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Songs from The Muppets Mayhem
Released May 10, 2023 (digital)
May 12, 2023 (LP)
Format LP / digital
Label Walt Disney Records
Cat no.

The soundtrack to The Muppets Mayhem was released digitally on May 10, 2023, followed by a release on vinyl LP on May 12.

The album features extended versions of the original songs and covers from the series (including songs from Cyndi Lauper, John Hiatt, The Who, The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, Kiss, and The Beatles) along with selections of the show's score by Mick Giacchino.

Two of the tracks, "Rock On" and "Can You Picture That?," were previously released as singles.

The album debuted at number 13 on Billboard's Kid Albums chart in the week of May 20, 2023,[1] and reached the number one spot the following week.

Track listing[]

Original songs are listed in bold.

  1. Rock On
  2. Gotta Be
  3. True Colors
  4. The Sound of Us
  5. Have a Little Faith in Me
  6. Join Together
  7. We Are One
  8. Can You Picture That?
  9. God Only Knows
  10. On Our Way
  11. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  12. Rock and Roll All Nite
  13. Gonna Get There
  14. Believe in Us (extended version)
  15. Makin' Mayhem (feat. Sofia Carson)
  16. All You Need Is Love
  17. MAYHEM!
  18. The Muppets Mayhem Medley - Mick Giacchino
  19. Marshmallucinations - Mick Giacchino
  20. Nora's Medley - Mick Giacchino
  21. Zoot's Suits - Mick Giacchino
  22. The Muppets Mayhem End Credits - Mick Giacchino



Vinyl artwork

The vinyl soundtrack was released on May 12, 2023. The record is presented as the album produced by the band in the series, being titled "The Electric Mayhem" rather than carrying the show's title. The album itself is seen on the show in the season finale, "We Will Rock You."

The episode "Break on Through" shows the band writing and producing new songs that are not heard on the show or released on the album. In addition to their classic tunes "Can You Picture That" and "Rockin' Robin," they are seen preparing songs titled "Who Brought The Rock?," "Marshmallow Haze," "The Music Made Me Do It," "Shack It Up," and "What Momma Don't Know."

The first fourteen tracks from the series soundtrack are included; tracks 15 through 22 are omitted. The cover art is by Matt Taylor and layout by Sean Tejaratchi.

A picture disc varient was released exclusively at Walmart on October 27.



  • Executive Music Producer: Linda Perry
  • Vocal Producers: Ed Mitchell, Steve Morrell, Eldad Guetta
  • Music Supervisor: Kier Lehman
  • Music Coordinator: James Cartwright
  • Executives in Charge of Music: Dawn Soler and Peter DiCecco
  • Mastering: Mike Bozzi
  • Track Producers:
Bill Prokopow, Packy Lundholm, Brian Mazzaferri (tracks 1, 4, 10, 14)
Ed Mitchell, Steve Morrell (tracks 2-3, 5-6, 11-12)
Linda Perry (tracks 7, 9, 13)
Sean Fitzgerald (track 8)
  • Mixers: Rick Ruggieri, Bill Prokopow, Packy Lundholm, Linda Perry, Sean Fitzgerald
  • Assistant Engineer: Luis Flores
  • Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar (10 only), Piano, Organ, Synthesizer: Packy Lundholm (tracks 1, 4, 10, 14)
  • Saxophones: Hannah Friedman (track 1), Leon Silva (track 7)

Horns: David Ralicke (track 1)

  • All instruments: Steve Morrell (tracks 2-3, 5-6, 11-12)
  • Synthesizer (4), Brass (10-14), Orchestra (14): Bill Prokopow
  • Brass: Niv Toar (track 4)
  • B3 Organ (7), additional instruments (9), horns arranged by (13): Linda Perry
  • Trumpet, tenor saxophone: Matt Bauder (track 8)
  • Trumpets: Sean Erick (track 9), Wayne Bergeron (track 22)
  • Guitar: Joshua Ray Gooch (track 7), Joseph Guese (track 9), Eli Pearl (track 13), Andrew Synowiec (track 22)
  • Bass: Billy Mohler (tracks 7, 9, 13)
  • Drums: Ringo Starr (track 7), Ben LeCourt (track 9), Kiel Feher (track 13)
  • Horns arranged by: The Regiment Horns (track 7)
  • Drums recorded by Bruce Sugar (track 7)
  • Keys: Dylan Meek (track 9)
  • Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet: Colin Kupka (track 9)
  • Piano: Ben Darwish (track 13)
  • Gospel Choir: Bill Prokopow, Packy Lundholm, Brian Mazzaferri (track 14)
  • Bass: Abe Laboriel (track 22)
  • Drums, percussion: Bernie Dresel (track 22)
  • Additional vocals: Kate Grahn (track 22)
  • Score producer: Mick Giacchino
  • Violin: Elyssa Samsel


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