Songs from The Muppets Take Manhattan
Released 1984
Format LP
Label Warner Bros. Records
Cat no. 1-25114

The Muppets Take Manhattan: The Original Sound Track contains all of the songs from the movie, as well as several portions of dialogue and background score. This album reached #204 on Billboard's Bubbling Under the Top LP's chart. It was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Recording for Children, but lost to Where the Sidewalk Ends.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Together Again - Kermit and Friends
  2. You Can't Take No for an Answer - Dr. Teeth
  3. Saying Goodbye - Everyone
  4. Rat Scat (Something Cookin') - Rizzo and the Rats
  5. Together Again (Carriage Ride)
  6. I'm Gonna Always Love You - The Muppet Babies
  7. William Tell Overture

Side Two

  1. Looking for Kermit (Instrumental)
  2. Right Where I Belong - Everyone
  3. Somebody's Getting Married - Everyone
  4. Waiting for the Wedding - Everyone
  5. He'll Make Me Happy - Miss Piggy and Kermit
  6. The Ceremony - Everyone
  7. Closing Medley (Final Credits) - Everyone

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  • This is the only Muppet movie soundtrack that has not yet been released on CD.
  • The score was nominated for an Oscar in 1985 for Best Original Song Score. It lost to Purple Rain.

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