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The Muppets Valentine Show aired on ABC on January 30, 1974. It was one of two pilots produced during the planning stages for The Muppet Show. The other pilot was The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence, which aired in 1975.

In this half-hour Valentine's Day special featuring the Muppets and special guest star Mia Farrow, host Wally has writer's block -- he can't think of material for the show that represents the true meaning of love. He asks the other Muppets and Mia for assistance, with mixed results.


Video releases

The Muppets Valentine Show was released on DVD in 2007, as an extra feature on the Muppet Show: Season Two box set. On the box and on the DVD menus, it is refered to as The Muppets Valentine Special.


  • The cast of Muppeteers closely matches the lineup of The Muppet Show’s first season, with the exception of Eren Ozker, who joined the Muppets in 1976.




  • Muppets
Wally, George the Janitor, Mildred Huxtetter, Rufus the Dog, Crazy Donald, Brewster, Droop, Thog, Miss Mousey, Kermit the Frog, Big Mouse, Frogs, Crumpet, Male Koozebanian Creature, Female Koozebanian Creature, Baby Koozebanian Creatures, Rowlf, Ernie, Bert


  • Also cut from the Nickelodeon broadcast was the scene in which Wally and Mia Farrow comment on the Koozebane sketch.
  • The DVD release replaces part of the end credits, where Rufus is seen running after Mia, with the Jim Henson Productions logo.

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