The Muppets 2015 opening 01.jpg
Written by Dave Thomas Junior
featuring "The Muppet Show Theme"
by Jim Henson & Samuel Pottle
Date 2015

Disappointed at having missed out on office-brewed coffee, Piggy hands Kermit a cup from takeout in the more upbeat alteration of the opening, beginning in episode 11.

"The Muppets Theme" is played at the opening of each episode of The Muppets. The theme was composed and performed by Dave Thomas Junior and is based on "The Muppet Show Theme" originally written by Jim Henson and Sam Pottle.

Opening sequence

The 15-second, single-shot opening sequence features a fast-moving time-lapse video of the Muppets visiting the craft services table backstage at Up Late with Miss Piggy.

As Kermit the Frog prepares himself a cup of coffee, the table is ravaged by The Swedish Chef, Fozzie Bear, Bobo the Bear, Beaker, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Uncle Deadly, Rizzo the Rat, Sam Eagle, Behemoth, Janice, Floyd, Dr. Teeth, Zoot, Gonzo, Pepe the King Prawn, Lips, Animal, Sweetums, Chip, Carl and Randy Pig.

For the first ten episodes of the show, Miss Piggy enters at the end to take the only thing left, Kermit's cup of coffee; Kermit sighs and delivers the line "it's time to get things started" (a callback to the lyrics of the original Muppet Show theme song). Starting in the 11th episode, the ending was altered to have Piggy bring the ravaged Kermit a cup of coffee. Kermit smiles and delivers the line "it's time to get things started" in a more upbeat manner.

The show's title is then typed out on the screen, punctuated by Dr. Teeth's signature laugh and the show's "created by" credits.

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