking himself, slamming his head on the ground, and stomping his feet on the floor. Piggy complains about his inability to provide a straight answer since he started taking mime classes.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-07
March 7, 1983

Fozzie tells Gonzo that the Swedish Chef's food tastes like garbage. The chef is serving pasta from a garbage can.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-08
March 8, 1983

A muscular sailor hits on Dr. Bob's date. She fights back as Dr. Bob reveals he picked her up at the health spa.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-09
March 9, 1983

A patient tells Nurse Janice that he needs to see the doctor because he's going crazy. She says "Today is Wednesday, and if you think you're going to see him today, you are crazy" as Dr. Bob leaves the office with his golf clubs.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-10
March 10, 1983

Statler tells Waldorf that his lawyer is coming to revise his will. He says "it's funny—they say 'the meek shall inherit the Earth'... but their lawyers are getting twenty percent off the top."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-11
March 11, 1983

After seeing a sign for a tag sale, Waldorf says he's sick of tag sales and "all you ever find at tag sales is creaky, useless, dilapidated old junk." Statler reminds Waldorf that they met at a tag sale.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-12
March 12, 1983

Miss Piggy says there are three great lies in western civilization: the check's in the mail, the repairman will be there in a few minutes, and "not tonight, I have an important meeting at the frog lodge".

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-13 Sunday
March 13, 1983 (Sunday)

Kermit runs a new comedy sketch by Fozzie. Fozzie says it's full of "very funny, top-rate, boffo jokes". After hearing Fozzie would do it, Kermit tells Scooter to can it.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-14
March 14, 1983

Kermit says if you think it's easy running a theater, try walking a mile in his shoes. Robin tries on his uncle's shoes and can barely walk.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-15
March 15, 1983

Before bed, Robin says a prayer. Starting with "now I lay me down to sleep," Robin thanks the Lord for his webbed feet.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-16
March 16, 1983

A voice tells Kermit to "stop right there" and face the wall, place his hands on his head, and spread his feet. It turns out to be Robin playing a game of "Simon Says".

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-17
March 17, 1983

Bo says he can't sleep. Miss Piggy says try counting sheep. Bo says he can't count.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-18
March 18, 1983

Two Whatnot doctors talk about the medical profession going to the dogs. Dr. Bob arrives and greets them.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-19
March 19, 1983

Miss Piggy talks to a "preppie" while using cliche phrases and enthusiasm to invite "Buffy" and "Biff" to brunch.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-20 Sunday
March 20, 1983 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy sings "Piggy and Kermit sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G..." while jumping rope. As her children's song continues, Kermit says "there she goes, the sophisticated woman of the eighties."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-21
March 21, 1983

Fozzie orders two hot dogs to go. The hot dogs jump up and run off.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-22
March 22, 1983

Robin tells Miss Piggy that the clouds look like vanilla ice cream. Piggy didn't know cloud watching could be fattening.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-23
March 23, 1983

Robin is working on the Second Class badge for Frog Scouts. Kermit tells him to practice his knot tying on rope instead of Miss Piggy's hair.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-24
March 24, 1983

Dr. Bob is playing golf in Robin's sandbox.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-25
March 25, 1983

Fozzie, attempting to hail a cab, points to a taxi and says "taxi." The driver says "That is correct. This is a taxi" and drives off.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-26
March 26, 1983

Fozzie walks in while Miss Piggy and Janice are talking and is told to go away "this is girl talk." Later, Gonzo walks in while Fozzie is with his Teddy bear and is told to go away "this is bear talk."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-27 Sunday
March 27, 1983 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy tells Bo to park in front of a fire hydrant. He's unsure until she shows him it was a prop she put there last night to save the parking space.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-28
March 28, 1983

Kermit wonders where all the paper towels and toilet paper have gone. Robin is playing mummy.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-29
March 29, 1983

Miss Piggy is scared of a diet soda.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-30
March 30, 1983

Kermit and Dr. Bob are playing golf. Bo is their caddy. Dr. Bob tells Bo to bring the golfcart around, so he carries the cart to them.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-03-31
March 31, 1983

Rowlf tells Kermit that he had fleas living in his fur. Kermit asks how he got rid of them. Rowlf says he raised the rent.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-01
April 1, 1983

Miss Piggy recounts to Kermit how Trish chased Chip, they got married and it only lasted two months; likewise, Margie chased Frank and their marriage lasted a week. She concludes that the only way she'll ever lose Kermit is if she actually catches him.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-02
April 2, 1983

Floyd and Zoot watch The Late Show and promptly fall asleep.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-03 Sunday
April 3, 1983 (Sunday)

Fozzie is reluctant to go on stage until Kermit reminds him of his paycheck, prompting Fozzie to exclaim "the show must go on!"

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-04
April 4, 1983

Miss Piggy shows Kermit her old home movies, but she isn't in them. She explains her parents never came to terms on a decent contract for her.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-05
April 5, 1983

Miss Piggy shows Kermit her new electric refrigerator door opener.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-06
April 6, 1983

Kermit explains to Robin why his calendar is still on March.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-07
April 7, 1983

Robin asks his friend Porky if his parents ever told him about the birds and the bees. As a pair of birds and bees look on, Porky wonders what the birds and bees must be saying about them.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-08
April 8, 1983

When the bill comes at a restaurant, Statler has just $1.63 and Waldorf only has $1.35. The waiter offers to come back when they get their social security checks, but the old men state those are their social security checks.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-09
April 9, 1983

Fozzie watches a baseball game on TV in 3-D.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-10 Sunday
April 10, 1983 (Sunday)

Fozzie works with the Swedish Chef. Fozzie does his best despite the language barrier.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-11
April 11, 1983

Fozzie is proud that it's his first time golfing and he's on the green in three. He's playing miniature golf with Kermit.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-12
April 12, 1983

Dr. Bob introduces his new "30 Days to a Better You" program. He signs Fozzie up for 90 days.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-13
April 13, 1983

Kermit and Robin are enjoying the calm, relaxing night out under the stars. Unbeknownst to them they are sitting on the back of a gigantic, angry bear.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-14
April 14, 1983

Robin hypes himself up while pitching in a baseball game, thinking maybe his pitching streak will earn him a new league record or get him his own after-shave commercial.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-15
April 15, 1983

Bo tells Kermit that he didn't know which of the two keys he was given could open the theater. Kermit asks why didn't he just use his head. Bo says "because it wouldn't fit into the keyhole."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-16
April 16, 1983

A man outside the coat check at Le Swank Cuisine asks to take Miss Piggy's coat. He then gives it to his wife Mavis saying "some of them movie stars can be right generous."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-17 Sunday
The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-17a Sunday
April 17, 1983 (Sunday)

Kermit poetically tells Robin about how Mother Nature awakens from her slumber in the spring and chases "Old Man Winter" away. Robin thinks it's all baloney, but it sounds nice.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-18
April 18, 1983

Kermit tells Bo that it's only April and it may be too early to plant his garden because the plants could freeze. Bo says it's okay because he's planting frozen vegetables.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-19
April 19, 1983

Kermit reassures that no one is laughing at him for not being able to catch a fish. Meanwhile the fish are all laughing at him.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-20
April 20, 1983

Dr. Bob ponders to Kermit about whether his golf game will improve since he last played. They both doubt it.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-21
April 21, 1983

Bo gets too emotionally invested watching TV. He's at the brink of tears hoping that the new laundry detergent gets rid of the ring around the collar.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-22
April 22, 1983

Robin pretends to be a courageous sea captain steering his ship through a storm—he's in the shower.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-23
April 23, 1983

Kermit asks Gonzo if he's fishing. Gonzo replies that he's walking his goldfish.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-24 Sunday
The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-24a Sunday
April 24, 1983 (Sunday)

Fozzie stumbles onto the stage for his dance routine. Miss Piggy asks if that was "The Charleston." Kermit says "no, it was the waxed floor."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-25
April 25, 1983

Bo tells Fozzie he thinks he used too much softener as they look at a deformed and softened washing machine.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-26
April 26, 1983

Fozzie tells Gonzo he's going to a "Lonely Hearts" meeting where they mostly just sit around and play cards. Gonzo asks if they play poker or bridge, Fozzie says it's mostly solitaire.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-27
April 27, 1983

Statler wakes up chipper and happy. He makes himself a cup of coffee that he gags on, stating that he's never grumpy until after his first cup of coffee.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-28
April 28, 1983

Scooter informs Kermit that Miss Piggy is on stage singing "The Lullaby Song" as the opening number when it is supposed to be the closing act. Kermit says hopefully the audience falls asleep and won't notice.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-29
April 29, 1983

Kermit rushes to scold Robin for writing on the walls until he sees what he's writing—"Robin ♥'s Uncle Kermit."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-04-30
April 30, 1983

When Fozzie says he thinks he's going crazy, Dr. Bob tells him that they don't use the term "crazy" in his office, preferring phrases like "emotionally troubled," "confused," or "psychologically disturbed." Fozzie says "how about 'nutty as a fruitcake'?" Dr. Bob is fine with that.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-01 Sunday
The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-01a Sunday
May 1, 1983 (Sunday)

The Swedish Chef brings Fozzie a stack of pancakes. Fozzie says he ordered waffles. The chef takes the stack and stomps on it with his boot giving them a waffled imprint.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-02
May 2, 1983

Gonzo gives Miss Piggy some of the finest imported water. They agree that imported water is classy. However, Piggy spits it out when Gonzo reveals that he's serving water from Mexico.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-03
May 3, 1983

The phone company repossess the phone right out of Kermit's hand and through the wall.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-04
May 4, 1983

While fishing, Fozzie catches a golfing Dr. Bob who asks "can't a guy play his water shots in peace?!"

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-05
May 5, 1983

Mr. Brinkley tells Dr. Bob that he can't read the prescription he wrote for him. Dr. Bob informs him that it's a prescription for glasses.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-06
May 6, 1983

Kermit agrees to a date when Miss Piggy enters in military fatigues and carrying a rifle with bayonet. He regrets lending her his "Beetle Bailey" books.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-07
May 7, 1983

Bo doesn't know why his saw doesn't work. Kermit says he's holding it the wrong way. Bo switches from from holding it upside-down to holding it upside-down and backwards.

May 8 1983
The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-08 Sunday
The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-08a Sunday
May 8, 1983 (Sunday)

Kermit tries to console Robin after he reveals he lost his best friend. Robin clarifies they didn't have a fight or falling out, he literally lost him in his messy room. Robin's room includes framed pictures of Mickey Mouse and Rowlf the Dog on the wall.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-09
May 9, 1983

Fozzie sees a sign warning "Caution: Low-flying Aircraft." As he looks up, a small plane knocks him over at the knees.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-10
May 10, 1983

While Animal chases off a panicked door-to-door salesman, Kermit tells Miss Piggy "sure, he digs up the lawn a little... but we haven't had a solicitor stop by in months."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-11
May 11, 1983

A chicken sees a sign saying "yield." She leaves an egg.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-12
May 12, 1983

Waldorf says today is "the first day of the rest of our lives." Statler says "whoopee ding-dong."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-13
May 13, 1983

The salesman at Hardly Hardware tries to convince Fozzie to start a garden just like him. Fozzie asks what he's raising. The salesman says "seed prices."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-14
May 14, 1983

Fozzie sees a sign for "Hungry Man's Buffet" that states all you can eat for only "$5.00 a head." Fozzie thinks it's a great deal. A two-headed monster disagrees.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-15 Sunday
The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-15a Sunday
May 15, 1983 (Sunday)

Fozzie tells Kermit that he almost caught "Old Gus" the oldest, meanest fish in the lake. Kermit asks for some proof. Fozzie shows him the dentures on his line.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-16
May 16, 1983

Miss Piggy orders the Chef's Salad. The waiter takes the salad from the table of the Swedish the Chef and says "you're in luck, he's hardly touched it."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-17
May 17, 1983

Fozzie asks Miss Piggy why his houseplants are dying. While standing waist-deep in a flooded room, Piggy suggests maybe he's watering them too much.

Gilchrist 1983-05-18
May 18, 1983

Dr. Bob treats a snake with a stiff neck.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-19
May 19, 1983

Dr. Bob tells Nurse Janice the new office aquarium was a great idea. It's peaceful and relaxing. He enjoys fishing in it.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-20
May 20, 1983

Kermit asks Dr. Bob what he's going to use on a difficult golf shot. Dr. Bob replies "profanity."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-21
May 21, 1983

While fishing, Kermit tells Fozzie that he doesn't think there are swordfish in the water. Fozzie, dressed in armor with a sword and shield, says he's ready for them.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-22 Sunday
May 22, 1983 (Sunday)

Kermit and Fozzie lament having "a lot of work to do today." They procrastinate and go fishing, saying "boy, do we have a lot of work to do tomorrow."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-23
May 23, 1983

Miss Piggy tells the waiter she just wants a little something to nibble on. She moves in on Kermit, saying "he'll do."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-24
May 24, 1983

While cooking in a pot on the stove, a chicken tells another chicken that "it's not the heat that bothers me so much, it's the humidity."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-25
May 25, 1983

Fozzie asks if looking up at the big sky makes you feel small. Thog says "did you say something pipsqueak?"

Gilchrist strip 1983 may 26
May 26, 1983

Rizzo shows himself with his mirror image, with his girlfriend Joy, and himself "besides myself with Joy."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-27
May 27, 1983

Kermit tells Fozzie he can't go out on stage in his underwear. Fozzie drops his boxers and goes out on stage pantsless.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-28
May 28, 1983

Robin tells Kermit that he can't come to breakfast because he's playing his "Alien Invasion" video game. Kermit says "well, Flash, when you're finished saving us all from the alien hordes, your Fruit Loops are ready."

Comic May 29
The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-29 Sunday
May 29, 1983 (Sunday)

Gonzo says he saw a UFO; Miss Piggy says he is a UFO. Fozzie doesn't believe Gonzo's tale of his encounter until seeing his scorched backside.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-30
May 30, 1983

At a barbeque, Robin and his friends use Kermit's string of hot dogs to play jump rope.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-05-31
May 31, 1983

Uncle Rizzo's Rhymes writes a parody of "Rub-a-Dub-Dub."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-01
June 1, 1983

Uncle Rizzo's Rhymes writes a parody of "There Was A Crooked Man."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-02
June 2, 1983

Uncle Rizzo's Rhymes writes a parody of "Humpty Dumpty."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-03
June 3, 1983

Uncle Rizzo's Rhymes writes a parody of "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-04
June 4, 1983

Uncle Rizzo's Rhymes writes a parody of "Little Miss Muffet."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-05 Sunday
June 5, 1983 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy tells Kermit she could really go for pizza, a milkshake, and a hot fudge sundae. As Kermit leaves to get the food, he wonders why everytime she can really go for something, he winds up going for it.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-06
June 6, 1983

An army tank bursts through the wall with its gun pointed at Miss Piggy. The crewman shouts "I'm from the bank. Give us back the credit cards!"

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-07
June 7, 1983

Fozzie gets his fortune from a 25-cent fortune machine. It says "he's a guy who knows where he's going" as he walks into a tree.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-08
June 8, 1983

Rizzo is playing baseball and asks for them to toss him the ball. When crushed by the giant ball he says he's not ready to play with "the big boys."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-09
June 9, 1983

Gonzo witnesses a giant rock fall and crush a sign that says "Danger! Falling Rocks." The rock tells Gonzo "we don't need any bad publicity."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-10
June 10, 1983

Miss Piggy wants to know where her brush, curlers and blow-dryer have gone. Janice is using them to give Animal a make-over because he's going to a formal.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-11
June 11, 1983

Bo gets a long distance phone call for Kermit.

Comic jun 12
The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-12 Sunday
June 12, 1983 (Sunday)

Kermit asks Fozzie how he comes up with material. Fozzie says most of the time he just steals jokes.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-13
June 13, 1983

Kermit and Gonzo do a tightrope act while Miss Piggy hangs laundry on the line.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-14
June 14, 1983

Fozzie and Gonzo are getting nowhere when paddling in opposite directions in their canoe.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-15
June 15, 1983

Dr. Bob asks Kermit if wants to play golf, weather-permitting... or Miss Piggy-permitting.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-16
June 16, 1983

Kermit and Miss Piggy play tennis.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-17
June 17, 1983

Miss Piggy explains how fans can be as beautiful as her—they can't.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-18
June 18, 1983

Miss Piggy tells a waiter to give her compliments to the chef. The waiter asks what are they.

Comic Jun 19
The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-19 Sunday
June 19, 1983 (Sunday)

At the club house, Dr. Bob tells Kermit about his bad day on the golf course. The course is littered with bent clubs, divots and a crashed golf cart.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-20
June 20, 1983

Miss Piggy is in a leg cast and arm sling. Dr. Bob tells Kermit that she had an accident at the supermarket—she tripped on her grocery list.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-21
June 21, 1983

Fozzie tells Kermit that Gonzo wants to be a human cannonball.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-22
June 22, 1983

While preparing for his human cannonball act, Gonzo shoots a cat out of his cannon.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-23
June 23, 1983

Fozzie tests Gonzo's canon and the recoil sends him through the wall.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-24
June 24, 1983

Robin tells a young dog that the umpire is lazy as he uses a butler to dust off home plate for him.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-25
June 25, 1983

While arriving to a flooded house, Robin tells Kermit that he might've left the water on before they went on vacation.

Comic Jun 26
The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-26 Sunday
June 26, 1983 (Sunday)

In a "Pigs in Space" story, Captain Link Hogthrob and Dr. Julius Strangepork fire upon a ship bringing First Mate Piggy's pizza delivery.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-27
June 27, 1983

The Swinetrek crew is on "an endless journey through the universe and beyond." Captain Link Hogthrob asks First Mate Piggy to stop at the next fuel station so he can use "the little boys' room."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-28
June 28, 1983

The Swinetrek crew arrives on an alien planet. First Mate Piggy asks the aliens with stylish hair to "take me to your hairdresser."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-29
June 29, 1983

In a "Pigs in Space" strip, Captain Hogtrob informs First Mate Piggy that she flunked her survival test. When asked what she would take if stranded on an alien planet, she had answered "a frog."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-06-30
June 30, 1983

Dr. Julius Strangepork informs Captain Link Hogthrob that they're in for a meteor shower. The Captain is disappointed because he just washed the ship.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-01
July 1, 1983

Dr. Julius Strangepork studies alien rocks.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-02
July 2, 1983

First Mate Piggy goes for a spacewalk to the ATM.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-03 Sunday
July 3, 1983 (Sunday)

Kermit says he'll join Robin at the park after he reads the funnies in the newspaper. At the park, Robin finds a frisbee and tosses it to Fozzie. When Fozzie catches it, the object opens up and he's zapped in the face by a tiny alien with a ray gun.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-04
July 4, 1983

Piggy tells Kermit she loves his family picnics because all the frogs use their tongues to eat the mosquitoes.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-05
July 5, 1983

Robin shocks Fozzie and Kermit when he jumps extra high on his bed.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-06
July 6, 1983

Robin and his friend crank up the volume on Animal's radio.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-07
July 7, 1983

Fozzie chases a fire-breathing dragon fly.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-08
July 8, 1983

Dr. Bob diagnoses Fozzie.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-09
July 9, 1983

Two rats give commentary on the game when Fozzie catches a homerun baseball in the stands.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-10 Sunday
July 10, 1983 (Sunday)

Rowlf spends several panels teeing up his golf ball, takes a swing, watches it soar, and gets hit with it in the head. Kermit is impressed by his heck of a slice.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-11
July 11, 1983

Kermit and Bo go fishing.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-12
July 12, 1983

Kermit and Miss Piggy go to a nuclear power plant where it's not just the fireflies that glow.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-13
July 13, 1983

Waldorf is losing his hearing.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-14
July 14, 1983

A bee goes home.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-15
July 15, 1983

While out with Kermit, Miss Piggy meets a fellow night person — a vampire.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-16
July 16, 1983

Bo shows off his finger paintings to Miss Piggy.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-17 Sunday
July 17, 1983 (Sunday)

Piggy wants to fill the bird feeder with seeds, but Kermit explains the summer is when birds are supposed to forage for their own food. Piggy asks again when a muscled bird twice her size lands on the feeder.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-18
July 18, 1983

Nurse Janice tells Kermit that Dr. Bob can't see any patients (because he lost his contacts).

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-19
July 19, 1983

Fozzie finds it easy to perform when the audience is his family.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-20
July 20, 1983

Rowlf's uncle is a big game hunter. However, he has lousy aim, so he has a wall of taxidermied and mounted animal butts.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-21
July 21, 1983

Statler and Waldorf shop for an unwelcoming doormat.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-22
July 22, 1983

Kermit and Gonzo ride seahorses.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-23
July 23, 1983

Rowlf and Gonzo watch women on the beach.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-24 Sunday
July 24, 1983 (Sunday)

Robin and Kermit listen to the sounds outdoors at night from owls and crickets. Robin says the crickets must be wearing Corduroys.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-25
July 25, 1983

Gonzo spray paints the Mona Lisa.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-26
July 26, 1983

Miss Piggy orders ice cream.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-27
July 27, 1983

Dr. Bob gives Nurse Janice a new vaccine for her terminal "valley-girl-itis".

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-28
July 28, 1983

Robin gets a digital watch.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-29
July 29, 1983

Fozzie finds a fly in his soup. The waiter rushes to replace his order and ruins the joke.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-07-30
July 30, 1983

Bo vacuums up some tiny aliens.

Comic strip 1983-07-31 Sunday color
July 31, 1983 (Sunday)

Fozzie struggles to find his way out of a swamp. Just as things start to be looking up for him, he walks into an alligator.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-01
August 1, 1983

Fozzie orders a new TV antenna–a coathanger arrives.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-02
August 2, 1983

When Kermit is doing housework, Miss Piggy confuses an iron for a phone.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-03
August 3, 1983

Dr. Bob goes golfing at the beach.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-04
August 4, 1983

Fozzie gets an offer for a new joke writer.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-05
August 5, 1983

Miss Piggy packs for a weekend trip with an elephant and Sherpa to carry her luggage.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-06
August 6, 1983

Kermit has good news and bad news for Statler and Waldorf.

Comic strip 1983-08-07 Sunday color
August 7, 1983 (Sunday)

A lamp washes up on the beach near two clams. Miss Piggy approaches and says it could be "Aladdin's lamp." She rubs it and a genie pops out to grant her one wish. She makes her wish and suddenly Kermit appears in a tuxedo, she is in a wedding dress and the genie starts a wedding ceremony saying "dearly beloved..."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-08
August 8, 1983

After jogging past a sign for "quick print" and "quick food," Miss Piggy falls into quick sand.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-09
August 9, 1983

Kermit begins to tell Piggy about a big sale, but she screams past him before he can reveal that it's at the hardware store.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-10
August 10, 1983

Miss Piggy wonders what brings the earthworms out on rainy nights.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-11
August 11, 1983

Gonzo has butterflies in his stomach before his stunt.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-12
August 12, 1983

Gonzo tells Fozzie that too much coffee makes him jumpy.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-13
August 13, 1983

Statler and Waldorf tell Bo to pound sand... so he pounds sand at the beach with a mallet.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-14 Sunday
August 14, 1983 (Sunday)

Rowlf and Kermit get frustrated waiting for beginner golfers ahead of them. When Kermit approaches them to ask if they can play through, Piggy reveals to Janice that it was indeed the only way she'd get to see him on a Sunday.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-15
August 15, 1983

A handsome man causes Miss Piggy to jog into a tree.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-16
August 16, 1983

Miss Piggy abandons her diet and pigs out.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-17
August 17, 1983

Robin and Kermit accidentally summon an angry group of Indians with the "smoke signals" from their barbecue.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-18
August 18, 1983

Robin introduces his friend Groundhog to his Uncle Kermit.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-19
August 19, 1983

The Swedish Chef makes waffles with a tennis racket.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-20
August 20, 1983

Dr. Bob packs comedy props for a convention.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-21 Sunday
The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-21 Sunday (abridged)
August 21, 1983 (Sunday)

Piggy searches all over for Kermit who's hiding because he doesn't want to go out tonight. After Piggy concedes that Kermit isn't worth it anyway, he calls after her from within a trash can, "I am so!"

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-22
August 22, 1983

Fozzie tells Kermit that the canteen is having ant problems. As ants carry away the Swedish Chef, Kermit says they must not like the chef's cooking either.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-23
August 23, 1983

In her dressing room with Kermit, Miss Piggy can't find her false eyelash. She says it's probably right under her nose, which it is, forming a moustache.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-24
August 24, 1983

Robin and his frog friend are dressed as an Old West cowboy and Indian respectively. Miss Piggy asks Robin to tell Kermit to meet her at the gallery for the hanging of a new Renoir painting. Robin unnerves his tuxedo clad uncle by saying "There's gonna be a hanging tonight!"

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-25
August 25, 1983

Miss Piggy looks at Kermit's old tadpole pictures.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-26
August 26, 1983

Robin says "rain, rain, go away." It works and the sun comes out, so he then wishes for snow.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-27
August 27, 1983

Fozzie, with a golf club, passes a "Miniature Golf Sign." He trips over an extremely miniature hole (with tiny flag) and is yelled at by an equally miniature golfer.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-28 Sunday
August 28, 1983 (Sunday)

After Robin bids his uncle Kermit good luck with "May the force be with you," he, Gonzo, and Fozzie congratulate him on hitting a baseball. When Piggy smothers him with kisses, Rowlf wonders whatever happened to a hearty handshake.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-29
August 29, 1983

Miss Piggy reads a book to Robin and a frog friend. She says it's a tale of mystery, fantasy and intrigue — her check book.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-30
August 30, 1983

At night, Waldorf asks Statler a seemingly existential question about why they are here. Statler gives a down to earth answer, because they missed the bus.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-08-31
August 31, 1983

Fozzie reads a sign, "Land of the Giant Oaks/Proceed with Caution!" He ignores it and is crushed by a giant acorn.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-01
September 1, 1983

Kermit tells Robin the eggs in the refrigerator went bad — they hatched into baby chicks.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-02
September 2, 1983

Miss Piggy's relatives are in the audience. Kermit isn't surprised, since the concession stand sold out.

Muppets strip 1986-09-03
September 3, 1983

Miss Piggy is drawn to a male pig with eyes that remind her of her boyfriend's - a pig with Kermit's distinct pupils is seen sitting at the bar.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-04 Sunday
September 4, 1983 (Sunday)

Piggy states that she supports equality between the sexes unless it means that the guys get served food before she does. Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Rowlf share their colloquialisms for heroes, subs, grinders, and hoagies. Piggy explains that she calls such a sandwich an appetizer.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-05
September 5, 1983

Piggy explains that runners hate when other runners gain on them, just as she's passed by a jogging turtle.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-06
September 6, 1983

Rowlf and Kermit watch the pretty girls jogging. Kermit worries about what Miss Piggy would do if she saw him, just as Piggy jogs up.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-07
September 7, 1983

Continuing the jogging gags, Miss Piggy runs with Kermit attached in front of her from a pole as motivation.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-08
September 8, 1983

Miss Piggy goes jogging when she passes a sign saying a nude beach is ahead. She uses her sweatband to cover her eyes.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-09
September 9, 1983

Fozzie's audience has fallen asleep. Kermit tells him to think of it as a "Snoring Ovation."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-10
September 10, 1983

Fozzie, driving in traffic, has a novelty bumper sticker "I Brake for Tag Sales." He causes a multi-car accident because he did indeed brake at a sign that said "Tag Sale."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-11 Sunday
September 11, 1983 (Sunday)

At the beach, Piggy tells Kermit all about a series of recreational activities she's partaken in during the week. She further explains that next week she starts her vacation.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-12
September 12, 1983

Miss Piggy tells Kermit she's bringing a portrait of someone she admires to her hairdresser. It turns out to be a portrait of herself.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-13
September 13, 1983

At the Muppet Theater, Gonzo's tightrope act gets rained on.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-14
September 14, 1983

Fozzie meets a ventriloquist and his dummy, who ask for directions to the mezzanine. The dummy walks off while the ventriloquist asks the way to the men's room.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-15
September 15, 1983

Fozzie and Miss Piggy are stranded on a deserted island. Fozzie says at least she can start on her diet.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-16
September 16, 1983

Fozzie puts a quarter in a stamp machine and is stamped on by a giant foot.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-17
September 17, 1983

Waldorf says he has a recurring nightmare. Statler has one of his own: his wife.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-18 Sunday
September 18, 1983 (Sunday)

Kermit teaches Piggy how to fish from a boat.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-19
September 19, 1983

Scooter suggests a name for Miss Piggy's fan newsletter: "Bacon Bits."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-20
September 20, 1983

Miss Piggy receives a love note which focuses entirely on her lower body, describing her ankles, calves, and knees. The sender is a rat.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-21
September 21, 1983

Rowlf, watching baseball on TV, yells at the batter, calling him an old goat, over the hill, and a fossil. He hits a home run, causing Rowlf to darn Boston Red Sox player Carl Yastrzemski (who was 44 at the time, old in baseball terms).

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-22
September 22, 1983

Robin asks Statler what a mid-life crisis is. Statler says it's been so long since he was mid-life, he's forgotten.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-23
September 23, 1983

While fishing in a boat, Fozzie tells Kermit to relax as he has the fish right where he wants him. The fish is revealed to be enormous.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-24
September 24, 1983

Fozzie tells Miss Piggy she just missed Kermit, seen ducking out the back entrance of the theater.

Comic strip 1983-09-25 Sunday color
September 25, 1983 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy chases Kermit over hills, across stepping stones on a pond, jumping between cliffs, and around a tree. After finally catching him, they decide they're ready for the 1984 Olympic Games.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-26
September 26, 1983

Miss Piggy shows Kermit her new 8x10 glossies... measured in feet.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-27
September 27, 1983

Miss Piggy calls for an encore on dinner, as served by Kermit in a chef's hat.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-28
September 28, 1983

Kermit says that Fozzie's comedy timing is off — by two hours.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-29
September 29, 1983

Kermit notes that the sets for the show's gladiator number are taking time to build. Fozzie, building it with Bo, reminds him that Rome wasn't built in a day.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-09-30
September 30, 1983

Miss Piggy brings everything she needs to go camping with Robin and the Frog Scouts (which includes a kidnapped Kermit).

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-01
October 1, 1983

Statler and Waldorf find penny holes by The Empire State Building.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-02 Sunday
October 2, 1983 (Sunday)

While on a jog, Piggy goes through all the benefits of exercise in her head until she realizes, "I don't need any of that stuff!"

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-03
October 3, 1983

Miss Piggy asks Sven to put her make up on faster.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-04
October 4, 1983

Statler and Waldorf call Pete's Pest Control on Fozzie.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-05
October 5, 1983

Beauregard sneezes and is grateful when Kermit says "Bless you."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-06
October 6, 1983

Gonzo stands in for Miss Piggy in the Muppets' rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-07
October 7, 1983

Fozzie complains that the audience was silent. Kermit calls him a victim of the silent majority.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-08
October 8, 1983

Talking to Waldorf, Statler says his wife is throwing him a surprise party for his birthday.

Comic strip 1983-10-09 Sunday color
October 9, 1983 (Sunday)

Kermit and Robin return from fishing to the cabin where they are camping with Miss Piggy. Piggy made a fire in the fireplace and burned down half the cabin.

Comic strip 1983-10-10
October 10, 1983

Scooter tells Miss Piggy that the king was in the audience and wants to meet her. Piggy is thrilled, until it turns out to be King Kong.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-11
October 11, 1983

Kermit tells Bo to sweep the stage. He does, sweeping away Miss Piggy.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-12
October 12, 1983

Fozzie orders the "Early Bird Special" — a worm.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-13
October 13, 1983

A Mr. Deli delivery boy hands Nurse Janice a lunch bag. She pays him, saying it's just what the doctor (Dr. Bob) ordered.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-14
October 14, 1983

Miss Piggy takes Kermit to her dressing room.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-15
October 15, 1983

Bo gets his finger stuck in a light socket and Kermit and Fozzie rush to him. Fozzie says Bo was never very bright, just as the janitor is electrocuted and illuminates the room.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-16 Sunday
October 16, 1983 (Sunday)

Fozzie tries out a La-Z-Bear chair at the store and gets stuck in its mechanics.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-17
October 17, 1983

An explosion happens in Miss Piggy's dressing room. She tells an alarmed Kermit to never use hair spray and a blow-dryer at the same time.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-18
October 18, 1983

The Bluebird of Happiness tells Kermit he's happy to be heading to the warmer winter of Florida. Kermit remarks that he intends to cancel his donation to the National Audubon Society.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-19
October 19, 1983

Bo borrows some of Kermit's books, but he uses them to prop up his TV. Ernie appears on the screen.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-20
October 20, 1983

Kermit tells Miss Piggy an "up and coming young star" is doing the opening number. He doesn't know who she is because she's coming but hasn't gotten here yet.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-21
October 21, 1983

Fozzie tells Gonzo it's hard to write his own material, because sometimes he's just not funny. Gonzo asks if he means every night during his monologue.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-22
October 22, 1983

A fan asks Kermit for Miss Piggy's autograph.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-23 Sunday
October 23, 1983 (Sunday)

Piggy takes Robin on a nature walk where she explains how all the colors of fall go together.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-24
October 24, 1983

Kermit passes a sign, "Break Glass in Case of Flaming Desire," with Miss Piggy behind the glass.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-25
October 25, 1983

Fozzie's lunch (a talking lobster) doesn't agree with him.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-26
October 26, 1983

Kermit has an opening for a plumber. It turns out to be literal when the plumber falls down a hole.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-27
October 27, 1983

Robin shows Kermit that kids never outgrow playing with their food, in this case by juggling.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-28
October 28, 1983

Miss Piggy asks Bo to set a trap for a mouse in her dressing room. He'll need a bigger mousetrap as he's carried off by a giant mouse.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-29
October 29, 1983

At the theater, Kermit rejects an applicant for a satire writer... who's actually a centaur writer.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-30 Sunday
October 30, 1983 (Sunday)

Kermit tells Piggy she won't be singing the opening number because he's the boss who makes the decisions. After he takes a stand, she karate chops his desk in half.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-10-31
October 31, 1983

Kermit donates old things (Statler and Waldorf) to the Good Deed Army.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-01
November 1, 1983

Miss Piggy and Kermit go skydiving.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-02
November 2, 1983

Kermit reads while Miss Piggy is on the phone.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-03
November 3, 1983

Dr. Bob brags about how well he performed on the golf course. Janice tells him that there's more to life than driving balls. Dr. Bob adds that his putting was great too.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-04
November 4, 1983

Miss Piggy tries on dresses.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-05
November 5, 1983

Gonzo has a photographic memory.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-06 Sunday
November 6, 1983 (Sunday)

Fozzie is depressed because he doesn't have a part in tonight's show. Scooter rushes in with an emergency and Kermit assigns the task to Fozzie who reads the license plate of a Buick that has had its headlights left on.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-07
November 7, 1983

Kermit and Miss Piggy will be able to perform for the Queen in England when pigs fly.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-08
November 8, 1983

Fozzie grew up so poor he couldn't even afford food stamps.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-09
November 9, 1983

Four out of five doctors recommend the Super Slam golf balls.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-10
November 10, 1983

Piggy explains that a lot of people don't eat their pizza crust as Kermit stands holding a pizza that has been eaten, but its crust left intact.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-11
November 11, 1983

Gonzo has a unenergetic canon act.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-12
November 12, 1983

Miss Piggy wishes to see her name in the stars.

Comic strip 1983-11-13 Sunday color
November 13, 1983 (Sunday)

Gonzo is chiseling a statue of Queen Victoria. He gets carried away and accidentally knocks off her head. With only hours to go before having to have the statue at the gallery, he improvises and labels the headless statue "Marie Antoinette."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-14
November 14, 1983

Miss Piggy pulls a chair up to the all you can eat buffet.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-15
November 15, 1983

Fozzie comes back from his lunch break at the zoo with a monkey on his head.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-16
November 16, 1983

Miss Piggy hires her own private photographer.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-17
November 17, 1983

Beauregard tries to get out of a promise he made to clean Piggy's dressing room so he can go bowling. Kermit tells him he has to lie in the bed he's made for himself, which Beau takes literally.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-18
November 18, 1983

Fozzie is stuck in bed and can't come to work because he has a bug (a literal large insect).

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-19
November 19, 1983

Miss Piggy can't decide between coffee and tea, so Kermit gives her teafee.

Comic strip 1983-11-20 Sunday color
November 20, 1983 (Sunday)

After Animal, Floyd and Zoot rock out. Kermit gives Animal a "rock star medallion" like all the big rock stars wear. Animal likes it. Kermit admits to the reader that it's actually a flea tag.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-21
November 21, 1983

Miss Piggy is carried around on a litter after her new record gets a great review.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-22
November 22, 1983

Scooter excitedly tells Piggy that the local newspaper wants her to write a weekly column. She tosses him against the wall when she hears they want to call it "Oinklings."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-23
November 23, 1983

Scooter tells Miss Piggy she can keep the wardrobe from the Lady Godiva skit.

Gilchrist 1983-11-24 strip
November 24, 1983

The Muppets celebrate Thanksgiving with Zoot's sax as their cornucopia.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-25
November 25, 1983

Dr. Bob treats the Muppets' copier — an octopus scribe.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-26
November 26, 1983

Bo informs Kermit that the attic is flooded!

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-27 Sunday
November 27, 1983 (Sunday)

Kermit convinces Fozzie to return to the stage after he'd been pelted with tomatoes. The crowd is begging for his presence, just so they can throw some fresh tomatoes at him.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-28
November 28, 1983

Kermit and Miss Piggy are tied up by a burglar.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-29
November 29, 1983

Miss Piggy meets Kermit's new secretary — an attractive man.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-11-30
November 30, 1983

Fozzie meets a werewolf under the full moon.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-01
December 1, 1983

Fozzie gets a new straight man.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-02
December 2, 1983

Fozzie exchanges glances with a cute bear at the exchange counter.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-03
December 3, 1983

Statler and Waldorf start their heckling without Fozzie.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-04 Sunday
December 4, 1983 (Sunday)

Piggy lets Kermt bring Robin on a date with them where they went to see a space cowboy movie, ate popcorn and onion rings, and went roller skating. Piggy asks if she gets a good night kiss, and Kermit lifts Robin to her level.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-05
December 5, 1983

Fozzie reads the news of a word processor crossed with a food processor.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-06
December 6, 1983

Robin interferes with Miss Piggy's flirting with Kermit.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-07
December 7, 1983

Kermit tells Fozzie it's time for a haircut.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-08
December 8, 1983

Gonzo tightrope walks on the phone cord.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-09
December 9, 1983

Miss Piggy doesn't expect much out of stardom — just a little fame and the Astrodome.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-10
December 10, 1983

Bo is late because his "alarm clock" (a rooster) has laryngitis.

Comic strip 1983-12-11 Sunday color
December 11, 1983 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy chases Kermit all the way to China.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-12
December 12, 1983

Fozzie goes to "Just Like Mom's Restaurant" which is just like mom's.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-13
December 13, 1983

Dr. Bob does medical research by watching "General Hospital."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-14
December 14, 1983

Miss Piggy explains why she wears her trademark gloves all the time.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-15
December 15, 1983

Kermit and Fozzie go ice fishing in a boat.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-16
December 16, 1983

Gonzo asks Fozzie to mail him to Hollywood.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-17
December 17, 1983

Kermit's work keeps piling up.

Comic strip 1983-12-18 Sunday color
December 18, 1983 (Sunday)

While swamped with work, Kermit says Mother Frog told him there'd be days like this... but not years and years like this. Kermit vents to Fozzie about all the work he does. Fozzie says "why don't you just quit?" Kermit responds "what?! and leave show business??!"

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-19
December 19, 1983

Miss Piggy is not impressed with her Japanese compact.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-20
December 20, 1983

Fozzie is visited by the Ghost of Library Books Long Overdue.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-21
December 21, 1983

Miss Piggy enjoys the magnificent view of her new billboard.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-22
December 22, 1983

Miss Piggy tries being the strong silent type.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-23
December 23, 1983

Statler tells Waldorf that "three ghosts came into my room and tried to reveal the errors of my money-grubbing life to me."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-24
December 24, 1983

Robin uses Kermit's sock and whipped cream to impersonate Santa Claus.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-25 Sunday
December 25, 1983 (Sunday)

Sam the Eagle is annoyed to be woken from sleep by loud music being played. He's touched when he finds that the Muppets are singing John Lennon's "Give Peace a Chance."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-26
December 26, 1983

In Piggy's presence, Kermit attempts to solve a crossword puzzle with a three-letter word for slovenly mammal that eats swill and rolls in the mud with G as the last letter. Met with a death glare from Piggy, Kermit writes in "dog."

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-27
December 27, 1983

Zoot and Floyd can't stand Miss Piggy's changing attitudes, calling her "sweet-and-sour pork".

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-28
December 28, 1983

Dr. Bob tries to pick up a girl at the bar, only to discover her boyfriend is the bouncer.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-29
December 29, 1983

A funny thing happened to Fozzie on the way to the theater.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-30
December 30, 1983

Kermit demonstrates the alarm system to Scooter and explains that if anyone tries to break in, they have Animal as a backup system.

The Muppets comic strip 1983-12-31
December 31, 1983

Statler and Waldorf celebrate New Year's Eve by thinking about the great inventions they've seen in their lifetime.


The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-01 (full)
The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-01
January 1, 1984 (Sunday)

Statler feels he's been type-cast as Father Time for the New Year's show. Scooter sends the Muppets to the make-up department for the "Everything Old is New Again" theme; they all emerge as baby versions of themselves.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-02
January 2, 1984

Fozzie asks Kermit and Robin for some weenies despite the Frog Scout manual saying campfires will keep bears away.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-03
January 3, 1984

Kermit runs past Fozzie, who is shoveling snow, to escape Miss Piggy, with whom he has just broken a date.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-04
January 4, 1984

A diner waitress tells Fozzie that the special has really been moving today, followed by a sandwich with legs running across the counter.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-05
January 5, 1984

Miss Piggy and another woman rip a sweater while fighting over it at a department store. Janice says she'll take it; she's really into the Flashdance look.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-06
January 6, 1984

Beauregard catches a block of ice while ice fishing with Kermit.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-07
January 7, 1984

Fozzie leaves the stage having flunked his mic check.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-08
January 8, 1984 (Sunday)

Scooter claps the film slate on a swashbuckling movie starring Kermit. After he sword-fights pigs and escapes arrows in an alligator-infested castle moat, Fozzie asks if he does all his own stunts. Kermit references a drunken stunt frog for love scenes with a pouting Miss Piggy as a damsel.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-09
January 9, 1984

A "Dear Miss Piggy" letter claims to be from her biggest fan, as evidenced by the size of their envelope.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-10
January 10, 1984

Statler and Waldorf would like to hear something funny during Fozzie's act, but note that this isn't the place for it.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-11
January 11, 1984

The "Dynamite Duo of Dick and Dina" introduce themselves as an exploding act. Kermit says this must be their first audition.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-12
January 12, 1984

Fozzie sends a letter via air mail at the post office. Pops ties it to a helium balloon for fifteen cents.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-13
January 13, 1984

Fozzie beams with pride over the success he's had with building a ship in a bottle until the ship begins to sink.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-14
January 14, 1984

At the airport, Kermit wonders what could be holding up Miss Piggy's plane. Beauregard suggests it's the wings.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-15
January 15, 1984 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy lays in bed reading a trashy romance novel.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-16
January 16, 1984

Miss Piggy offers Kermit a tour of her new apartment. Additional patrons are waiting in line to pay for the attraction.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-17
January 17, 1984

Miss Piggy complains to the clerk at Yates' Great Cleaners, asking who ever heard of starching a feather boa.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-18
January 18, 1984

Fozzie brags that he'll have the audience rolling in the aisles tonight because he laced all the theatre seats with itching powder.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-19
January 19, 1984

Dr. Bob asks Kermit about his fitness routine. Kermit is exercising his options.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-20
January 20, 1984

Gonzo announces his psychic routine in which he will read people's minds. Kermit says no, but Gonzo claims to have known he would say that.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-21
January 21, 1984

Beauregard looks over a maple tree nursery, proud of having invested in maple syrup futures.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-22
January 22, 1984 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy pursues Kermit in a high speed chase that knocks over Floyd Pepper and Zoot.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-23
January 23, 1984

Miss Piggy laments the holes in her sweater as a giant moth eats away at a sweater still being worn by Kermit.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-24
January 24, 1984

Dr. Bob says that eating at The Swedish Chef's cafeteria makes him appreciate hospital food.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-25
January 25, 1984

Kermit asks Miss Piggy to attend an energy conservation seminar with him, but Piggy — who is surrounded by a working hot tub, entertainment system, hair dryer, and other electronic devices — says she wouldn't fit in.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-26
January 26, 1984

Kermit asks Scooter to run the Olympics sketch by him, which he does literally.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-27
January 27, 1984

Kermit gives Beauregard his car keys and asks him to go downtown to pick up Miss Piggy. Beau returns with Miss Piggy over his head, having left Kermit's car downtown.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-28
January 28, 1984

Dr. Bob reads in a health magazine that baseball player Carl Yastrzemski is doing a fitness show for the over-forty crowd called Yazzercise.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-29
January 29, 1984 (Sunday)

Miss Piggy spends several panels in the Swedish Chef's cafeteria detailing how someday Kermit will profess his love to her. When he joins her at the table, he informs her that she has some spinach in her teeth.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-30
January 30, 1984

Statler and Waldorf fall asleep on a park bench and get covered in snow.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-01-31
January 31, 1984

Kermit and Fozzie observe some ancient fishing gear assumed to have once belonged to Noah. Fozzie muses that it's the "Waders of the Lost Ark."

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-01
February 1, 1984

Miss Piggy asks Kermit what he thought of the introduction she wrote for herself. Looking at the gigantic stack of paper, Kermit says "it needs editing."

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-02
February 2, 1984

Kermit says they need something new and different for the show. Fozzie suggests a dragon juggling bananas. Kermit tells him to be serious as a large dragon in a top hat juggling bananas rounds the corner.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-03
February 3, 1984

Miss Piggy promised herself she would only eat small pieces of cake, so she cuts a large piece of cake into two small pieces.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-04
February 4, 1984

Miss Piggy encounters famous French hot-tub explorer "Jacques Cuzzi."

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-05
February 5, 1984 (Sunday)

Weight Watchers calls Miss Piggy to let her know they're watching.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-06
February 6, 1984

While stuck behind a line of birds being served by the Swedish Chef in the cafeteria, Kermit tells Miss Piggy to get seed for the birdfeeder.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-07
February 7, 1984

While cross-country skiing, Gonzo sees a sign saying "quiet avalanche area." He tiptoes past on the tips of his skis.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-08
February 8, 1984

Fozzie discounts the front-row seats in exchange for the audience members holding cue cards for his routine with Kermit.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-09
February 9, 1984

A bird skis past Kermit and Fozzie. Fozzie says it's Jean-Claude Kiwi.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-10
February 10, 1984

A man shows Kermit his act of "The Fabulous Flying Orandas," the world's first goldfish high-wire act.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-11
February 11, 1984

Kermit and Fozzie discover Bo washed himself wearing his new suit in the washing machine.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-12
February 12, 1984 (Sunday)

Kermit thinks Miss Piggy is flapping her arms to communicate that she has an upcoming flight. Turns out she is just trying to dry her nails.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-13
February 13, 1984

Fozzie tells Gonzo that he's going to do some housecleaning. Gonzo suggests starting with the cobwebs as a large spider carries Fozzie away.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-14
February 14, 1984

Miss Piggy thanks her lucky stars for her good fortune. The stars in the sky spell out "you're welcome."

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-15
February 15, 1984

Dr. Bob tells Nurse Janice to call Kermit and tell him it's time for a check-up. Janice questions why they're doing a check-up so soon, Dr. Bob says because his car loan is due.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-16
February 16, 1984

Kermit puts on classical music, not to relax but because it gets the band to practice elsewhere. As he puts on a Chopin record, Floyd and Zoot run away in disgust. Other albums in Kermit's collection include Bach and Liszt.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-17
February 17, 1984

Zoot and Floyd walk into Animal's room. The place is full of an assortment of bones, trash and drawings on the walls. Floyd says "in a coupl'a hundred years, this place is really gonna screw up some archaeologist."

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-18
February 18, 1984

Fozzie throws a paper airplane. A fly jumps on for a ride.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-19
February 19, 1984 (Sunday)

Kermit goes to a party for the arts council. They have named their new scholarship for aspiring actresses in his honor—"The Kermit the Frog Memorial Award." Kermit shows Scooter the award (a small statue of Kermit) and Scooter asks why it's called the "memorial award" if Kermit's not dead. While surrounded by young attractive actresses, Kermit says "I would be if Miss Piggy saw me now."

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-20
February 20, 1984

Fozzie tells Kermit that he fell through the ice while ice skating at an indoor rink.

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-21
February 21, 1984

While practicing her golf game, Miss Piggy calls her "driver" a "chauffeur."

The Muppets comic strip 1984-02-22
February 22, 1984

Sam the Eagle tells Zoot that he thinks his music is disgusting. Zoot blows a raspberry at Sam through his saxophone.