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The Muppets Take the O2 was a live stage show starring the Muppets performed at the O2 Arena in London, England on July 13 - 14, 2018 (with a matinee and evening performance on the 14th). The show was a follow-up to 2017's performance at the Hollywood Bowl, reprising many of the same acts (some given a new, local twist).

Highlights include performances by Miss Piggy and Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, along with new sketches of Pigs in Space and Muppet Labs.

Bobby Moynihan returned as the main guest star of the show. Special guests in the concerts include Kylie Minogue, Kevin Bishop, David Tennant, Adam Hills, Peter Davison, Anthony Head, Charles Dance, and music group Steps.[1] Tennant, Minogue, Dance, and Bishop were only present in the Friday evening show, while Hills, Davison, Head and Steps were a part of the Saturday performances.


Act I

Picture Description
Sam the Eagle addresses the crowd about the hot-button issue between England and America at the moment - the American Revolution. Scooter tries to stop this, but Sam continues, acknowledging that by losing the war, England lost out on such things as Grand Canyon and strip malls. In turn, England has provided them the works of Chaucer and Shakespeare and tonight, they return the favor by giving them the Muppets (to Sam's chagrin).
"The Muppet Show Theme": Statler and Waldorf sing from their seats in the crowd. Gonzo's horn emits the sound of a police siren, prompting an English bobby to appear and shoo everyone from the stage.

Kermit begins his introduction but is interrupted by Gonzo, who informs Kermit that he'll be taking some time to visit the "spa" at the Tower of London. His "masseur," Reggie (played by Tyler Bunch) escorts Gonzo off stage. Sweetums interrupts Kermit as well, having been unable to move the set pieces during the blackout (it was too dark). Kermit finally begins, telling the audience about the fun, thirty-minute show they have planned, until Scooter confirms with his mother (and boyfriend Ken) that the Muppets are performing the entire two hours. Scooter's advice to fill the time: "Stretch."
Suddenly, "Piggy's Fantasy" begins to play as Miss Piggy is carried out by some dancers, with Bobby in a white tuxedo tossing flower petals. Piggy expects to be performing her musical number now, but Kermit convinces her to wait until later in the program. Kermit then has Bobby introduce the opening number.

The show show commences with a "moving medley." Kermit and Fozzie ride across the stage in their Studebaker, singing a verse of "Movin' Right Along." Rowlf takes over, singing "I've Been Everywhere" while mentioning various stops of the London Underground. Finally, Bobby, Walter and some woodland flora and fauna stroll the countryside singing "On the Road Again."
TMTO2UK-13th-7-2018 (3)

A live "Pigs in Space" sketch follows (the Friday evening sketch is titled "The Stolen Mirth," while the Saturday performances title it "Mirthshock".) The Swinetrek gets invaded by the Doctor (played by David Tennant on Friday and Peter Davison on Saturday), who divines a plot device in their control panel. Link pulls a lever, turning him into a time lord, ready to regenerate. They send him to the Regeneration Chamber and Piggy flips through various different forms (the other Muppets dressed as the different Doctors through history) until she settles on a duplicate of herself (dressed as the Thirteenth Doctor). Her opinion sours when she hears Link's voice coming from her body. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to end the sketch.
Scooter Doctor Bunny
Scooter tries to get the actor who played the Doctor to leave the stage, but he gushes about meeting the other Muppets. He is eventually escorted off by the Cockney-accented rabbit from the Moving Medley, despite the actor's protests that people do not actually talk like that. Scooter presents the next act.
A quintet of wigs sing the title song from Hair. They only get through the first chorus before Beauregard chases them out with a giant set of scissors, needing to trim their fringes.
"Hair has been cut," Scooter observes. Sweetums comes out to commence plan B - Paul McCartney singing "Let It Be" while they release several bees into the arena. However, McCartney has backed out (unwilling to work with bees) and Bobby is assigned to take his place. But, Sweetums also notes that the bees quit as well (unwilling to work without McCartney), so Scooter throws to plan C - a video clip.
Miss Piggy divan and grapes
The screens play a segment narrated by Uncle Deadly, describing all of Miss Piggy's positive attributes. The camera gets tighter and tighter until Piggy ends up smooshed against the lens.
Some of Uncle Deadly's introduction is redubbed to remove the mention of the Hollywood Bowl.
Bobby and Gonzo
Gonzo clears some potential problems regarding his upcoming act with the audience, confirming whether they're allergic to lava or have phobias of crumpet spiders. Bobby comes out to gush about how Gonzo was always his favorite. Gonzo tries to get him into his act, but Kermit convinces Gonzo to put his mind something less dangerous.
Kermit asks Bobby to join him in a little song and dance. Kermit sings "Happy Feet," while a pair of dancing frog legs are applied to Bobby to make it a full duet.
Anthony Head and Pepe
A special guest (Charles Dance on Friday, and Anthony Stewart Head on Saturday) reads William Wordsworth's "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud," when an announcement over the loud speaker draws him away from the podium. The voice turns out to be Pepe, who brings on several dancers and turns the scene into a rave. The guest returns and tries to continue reading, but ends up going along with Pepe's party.
Sam the Eagle introduces Wayne and Wanda, who sing "Send in the Clowns." Once they reach the title lyric, a group of monstrous clowns appear and chase them from the stage.
Robin and his fellow frogs' acapella group, Croak-a-Pella, attempts to sing "London Calling," but are too nervous to get more than the title lyric out.

Chef bowl backstage
Kermit turns the crowd to the screens to watch some sample projects they've been working on. A Netflix-style display ("Muppstream") presents three brief television spoofs - an edition of Veterinarian's Hospital (with guest patient Danny Trejo), The Walking Bread starring the Swedish Chef and Frogglebox, which captures the Muppets' reactions to British reality shows.
Bobby introduces Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, who close out the first act with a set of "Can You Picture That?," "Ho Hey" and "Suffragette City."

Act II

Picture Description
Towards the end of the intermission, Chip appears onscreen to deliver a two-minute warning.
The Muppets open act two with a performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody." At one point, Bobby is chased by Sweetums and a pair of bobbies (English officers).
Newsman rehearse bowl
Muppet News Flash: Backstage, the Newsman reports on the number of trap doors in the facilities, falling in one himself. Beauregard attempts to make the sign more visible, but falls in as well.
The Newsman's dialogue is re-dubbed from the Hollywood Bowl show to change the venue's name.
Backstage, Lew Zealand presents a "fish eye lens" look at his boomerang fish's travels through the arena. It flies trough the backstage space, knocking over various Muppets and chasing Sweetums until the camera cuts out.
Scooter informs Kermit some extra bits he's added to pad out the show - Bobby gets hit in the head (by Lew's flying fish), then a parade of obscure Muppet characters march by, then Piggy gets so mad at Kermit that she sends a karate chop his way (but hits Bobby instead). Kermit segues to the next act, the "Boo Danube."
Some skulls and ghosts perform "The "Boo" Danube."
In Muppet Labs, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew fears Beaker is a slave to his devices. He applies a "gentle reminder" (an electric shock) to get him away from the device. He then shows off the Muppet Labs "Cloud Connector," which sends Beaker directly into the cloud. After being bombarded by his files, he gets connected with several Muppet monsters all over the internet. Bunsen downloads him back to the arena, unfortunately bringing the monsters with him.
For this show, the still frames of the Muppets' Twitter accounts are replaced with new video footage.
Rowlf sings "Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner." For the reprise, he brings in some canine pals (referred to as "the Baskerkville Hounds") and leads a sing-along with the whole crowd.

Kermit announces that Fozzie will attempt to break the world record for most jokes told in a single minute. Bobby keeps time as the penguins play some music. The screens show Fozzie's escapes trying to make to the stage, having gone the wrong way. He rushes around, accidentally going into the women's changing room, then finds himself in Narnia after going into the wardrobe room. Fozzie finally makes it the stage and only gets one joke out before his time is up. He and Bobby then perform the "Good Grief, the Comedian's a Bear" routine.
A weeping soccer ball (Mike Quinn) enters onstage, trading puns with Kermit and Scooter regarding England's loss in the recent World Cup. He then introduces the Swedish Chef.

The Swedish Chef is joined by a special guest (Kevin Bishop on Friday, and Adam Hills on Saturday) to prepare haggis. The Chef brings out a live, Muppet sheep and force feeds her the ingredients. Instead of mace (the spice), he produces a medieval mace, which the sheep uses to pummel the Chef.
Sam brings out Wayne and Wanda once again to sing "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay." The two are soon attacked by a shark.
Miss Piggy does an interview with The Daily Scandal, describing her upcoming performance. Uncle Deadly interrupts, reminding her that she needs to be at rehearsal, which she is ducking to do the interview (and to get herself pampered).
The opening Daily Scandal graphic is replaced for this show.
Gonzo performs a magic act with his chicken assistants. He intends on sending the entire arena back in time using only the power of his mind. The trick works as the Kermit delivers his opening intro, realizing something is amiss. The Doctor returns and fixes everything. Kermit then scolds Gonzo for the entire act, and for his "poultry excuse for an escape." Kermit: "Ugh, I can't believe I just said that." Kermit then decides to segue into the next act, which will take the audience back in time in a different way.
Mahna Mahna and the Snowths perform "Mah Na Mah Na." When he makes traditional exit from the stage, he doesn't return. Scooter asks for help from the crowd, when a special guest volunteers and finishes the song (Kylie Minogue on Friday, Steps during the Saturday matinee and Bobby during the Saturday night show).
Following a dramatic introduction from Uncle Deadly, Miss Piggy performs her big production number, Adele's "Hello." Due to skipping rehearsals, she's unprepared as the dancers toss her about the stage.
Scooter attempts to fill time by beatboxing, but Bobo interrupts him. He then accidentally pulls one of the stage's electrical chords apart, causing a blackout.
RainbowConnection O2 2018
The lights return on Kermit, sitting on a log with his banjo. Bobo interrupts Kermit's intro as well before he's ordered to go backstage. Kermit launches into "Rainbow Connection," joined by the rest of the Muppets, guests and others. They follow up by singing "The Magic Store."
For an encore, Dr. Teeth leads the entire cast in a gospel version of "With a Little Help from My Friends." As the closing theme plays, Waldorf quotes a Winston Churchill speech before the geezers wave white flags of surrender. Then, Mr. Tumnus reads a joke from Fozzie's discarded joke book. The Newsman emerges from the backstage trap door and is startled into a faint by Zoot's final note. The Muppet performers all come out for a final bow.


TMTO2UK-13th-7-2018 (1)
O2 cast and crew

Bill Barretta, Jane Gootnick, David Rudman, Peter MacKennan, Matt Vogel, Kyle Laughlin, Debbie McClellan, Eric Jacobson, Dave Goelz, and Peter Linz

Muppet Performers
  • Dave Goelz: The Great Gonzo, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Zoot, Waldorf, Beauregard, Chip
  • Bill Barretta: Pepe the King Prawn, Rowlf the Dog, The Swedish Chef, Dr. Teeth, Bobo the Bear, Mahna Mahna, Big Mean Carl
  • Eric Jacobson: Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal, Sam Eagle, Newsman
  • Matt Vogel: Kermit the Frog, Uncle Deadly, Sgt. Floyd Pepper, Lew Zealand, Camilla, Dr. Julius Strangepork, Sweetums
  • David Rudman: Scooter, Janice, Beaker
  • Peter Linz: Walter, Robin, Statler, Link Hogthrob, Lips, Snowth
Additional Muppet Performers
Dave Barclay, Julianne Buescher (Yolanda, Wanda, Hair, Bunny, Ghost, Green Frackle, Londoner dog, Sheep), Tim Blaney, Tyler Bunch, Kevin Carlson, Ryan Dillon, John Kennedy, Tim Lagasse, Bruce Lanoil, Noel MacNeal, Drew Massey, James Murray, Paul McGinnis, Michael Oosterom, Carmen Osbahr, Karen Prell, Mike Quinn (Soccer Ball), Michelan Sisti, Allan Trautman[2]
Muppet Characters
Afghan Hound, Angel Marie, Animal, Beaker, Beauregard, Beautiful Day Monster, Big Mean Carl, Behemoth, Bobo, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Camilla the Chicken, Chickens, Chip, Crazy Harry, Larb, Dogs, Doglion, Dr. Teeth, Flowers, Floyd Pepper, Fozzie Bear, Green Frackle, Frogs, Ghosts, Gonzo, Happy Yellow Creature, Janice, Dr. Julius Strangepork, Kermit the Frog, Lew Zealand, Link Hogthrob, Lips, Luncheon Counter Monster, Lyle, Mahna Mahna, Marvin Suggs, Miss Piggy, Miss Poogy, Mo Frackle, The Mutations, Nigel, The Newsman, Old Tom, Penguins, Pepe the King Prawn, Pokey, Pops, Rabbits, Rizzo the Rat, Robin the Frog, Rowlf the Dog, Sam the Eagle, Scabby Frackle, Scooter, Shark, Sheep, Skulls, The Snowths, Statler and Waldorf, The Swedish Chef, Sweetums, Uncle Deadly, Walter, Wayne and Wanda, Whatnots, Yolanda Rat, Zoot


Directors: Kirk Thatcher, Andrew Williams
Written by: Jim Lewis, Andrew Williams, Kirk Thatcher, Matthew Barnette
Executive Producers: Debbie McClellan, Andrew Williams
Choreographer: Michael Rooney
Muppet Music Director/Music Producer: Ed Mitchell
Orchestrator/Arranger: Steve Morell
Music Recording/Mixing Engineer: Rick Ruggieri
Post Production Services: Soapbox Films

Muppet Workshop

Workshop Supervisor: Jane Gootnick
Workshop: Mary Brehmer, Andrea Detwiler, Peter MacKennan, Stephen Rotondaro




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