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The Muppets Say Cheese was a gallery exhibit first shown at the Museum of Television and Radio spotlighting the work of Muppet photographer John E. Barrett. The exhibit opened on December 6, 2005 and was extended to April 30, 2006, and highlighted the variety of photographic representations produced by Barrett over the years.

The exhibt was later showcased at The Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington Long Island from August 10th thru 20, 2007.

Items included publicity stills, movie spoofs from the Muppet calendars, and the Kermitage Collection. Characters and productions ranged from Sesame Street to Fraggle Rock to concept photography for the unproduced The Muppets on the Orient Express.

The exhibit, sponsored by the Jim Henson Legacy, was accompanied by a 23 minute video presentation. In it, Barrett discussed the process, his favorite works, and the logistics of staging and rigging multiple poser puppets for the art and movie spoofs.