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The Muppets Take Maryland was a celebration event held from February 6th to March 21st, 1997 at the University of Maryland, College Park. The event—which was organized in part by Paul Avery, a university instructor who taught a course related to the Muppets[1]—featured the touring exhibit The Vision of Jim Henson, a Jim Henson Legacy Forum, a design competition, and a documentary series. In addition, a special Jim Henson and Sesame Street exhibit was staged through the National Public Broadcasting Archives.[2]

Attractions included a puppet workshop with Cheryl Henson, puppet displays of famous Muppet characters, and several Henson film screenings. In addition, the university changed the name of its Campus Drive to "Sesame Street" for a day.[3]

The event was documented for the public television program, National Arts and aired on PBS and Bravo.


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